Cornell College Mike Duroe Invitational

2022 Cornell College Mike Duroe Invitational results. Saturday, January 15 at Mount Vernon, Iowa.

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1 Augsburg 186.0
2 Luther 155.0
3 Cornell College 130.0
4 Loras 112.5
5 Dubuque 77.0
6 Wisconsin-La Crosse 63.0
7 Iowa Wesleyan 31.0
8 Lakeland 3.5
9 Iowa State Wrestling Club 0.0

College – 125
1st Place – Derek Steele of Augsburg
2nd Place – Cristian Chavez of Luther
3rd Place – Wyatt Kaczrowski of Augsburg
4th Place – Kolby Heinz of Loras
5th Place – Justin Murray of Loras
6th Place – Miguel Garcia of Luther
7th Place – Dylan Lauriano of Loras
8th Place – Jayson Weidman of Loras
1st Derek Steele (Augsburg) decision over Cristian Chavez (Luther) (Dec 11-4)
3rd Wyatt Kaczrowski (Augsburg) decision over Kolby Heinz (Loras) (Dec 10-6)
5th Justin Murray (Loras) fall over Miguel Garcia (Luther) (Fall 4:50)
7th Dylan Lauriano (Loras) decision over Jayson Weidman (Loras) (Dec 8-2)

College – 133
1st Place – Brier Babin of Luther
2nd Place – Austin Gabbert of Augsburg
3rd Place – Evan Husko of Cornell College
4th Place – Kieler Carlson of Augsburg
5th Place – Carson Sauriol of Dubuque
6th Place – Justin Stauffacher of Augsburg
7th Place – Drew Johnson of Luther
8th Place – Jesse Martinez of Luther
1st Brier Babin (Luther) decision over Austin Gabbert (Augsburg) (Dec 3-1)
3rd Evan Husko (Cornell College) decision over Kieler Carlson (Augsburg) (Dec 8-2)
5th Carson Sauriol (Dubuque) decision over Justin Stauffacher (Augsburg) (Dec 6-5)
7th Drew Johnson (Luther) decision over Jesse Martinez (Luther) (Dec 7-2)

College – 141
1st Place – Sam Stuhl of Augsburg
2nd Place – Brady Gross of Augsburg
3rd Place – Ryan Cripe of Luther
4th Place – Keegan Schultschik of Cornell College
5th Place – Mason McMillen of Loras
6th Place – Reis Ginter of Loras
7th Place – Kyler Henderson of Cornell College
8th Place – Caleb Poche of Dubuque
1st Sam Stuhl (Augsburg) decision over Brady Gross (Augsburg) (Dec 8-4)
3rd Ryan Cripe (Luther) fall over Keegan Schultschik (Cornell College) (Fall 0:33)
5th Mason McMillen (Loras) medical forfeit over Reis Ginter (Loras) (MFF)
7th Kyler Henderson (Cornell College) decision over Caleb Poche (Dubuque) (Dec 3-2)

College – 149
1st Place – Tanner Kroells of Augsburg
2nd Place – Daniel Meeker of Loras
3rd Place – Charlie Stuhl of Augsburg
4th Place – Frank Indelli of Loras
5th Place – Traevin Osborn of Loras
6th Place – Klayton Keller of Cornell College
7th Place – Chase Kmosena of Luther
8th Place – Luke Radeke of Dubuque
1st Tanner Kroells (Augsburg) decision over Daniel Meeker (Loras) (Dec 10-5)
3rd Charlie Stuhl (Augsburg) decision over Frank Indelli (Loras) (Dec 5-3)
5th Traevin Osborn (Loras) fall over Klayton Keller (Cornell College) (Fall 6:38)
7th Chase Kmosena (Luther) medical forfeit over Luke Radeke (Dubuque) (MFF)

College – 157
1st Place – Zarik Anderson of Dubuque
2nd Place – Killian Perrigon of Cornell College
3rd Place – Braeden Hendel of Luther
4th Place – Scott Burke of Loras
5th Place – Gabe Carter of Cornell College
6th Place – Cory Stewart of Cornell College
7th Place – Brent Ward of Iowa Wesleyan
8th Place – Ben Faber of Loras
1st Zarik Anderson (Dubuque) fall over Killian Perrigon (Cornell College) (Fall 4:09)
3rd Braeden Hendel (Luther) decision over Scott Burke (Loras) (Dec 9-5)
5th Gabe Carter (Cornell College) medical forfeit over Cory Stewart (Cornell College) (MFF)
7th Brent Ward (Iowa Wesleyan) fall over Ben Faber (Loras) (Fall 1:27)

College – 165
1st Place – Seth Brossard of Wisconsin-La Crosse
2nd Place – Casey Allen of Cornell College
3rd Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
4th Place – Kaleb OReilly of Wisconsin-La Crosse
4th Place – Noah Leisgang of Wisconsin-La Crosse
5th Place – Preston Schuelke of Luther
6th Place – Drew Venteicher of Loras
7th Place – Spencer Roth of Cornell College
8th Place – Matt Rogge of Augsburg
1st Seth Brossard (Wisconsin-La Crosse) fall over Casey Allen (Cornell College) (Fall 1:53)
3rd Noah Leisgang (Wisconsin-La Crosse) and Kaleb OReilly (Wisconsin-La Crosse) (DFF)
5th Preston Schuelke (Luther) decision over Drew Venteicher (Loras) (Dec 7-6)
7th Spencer Roth (Cornell College) decision over Matt Rogge (Augsburg) (Dec 7-0)

College – 174
1st Place – Solomon Nielsen of Augsburg
2nd Place – Nolan Paar of Wisconsin-La Crosse
3rd Place – Dahson Dejong of Cornell College
4th Place – Wyatt Simon of Wisconsin-La Crosse
5th Place – Caelen Shannon of Iowa Wesleyan
6th Place – Leo Draveling of Wisconsin-La Crosse
7th Place – Skyler Shuman of Luther
8th Place – Jacob Sherzer of Cornell College
1st Solomon Nielsen (Augsburg) major decision over Nolan Paar (Wisconsin-La Crosse) (Maj 13-3)
3rd Dahson Dejong (Cornell College) decision over Wyatt Simon (Wisconsin-La Crosse) (Dec 8-6)
5th Caelen Shannon (Iowa Wesleyan) medical forfeit over Leo Draveling (Wisconsin-La Crosse) (MFF)
7th Skyler Shuman (Luther) forfeit over Jacob Sherzer (Cornell College) (FF)

College – 184
1st Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
2nd Place – Nick Rogge of Augsburg
2nd Place – Adam Sylvester of Augsburg
3rd Place – Cael Mclaren of Cornell College
4th Place – Kurtis Modlin of Dubuque
5th Place – Colin Honderd of Cornell College
6th Place – Elijah Mitchell of Luther
7th Place – Isaiah Mitchell of Luther
8th Place – Joseph Pasquesi of Cornell College
1st Adam Sylvester (Augsburg) and Nick Rogge (Augsburg) (DFF)
3rd Cael Mclaren (Cornell College) fall over Kurtis Modlin (Dubuque) (Fall 2:28)
5th Colin Honderd (Cornell College) medical forfeit over Elijah Mitchell (Luther) (MFF)
7th Isaiah Mitchell (Luther) major decision over Joseph Pasquesi (Cornell College) (Maj 9-1)

College – 197
1st Place – Donovan Corn of Luther
2nd Place – Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann of Augsburg
3rd Place – Derek Venteicher of Loras
4th Place – Parker Venz of Augsburg
5th Place – Treyten Steffen of Cornell College
6th Place – Tad Griffith of Loras
7th Place – Richard Hunter of Loras
8th Place – Tyler Thurston of Dubuque
1st Donovan Corn (Luther) decision over Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Augsburg) (Dec 5-2)
3rd Derek Venteicher (Loras) fall over Parker Venz (Augsburg) (Fall 2:36)
5th Treyten Steffen (Cornell College) medical forfeit over Tad Griffith (Loras) (MFF)
7th Richard Hunter (Loras) medical forfeit over Tyler Thurston (Dubuque) (MFF)

College – 285
1st Place – Tyler Kim of Augsburg
2nd Place – Brady Vogel of Loras
3rd Place – Logan Kennedy of Luther
4th Place – Ben Kawczynski of Wisconsin-La Crosse
5th Place – Cullen Quick of Luther
6th Place – Dakoda Powell of Loras
7th Place – Walter West of Luther
8th Place – Robert Melise of Dubuque
1st Tyler Kim (Augsburg) decision over Brady Vogel (Loras) (Dec 3-1)
3rd Logan Kennedy (Luther) medical forfeit over Ben Kawczynski (Wisconsin-La Crosse) (MFF)
5th Cullen Quick (Luther) decision over Dakoda Powell (Loras) (Dec 2-0)
7th Walter West (Luther) medical forfeit over Robert Melise (Dubuque) (MFF)