The Natural – Dominik Vacura

By Brian Jerzak

Some people seem to be born to do certain things. Some kids are so good – athletically, artistically, musically – at an early age that success is almost a given. They seem to be naturals. When watching these types of kids, it is obvious that some success is virtually guaranteed even if they don’t work at it. If – like Dominik Vacura – they put in the time to their craft, they will – like Vacura – be able to do some big things.

At every level of wrestling, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River’s Vacura has had success almost right away. His natural talent and his work ethic have taken him to the edge of wrestling history. He is one championship away from becoming a three-time state champion and a solid senior season away from setting a school record that has stood for over twenty years.

The sport of wrestling took Vacura by surprise.

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