The Gable Steveson Story

Gable Steveson’s mother Laticia has always joked that Gable was born on the wrestling mat, and at times, it feels as though she might be right.

With each dominant performance Steveson puts on display, it becomes less far-fetched to believe that he learned snap-downs and double legs in the same days he learned to take his first steps and speak his first words.

Gable hasn’t been shy about the fact that he uses his wrestling career as an avenue to continue to build the legacy that he has worked so diligently to create, with every moment in the limelight being used as an opportunity to add to his story.

In fact, Gable’s story has been one that spans over the course of twenty years. It’s a story of adversity, a story of perseverance, a story of dominance, and this weekend in St. Louis, Steveson has an opportunity to finally add another chapter of that story: a national championship. Continue reading at →

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