Westfield Tri

Stewartville 39 WEM-JWP 30
106: Carson Petry (WEJW) over Jace Deyoung (STEW) (Dec 5-3)
113: Reid Rinn (STEW) over Zach Quast (WEJW) (Fall 1:09)
120: Jon Laures (STEW) over (WEJW) (For.)
126: Patrick Foster (STEW) over Patrick Adams (WEJW) (Fall 1:01)
132: Gavin Krause (WEJW) over Lucas Larson (STEW) (Dec 9-4)
138: Lucas Morsching (WEJW) over (STEW) (For.)
145: Lincoln Dube (STEW) over Ethan Greenwald (WEJW) (Fall 3:21)
152: Cole Jannsen (STEW) over Jack Cahill (WEJW) (Fall 1:21)
160: Jack Morsching (WEJW) over Lucas Ahart (STEW) (Fall 0:41)
170: Isaac Quast (WEJW) over Seth Golley (STEW) (Fall 3:13)
182: Kurtis Crosby (WEJW) over Trey Emerich (STEW) (Fall 1:03)
195: Double Forfeit
220: Christian Sackett (STEW) over Keegan Kuball (WEJW) (Dec 8-2)
285: Caden King (STEW) over Tate Prentice (WEJW) (Fall 0:21)

Westfield Razorbacks 48 Stewartville 30
106: Jace Deyoung (STEW) over Hunter Simonson (WERA) (Fall 3:58)
113: Reid Rinn (STEW) over Kevin Hodge (WERA) (Fall 1:17)
120: Bo Zweiner (WERA) over Jon Laures (STEW) (Dec 4-2)
126: Lane Lembke (WERA) over Lucas Larson (STEW) (Fall 1:46)
132: Patrick Foster (STEW) over (WERA) (For.)
138: Cade Christianson (WERA) over (STEW) (For.)
145: Sam Skillestad (WERA) over Lincoln Dube (STEW) (Fall 1:29)
152: Cole Johnson (STEW) over (WERA) (For.)
160: Cale Becker (WERA) over (STEW) (For.)
170: Alex Lea (WERA) over Seth Golley (STEW) (Fall 1:55)
182: Tyler Archer (WERA) over Trey Emerich (STEW) (Fall 0:28)
195: Dylan Ehmke (WERA) over Christian Sackett (STEW) (Dec 7-3)
220: Vincent Hernandez (WERA) over (STEW) (For.)
285: Caden King (STEW) over (WERA) (For.)

Westfield Razorbacks 43 WEM-JWP 25
106: Carson Petry (WEJW) over Hunter Simonson (WERA) (MD 11-0)
113: Bo Zweiner (WERA) over Zach Quast (WEJW) (Fall 1:18)
120: Kevin Hodge (WERA) over Patrick Adams (WEJW) (Fall 5:11)
126: Double Forfeit
132: Lane Lembke (WERA) over Gavin Krause (WEJW) (Fall 4:51)
138: Cade Christianson (WERA) over Lucas Morsching (WEJW) (Fall 1:25)
145: Sam Skillestad (WERA) over Ethan Greenwald (WEJW) (MD 13-1)
152: Jack Cahill (WEJW) over Cale Becker (WERA) (Fall 1:21)
160: Alex Lea (WERA) over Jack Morsching (WEJW) (Fall 5:46)
170: Isaac Quast (WEJW) over (WERA) (For.)
182: Tyler Archer (WERA) over Kurtis Crosby (WEJW) (Dec 6-0)
195: Dylan Ehmke (WERA) over (WEJW) (For.)
220: Keegan Kuball (WEJW) over Brody Johnson (WERA) (Fall 1:46)
285: Max Davis (WEJW) over Vincent Hernandez (WERA) (Dec 4-3)

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