Getting Stronger, One Wrestler at a Time

St. Peter Wrestling

By Brian Jerzak

When Keith Hanson took over as the head coach of the St. Peter Saints’ wrestling program in 2002, the program was low on numbers and struggling. Without much in the way of assistant coaches, Hanson slowly started re-building the program. About the same time Hanson took over, young Ryan Timmerman would start his St. Peter’s wrestling career. Along the way, Timmerman would become one of the Saints’ most accomplished wrestlers.

Shortly after graduating from college, Timmerman got a call from his former head coach, asking if he would be interested in re-joining the program as an assistant coach. Hanson moved the program from one struggling to win a half dozen duals to a program that was on the way up. When Timmerman joined, he brought new ideas from his college experiences, and combined; the two coaches have made the St. Peter’s wrestling program stronger – in part – by making St. Peter’s wrestlers stronger.

Hanson’s wrestling career started under the guidance of a name well known to all subscribers to The Guillotine.

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