St. Paul Highland Park Tri

St. Paul Highland Park 46 St. Agnes 38

St. Paul Harding 43 St. Agnes 42 – Criteria

St. Paul Highland Park 45 St. Paul Harding 36
106: Jordan Sweeney (SPH) over Nicholas Xiong (SPHP) (Fall 0:00)
113: Americo Garcia (SPHP) over Jayvion Yang (SPH) (Fall 0:00)
120: Alex Lee (SPHP) over Pahoua Yang (SPH) (Fall 0:00)
126: Song Vang (SPH) over Fabian Torres (SPHP) (Fall 0:00)
132: Isaac Roberts (SPHP) over Nay Seya (SPH) (Dec 12-6)
138: Dominic Ramirez (SPHP) over Brandyn Lo (SPH) (Fall 0:00)
145: Allen Lainfiesta (SPH) over Leonardo Vazquez-Rojas (SPHP) (Fall 0:00)
152: Gabe Wright (SPHP) over Mark Maceda (SPH) (Fall 0:00)
160: Jod`e Trice (SPH) over Salvedor Torres (SPHP) (Fall 0:00)
170: Isaac Umolac-BUnker (SPHP) over Elijah Taylor (SPH) (Fall 0:00)
182: Jalaisa Geleto (SPHP) over Cypriss Lee (SPH) (Fall 0:00)
195: William Tehaa (SPHP) over John Landverde (SPH) (Fall 0:00)
220: Allen Mann (SPH) over Armanod Carroll (SPHP) (Fall 0:00)
285: Ali Hanshi (SPH) over (SPHP) (For.)

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