UNI Open

2021 UNI Open results. Saturday, December 11 at Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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1st Place – Pat McKee of Minnesota
2nd Place – Drake Ayala of Iowa
3rd Place – Caleb Fuessley of Iowa State
4th Place – Maximo Renteria of Illinois
Round 1
Pat McKee (Minnesota) fall over Caleb Fuessley (Iowa State) (Fall 3:13)
Drake Ayala (Iowa) major decision over Maximo Renteria (Illinois) (Maj 16-7)
Round 2
Drake Ayala (Iowa) tech fall over Caleb Fuessley (Iowa State) (TF 22-7)
Pat McKee (Minnesota) fall over Maximo Renteria (Illinois) (Fall 1:41)
Round 3
Caleb Fuessley (Iowa State) decision over Maximo Renteria (Illinois) (Dec 8-7)
Pat McKee (Minnesota) decision over Drake Ayala (Iowa) (Dec 8-4)

1st Place – Cullan Schriever of Iowa
2nd Place – Kyle Biscoglia of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Vance Vombar of Minnesota
4th Place – Jack Wagner of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Jack Skudlarczyk of Northern Iowa
6th Place – Julian Farber of Northern Iowa
1st Cullan Schriever (Iowa) decision over Kyle Biscoglia (Northern Iowa) (Dec 7-4)
3rd Vance Vombar (Minnesota) decision over Jack Wagner (Northern Iowa) (Dec 4-2)
5th Jack Skudlarczyk (Northern Iowa) decision over Julian Farber (Northern Iowa) (Dec 10-6)

1st Place – Jake Bergeland of Minnesota
2nd Place – Cael Happel of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Tagen Jamison of Gopher WC RTC
4th Place – Ethan Basile of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
5th Place – Marcos Polanco of Minnesota
6th Place – Danny Pucino of Illinois
1st Jake Bergeland (Minnesota) decision over Cael Happel (Northern Iowa) (Dec 12-9)
3rd Tagen Jamison (Gopher WC RTC) decision over Ethan Basile (Northern Iowa) (Dec 13-9)
5th Danny Pucino (Illinois) and Marcos Polanco (Minnesota) (DFF)

1st Place – Colin Realbuto of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Michael Blockhus of Minnesota
3rd Place – Paniro Johnson of Unattached
4th Place – Daniel Kimball of South Dakota State
5th Place – Logan Gioffre of Missouri
6th Place – Blaine Brenner of Minnesota
1st Colin Realbuto (Northern Iowa) decision over Michael Blockhus (Minnesota) (Dec 5-3)
3rd Paniro Johnson (Unattached) major decision over Daniel Kimball (South Dakota State) (Maj 15-2)
5th Logan Gioffre (Missouri) decision over Blaine Brenner (Minnesota) (Dec 3-1)

1st Place – Brayton Lee of Minnesota
2nd Place – Jarrett Jacques of Missouri
3rd Place – Derek Holschlag of Northern Iowa
4th Place – Cayd Lara of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Rj Weston of Northern Iowa
6th Place – Cael Swensen of South Dakota State
1st Brayton Lee (Minnesota) decision over Jarrett Jacques (Missouri) (Dec 6-3)
3rd Derek Holschlag (Northern Iowa) decision over Cayd Lara (Northern Iowa) (Dec 9-7)
5th Rj Weston (Northern Iowa) decision over Cael Swensen (South Dakota State) (Dec 2-0)

1st Place – Patrick Kennedy of Iowa
2nd Place – Cael Carlson of Minnesota
3rd Place – Isaac Judge of Iowa State
4th Place – Grant Stotts of Iowa State
5th Place – Carter Schmidt of Iowa State
6th Place – Jack McClimon of Iowa
1st Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) decision over Cael Carlson (Minnesota) (Dec 7-5)
3rd Isaac Judge (Iowa State) won in tie breaker – 1 over Grant Stotts (Iowa State) (TB-1 2-1)
5th Carter Schmidt (Iowa State) major decision over Jack McClimon (Iowa) (Maj 11-1)

1st Place – Bailee O’Reilly of Gopher WC RTC
2nd Place – Pat Schoenfelder of Northern Iowa
3rd Place – Brennan Swafford of Iowa
4th Place – Julien Broderson of Iowa State
5th Place – Sean Harman of Missouri
6th Place – Ellis Pfleger of Missouri
1st Bailee O’Reilly (Gopher WC RTC) decision over Pat Schoenfelder (Northern Iowa) (Dec 8-1)
3rd Brennan Swafford (Iowa) decision over Julien Broderson (Iowa State) (Dec 8-5)
5th Sean Harman (Missouri) decision over Ellis Pfleger (Missouri) (Dec 7-2)

1st Place – Parker Keckeisen of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Colton Hawks of Missouri
3rd Place – Roman Rogotzke of South Dakota State
4th Place – Dylan Connell of Unattached
5th Place – Cade King of South Dakota State
6th Place – DeMichael Franklin of Iowa State
1st Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) decision over Colton Hawks (Missouri) (Dec 6-1)
3rd Roman Rogotzke (South Dakota State) injury default over Dylan Connell (Unattached) (Inj. 6:06)
5th Cade King (South Dakota State) medical forfeit over DeMichael Franklin (Iowa State) (MFF)

1st Place – Michial Foy of Minnesota
2nd Place – Cody Donnelly of South Dakota State
3rd Place – Garrett Joles of Minnesota
4th Place – Noah Glaser of Northern Iowa
5th Place – Bennett Tabor of Minnesota
6th Place – Adam Ahrendson of Northern Iowa
1st Michial Foy (Minnesota) major decision over Cody Donnelly (South Dakota State) (Maj 11-1)
3rd Garrett Joles (Minnesota) major decision over Noah Glaser (Northern Iowa) (Maj 16-3)
5th Bennett Tabor (Minnesota) major decision over Adam Ahrendson (Northern Iowa) (Maj 12-4)

1st Place – Tyrell Gordon of Northern Iowa
2nd Place – Bowen McConville of South Dakota State
3rd Place – Ethan Andersen of Iowa State
4th Place – Juan Mora of North Dakota State
5th Place – Keaton Kluever of Minnesota
6th Place – Seth Nitzel of Missouri
1st Tyrell Gordon (Northern Iowa) fall over Bowen McConville (South Dakota State) (Fall 6:44)
3rd Ethan Andersen (Iowa State) decision over Juan Mora (North Dakota State) (Dec 7-3)
5th Keaton Kluever (Minnesota) medical forfeit over Seth Nitzel (Missouri) (MFF)