New Ulm Tri

New Ulm Area 54 Waseca 22
106: Parker Kamm (NUA) over John Feeley (WASE) (Fall 6:31)
113: Logan Lee (NUA) over (WASE) (For.)
120: Mason Gehloff (WASE) over Winsten Nienhaus (NUA) (TF 21-6 0:00)
126: Luke Osweiler (WASE) over Isaiah Rieser (NUA) (Fall 4:18)
132: Marqavion Haefner (NUA) over (WASE) (Fall 4:20)
138: Oliver O`Brien (WASE) over Wyatt Pollard (NUA) (Fall 0:23)
145: Ryan Wiltscheck (NUA) over (WASE) (For.)
152: Brandon Lopez-Huerta (WASE) over Ty Frederick (NUA) (TF 17-2 0:00)
160: Double Forfeit
170: Dylen Carreon (NUA) over Carter Ellis (WASE) (Fall 1:15)
182: Cole Ranweiler (NUA) over Payton Garza (WASE) (Fall 1:05)
195: Caleb Arndt (NUA) over (WASE) (For.)
220: Julian Hernandez (NUA) over (WASE) (Fall 2:37)
285: Jaden Drill (NUA) over (WASE) (Fall 3:20)

New Ulm Area 51 Redwood Valley 24
106: Carter Brandt (RWV) over Parker Kamm (NUA) (Dec 7-4)
113: Logan Lee (NUA) over Gavin Brandt (RWV) (Fall 0:28)
120: Winsten Nienhaus (NUA) over Lincoln Ourada (RWV) (Fall 1:41)
126: Austin Ourada (RWV) over Isaiah Rieser (NUA) (Dec 7-2)
132: Damico Arredondo (RWV) over Marqavion Haefner (NUA) (Fall 0:50)
138: Wyatt Pollard (NUA) over Jordan Matson (RWV) (Fall 6:40)
145: Jaxon Lang (RWV) over (NUA) (For.)
152: Ryan Wiltscheck (NUA) over Brayden Reynolds (RWV) (Dec 12-6)
160: Matt Zeug (RWV) over Ty Frederick (NUA) (Fall 0:50)
170: Dylen Carreon (NUA) over Jamen Hennen (RWV) (Fall 1:32)
182: Cole Ranweiler (NUA) over (RWV) (For.)
195: Caleb Arndt (NUA) over (RWV) (For.)
220: Julian Hernandez (NUA) over Griffin Evans (RWV) (Fall 0:58)
285: Jaden Drill (NUA) over (RWV) (For.)

Redwood Valley 42 Waseca 39
106: Carter Brandt (RWV) over John Feeley (WASE) (Fall 0:58)
113: Zac Guggisburg (RWV) over (WASE) (For.)
120: Mason Gehloff (WASE) over Lincoln Ourada (RWV) (Fall 1:07)
126: Luke Osweiler (WASE) over Austin Ourada (RWV) (Fall 2:08)
132: Damico Arredondo (RWV) over Grant Cox (WASE) (Fall 0:33)
138: Oliver O`Brien (WASE) over Jordan Matson (RWV) (Fall 4:52)
145: Axel Uhlenkamp (RWV) over (WASE) (For.)
152: Christian Rodriguez (WASE) over Jaxon Lang (RWV) (Fall 6:29)
160: Brayden Reynolds (RWV) over (WASE) (For.)
170: Matt Zeug (RWV) over Carter Ellis (WASE) (Fall 0:36)
182: Jamen Hennen (RWV) over Lucas Selthun (WASE) (Fall 1:39)
195: Payton Garza (WASE) over (RWV) (For.)
220: Daniel Kuhns (WASE) over Griffin Evans (RWV) (Dec 3-2)
285: Jenaro Delgado (WASE) over (RWV) (For.)

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