Ridgewater wins two duals at Minnesota West Triangular

Ridgewater defeated Minnesota West 18-16 and Northland 27-24 on Thursday, November 11 in Worthington, Minn.

Northland topped Minnesota West 30-18.

Ridgewater competes next at the Bison Open in Fargo on Saturday. Minnesota West competes next at the Dakota Wesleyan Open in Mitchell, S.D. on Saturday. Northland will be at the Augsburg Open in Minneapolis on November 20th.

Ridgewater 18 Minnesota West 16
125: Double Forfeit
133: Tristian Lang (RICO) over Ayden Rienhardt (MWC&) (Fall 3:57)
141: Jacob Vogel (MWC&) over Sawyer Varpness (RICO) (MD 15-2)
149: Kyler Grems (MWC&) over Lane Lembke (RICO) (Dec 7-4)
157: Wil Yasseri (RICO) over Ryan Fierro (MWC&) (Fall 1:51)
165: Double Forfeit
174: Damon Ashworth (MWC&) over fischer Drury (RICO) (Fall 3:33)
184: Maxwell Whitney (RICO) over (MWC&) (For.)
197: Double Forfeit
285: Ethan Kovars (MWC&) over Johan Rodvik (RICO) (Dec 8-3)

Northland 30 Minnesota West 18
125: Double Forfeit
133: Ayden Rienhardt (MWC&) over Isaiah Arredondo (NC&T) (Dec 6-3)
141: Jacob Vogel (MWC&) over (NC&T) (For.)
149: Jake Davis (NC&T) over Kyler Grems (MWC&) (Fall 0:39)
157: Brandon Zuniga (NC&T) over Ryan Fierro (MWC&) (Fall 2:55)
165: Damon Ashworth (MWC&) over Gabe Ryappy (NC&T) (Fall 1:50)
174: Justin Doby (NC&T) over (MWC&) (For.)
184: Anthony Widmer (NC&T) over (MWC&) (For.)
197: Ethan Kovars (MWC&) over Mason Iverson (NC&T) (SV-1 6-0)
285: Dylan Valencia (NC&T) over (MWC&) (For.)
141 Extra: Jacob Vogel (MWC&) over Timothy Thurman (C&T) (MD 16-2)

Ridgewater 27 Northland 24
125: Double Forfeit
133: Tristian Lang (RICO) over Isaiah Arredondo (NC&T) (Fall 3:16)
141: Sawyer Varpness (RICO) over (NC&T) (For.)
149: Jake Davis (NC&T) over Lane Lembke (RICO) (Fall 2:35)
157: Wil Yasseri (RICO) over Brandon Zuniga (NC&T) (Dec 6-1)
165: Justin Doby (NC&T) over (RICO) (For.)
174: fischer Drury (RICO) over Gabe Ryappy (NC&T) (Fall 4:20)
184: Maxwell Whitney (RICO) over Anthony Widmer (NC&T) (Fall 0:25)
197: Mason Iverson (NC&T) over (RICO) (For.)
285: Dylan Valencia (NC&T) over Johan Rodvik (RICO) (Fall 2:58)
197 Extra: Mason Iverson (C&T) over Richard Jones (RICO) (MD 15-4)