Rochester CTC 21 Cornell College 17

With a 5-5 match split, Rochester CTC defeated Cornell College 21-17 on February 7th in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Competition between the two teams included 16 extra matches.

The Yellowjackets are on their home mat for their next bout, as they take on Iowa Lakes at 2:00pm Sunday, February 14th.

The match will be live-streamed and the link can be found on the wrestling schedule page: CLICK HERE

Rochester CTC 21 Cornell College 17
125: Cael Bartels (RC&T) over Jonah Kokin (CORN) (TF 18-3 0:00)
133: Evan Husko (CORN) over Parker Dobrocky (RC&T) (Dec 3-2)
141: Cristian Dixon (CORN) over Matt Frost (RC&T) (TF 19-4 0:00)
149: Noah Parish (RC&T) over Jacob Ramirez (CORN) (Dec 3-1)
157: Austin Thomas (CORN) over Willie VonRuden (RC&T) (Dec 12-11)
165: Seth Brossard (RC&T) over Casey Allen (CORN) (MD 11-2)
174: John Marsh (CORN) over Wyatt Simon (RC&T) (Dec 7-2)
184: Bryce Oveson (CORN) over Gavin Christoffersen (RC&T) (Dec 9-2)
197: Tristen Wilson (RC&T) over Trevor Trende (CORN) (Dec 10-6)
285: Noah Broderson (RC&T) over Alex Heisdorffer (CORN) (Fall 3:56)

133 Extra: David Saunders (RC&T) over Hakeem Banks (CORN) (MD 10-0)
133 Extra: Parker Dobrocky (RC&T) over Keegan Schultschik (CORN) (MD 16-8)
141 Extra: Reilly Dolan (CORN) over Matt Frost (RC&T) (Fall 0:00)
149 Extra: Curtis Green Saunders (CORN) over Noah Parish (RC&T) (Fall 0:00)
157 Extra: Cory Stewart (CORN) over Isaac Denstad (RC&T) (Dec 9-2)
157 Extra: Isaac Denstad (RC&T) over Klayton Keller (CORN) (Fall 0:00)
165 Extra: Seth Brossard (RC&T) over Colin Honderd (CORN) (MD 12-2)
165 Extra: Seth Brossard (RC&T) over Gabe Carter (CORN) (MD 11-1)
174 Extra: Joseph Pasquesi (CORN) vs. Sage Loredo-Hollon (RC&T)
174 Extra: Sage Loredo-Hollon (RC&T) over Spencer Roth (CORN) (Fall 0:00)
174 Extra: Jacob Sherzer (CORN) over Wyatt Simon (RC&T) (TF 19-3 0:00)
184 Extra: Gavin Christoffersen (RC&T) over Kenny Lutz (CORN) (Fall 0:00)
197 Extra: Mason Smid (RC&T) over Treyten Steffen (CORN) (Fall 0:00)
197 Extra: Tristen Wilson (RC&T) over Zachary Finn (CORN) (Fall 0:00)
285 Extra: Connor Bleymeyer (RC&T) over Scott Klemme (CORN) (Dec 8-2)
285 Extra: Drake Fox (CORN) over Noah Broderson (RC&T) (Fall 0:00)

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