Weimerskirch ’52 Established Foundation of a Wrestling Power at SJU

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. – The wrestling program at Saint John’s University dates back to 1941.

But the sport lasted only one season before going on hiatus for the remainder of World War II. It resumed as a varsity sport in 1946-47, but success and interest did not come instantaneously.

“The period from 1942 until 1949 had been difficult for the program,” reads an account of the sport’s history in Collegeville in “Scoreboard: A History of Athletics at Saint John’s University.”

“First, the war years when it had to be dropped completely, then the years of adjustment when veterans returning to college were unsettled about their futures, and anything new like a wrestling program was looked at askance as something new-fangled that would gradually die out when the few enthusiasts had either left Saint John’s, graduated, or had turned to the established major sports program.” Continue reading at gojohnnies.com →

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