Big Lake Tri

Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield 72 Chisago Lakes 12
106: Anton Cox (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)
113: Gavin Terning (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)
120: Victor Franco (DCL) over Riley Palmer (CHLA) (Fall 1:03)
126: Gabe Nelson (DCL) over Braxton Bender-Ehlke (CHLA) (Fall 1:12)
132: Andrew Novack (CHLA) over (DCL) (For.)
138: Devin Steinhaus (DCL) over Brycen Morley (CHLA) (Fall 1:10)
145: Jake Decker (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)
152: Shelby Fischer Lund (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)
160: Jude Link (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)
170: Sam Marx (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)
182: Tate Link (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)
195: Logan Bender (CHLA) over TJ Christensen (DCL) (Fall 2:44)
220: Hayden Hoernemann (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)
285: Brendan Rokala (DCL) over (CHLA) (For.)

Big Lake 38 Dassel-Cokato-Litchfield 28
106: Ivan Lapointe (BILA) over Anton Cox (DCL) (Fall 1:14)
113: Cash Stortz (BILA) over Gavin Terning (DCL) (Fall 0:16)
120: Victor Franco (DCL) over Cash Sixberry (BILA) (Fall 5:45)
126: Christian Noble (BILA) over (DCL) (For.)
132: Nolan Reiter (BILA) over Gabe Nelson (DCL) (TF 19-4 0:00)
138: Devin Steinhaus (DCL) over Zack Smith (BILA) (Dec 11-6)
145: Dante Visci (BILA) over Chase Housman (DCL) (Fall 2:30)
152: Shelby Fischer Lund (DCL) over Dillon Browen (BILA) (Dec 8-3)
160: Jude Link (DCL) over Tyler Dehmer (BILA) (Dec 12-6)
170: Johnathon Murphy (BILA) over Sam Marx (DCL) (Dec 11-9)
182: Tate Link (DCL) over Brett Bordwell (BILA) (MD 18-6)
195: Hayden Hoernemann (DCL) over Peter Duncombe (BILA) (Fall 0:44)
220: Rieley Mullen (BILA) over OJ Winston (DCL) (Fall 0:50)
285: Brendan Rokala (DCL) over Kane Lapointe (BILA) (Dec 7-3)

Big Lake 75 Chisago Lakes 6
106: Ivan Lapointe (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)
113: Cash Stortz (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)
120: Cash Sixberry (BILA) over Riley Palmer (CHLA) (Fall 1:15)
126: Christian Noble (BILA) over Braxton Bender-Ehlke (CHLA) (Fall 1:07)
132: Nolan Reiter (BILA) over Andrew Novack (CHLA) (TF 16-1 0:00)
138: Zack Smith (BILA) over Brycen Morley (CHLA) (MD 16-2)
145: Dillon Browen (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)
152: Carson Gellerman (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)
160: Tyler Dehmer (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)
170: Johnathon Murphy (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)
182: Brett Bordwell (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)
195: Logan Bender (CHLA) over Peter Duncombe (BILA) (Fall 5:26)
220: Rieley Mullen (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)
285: Kane Lapointe (BILA) over (CHLA) (For.)

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