St. Charles Tri

Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves 66 La Crescent-Hokah 13
106: Kane Larson (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
113: Vivienne Hoeltzle (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
120: Nolan Schreier (LACR) over Connor Wingert (FCLM) (MD 8-0)
126: Josh Ruben (LACR) over Kyle Daniels (FCLM) (Fall 3:01)
132: Seth Rolfs (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
138: Joey Schreier (LACR) over Cale Anderson (FCLM) (Dec 5-1)
145: Boston Wright (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
152: Caleb Kunz (FCLM) over Xavier Colbert (LACR) (Fall 1:59)
160: Wyatt Jensen (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
170: Orion Sass (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
182: Bodey Wright (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
195: Oliver Hoeltzle (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
220: Devin Troendle (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)
285: Seth Semmen (FCLM) over (LACR) (For.)

St. Charles 39 Fillmore C-Lanesboro-M-C Wolves 27
106: Braxton Wohlferd (STCH) over (FCLM) (For.)
113: Kane Larson (FCLM) over Colton Mathison (STCH) (Dec 6-2)
120: Aidan Olson (STCH) over Connor Wingert (FCLM) (Fall 2:32)
126: Kyle Daniels (FCLM) over Logan Updike (STCH) (SV-1 10-8)
132: Chace Kobs (STCH) over Seth Rolfs (FCLM) (Fall 3:16)
138: Cale Anderson (FCLM) over (STCH) (For.)
145: Boston Wright (FCLM) over Gavin Glover (STCH) (Dec 6-3)
152: Jett Thoreson (STCH) over Caleb Kunz (FCLM) (Fall 1:53)
160: Brady Koeppel (STCH) over Orion Sass (FCLM) (Fall 1:06)
170: Tytan Small (STCH) over Bodey Wright (FCLM) (Fall 1:36)
182: Oliver Hoeltzle (FCLM) over David Hanson (STCH) (Fall 1:34)
195: Connor Simon (STCH) over Devin Troendle (FCLM) (Dec 8-5)
220: Seth Semmen (FCLM) over Gavin Boyum (STCH) (Fall 5:56)
285: Double Forfeit

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