Jimmie Open

2021 Jimmie Open results. Saturday, November 6 at Jamestown, N.D.

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Weights – 125
1st Place – Jaxson Rohman of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Oscar Nellis of Minot State
3rd Place – Christian Olsen of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Brenden Salfrank of Northern State
1st Jaxson Rohman (Augustana (SD)) won in sudden victory – 1 over Oscar Nellis (Minot State) (SV-1 6-4)
3rd Christian Olsen (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Brenden Salfrank (Northern State) (Dec 8-5)

Weights – 133
1st Place – Brandon Carroll of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Darien Malone of Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)
3rd Place – Donovan Adams of Jamestown (N.D.)
4th Place – Brandon Meikel of Minot State
1st Brandon Carroll (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Darien Malone (Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)) (Dec 9-8)
3rd Donovan Adams (Jamestown (N.D.)) won by injury default over Brandon Meikel (Minot State) (Inj. 2:28)

Weights – 141
1st Place – Kenneth Lenger of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Lincoln Stormer of Minot State
3rd Place – Ethan Wonser of Minot State
4th Place – Robert Coyle Iii of Northern State
1st Kenneth Lenger (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Lincoln Stormer (Minot State) (Dec 5-4)
3rd Ethan Wonser (Minot State) won by decision over Robert Coyle Iii (Northern State) (Dec 3-2)

Weights – 149
1st Place – Shadi Mitwalli of Minot State
2nd Place – Kyle Boeke of Augustana (SD)
3rd Place – Connor Simmonds of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Marco Ramirezlazos of Minot State
1st Shadi Mitwalli (Minot State) won by decision over Kyle Boeke (Augustana (SD)) (Dec 7-0)
3rd Connor Simmonds (Augustana (SD)) won by major decision over Marco Ramirezlazos (Minot State) (Maj 14-6)

Weights – 157
1st Place – Tyler Wagener of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Nathan Baca of Minot State
3rd Place – Noah North of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Tyson Resko of Jamestown (N.D.)
1st Tyler Wagener (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Nathan Baca (Minot State) (Dec 8-1)
3rd Noah North (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Tyson Resko (Jamestown (N.D.)) (Dec 3-2)

Weights – 165
1st Place – Miles Fitzgerald of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Chase Bloomquist of Northern State
3rd Place – Park Beeler of Jamestown (N.D.)
4th Place – Kaleb Bigelow of Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)
1st Miles Fitzgerald (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Chase Bloomquist (Northern State) (Dec 4-2)
3rd Park Beeler (Jamestown (N.D.)) won by decision over Kaleb Bigelow (Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)) (Dec 9-5)

Weights – 174
1st Place – Cade Mueller of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Noah Gallardo of Minot State
3rd Place – Cannon Potts of Minot State
4th Place – Nathan Simmonds of Augustana (SD)
1st Cade Mueller (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Noah Gallardo (Minot State) (Dec 10-4)
3rd Cannon Potts (Minot State) won by fall over Nathan Simmonds (Augustana (SD)) (Fall 2:13)

Weights – 184
1st Place – Jackson Sweeney of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Danny Reynolds of Augustana (SD)
3rd Place – Kolby Kost of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Cayden White of Minot State
1st Jackson Sweeney (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Danny Reynolds (Augustana (SD)) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Kolby Kost (Augustana (SD)) won by fall over Cayden White (Minot State) (Fall 5:52)

Weights – 197
1st Place – Daniel Bishop of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Noe Garcia of Minot State
3rd Place – Dustin Swisher of Minot State
4th Place – Derek Werner of Augustana (SD)
1st Daniel Bishop (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Noe Garcia (Minot State) (Dec 10-3)
3rd Dustin Swisher (Minot State) won by decision over Derek Werner (Augustana (SD)) (Dec 7-1)

Weights – 285
1st Place – Steven Hajas of Augustana (SD)
2nd Place – Josh Trumble of Northern State
3rd Place – Nathan Schauer of Northern State
4th Place – Caleb Lefferdink of Northern State
1st Steven Hajas (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Josh Trumble (Northern State) (Dec 6-1)
3rd Nathan Schauer (Northern State) won by decision over Caleb Lefferdink (Northern State) (Dec 5-2)

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