Meet The Gopher Freshmen: Gabe Nagel

Freshman introductions continue as we highlight our first Minnesota native from the recent class

Our Meet the Freshman series rolls on as we introduce another member of the 2021 incoming class. Next up is state champion, three-time state finalist, and Little Falls, Minn., native Gabe Nagel.

GopherSports: First question, just talk about why you chose the University of Minnesota?
Nagel: Yeah, I mean some of my earliest memories of watching the Gophers was in 2012 with guys like Dylan Ness, Scott Schiller, the Dardanes brothers, you know, so growing up the Gophers have always been at the top for me. I had always considered Minnesota as the best out there, so when it came time to pick a school, it would’ve been pretty tough for any other school to convince me to go somewhere else. I’ve always felt that the Gophers are the best. Continue reading at →