Hastings Open

2022 Hastings Open results. Saturday, January 8 at Hastings, NE.

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Open – 125
1st Place – Aden Reeves of Grand View (Iowa)
2nd Place – Korey Mendoza of Grand View (Iowa)
3rd Place – Caleb Coyle of Beaver Dam RTC
4th Place – Bishop Murray of Nebraska-Kearney
1st: Aden Reeves (Grand View (Iowa)) won by fall over Korey Mendoza (Grand View (Iowa)) (Fall 1:31)
3rd: Caleb Coyle (Beaver Dam RTC) won by fall over Bishop Murray (Nebraska-Kearney) (Fall 3:33)

Open – 133
1st Place – Boo Dryden of Unattached
2nd Place – Drew Arnold of Nebraska-Kearney
3rd Place – Andy Rojas of Hastings (Neb.)
4th Place – Hector Serratos of Nebraska-Kearney
1st: Boo Dryden (Unattached) won by decision over Drew Arnold (Nebraska-Kearney) (Dec 6-1)
3rd: Andy Rojas (Hastings (Neb.)) won by decision over Hector Serratos (Nebraska-Kearney) (Dec 4-2)

Open – 141
1st Place – Jacob Mitchell of Pratt Community College
2nd Place – Reed Abbas of Grand View (Iowa)
3rd Place – Daniel DeRosier of Nebraska-Kearney
4th Place – Dante Venema of Dickinson State (N.D.)
1st: Jacob Mitchell (Pratt Community College) won by fall over Reed Abbas (Grand View (Iowa)) (Fall 4:58)
3rd: Daniel DeRosier (Nebraska-Kearney) won by tech fall over Dante Venema (Dickinson State (N.D.)) (TF 17-2)

Open – 149
1st Place – Tanner Abbas of Grand View (Iowa)
2nd Place – Justin Koethe of Grand View (Iowa)
3rd Place – Kyle Boeke of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Jeaven Scdoris of Concordia (Neb.)
1st: Tanner Abbas (Grand View (Iowa)) won by medical forfeit over Justin Koethe (Grand View (Iowa)) (MFF)
3rd: Kyle Boeke (Augustana (SD)) won by decision over Jeaven Scdoris (Concordia (Neb.)) (Dec 11-8)

Open – 157
1st Place – Jagger Condomitti of Unattached
2nd Place – Connor Simmonds of Augustana (SD)
3rd Place – Payton Anderson of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Thomas Stevenson of Hastings (Neb.)
1st: Jagger Condomitti (Unattached) won by fall over Connor Simmonds (Augustana (SD)) (Fall 5:57)
3rd: Payton Anderson (Augustana (SD)) won in sudden victory – 1 over Thomas Stevenson (Hastings (Neb.)) (SV-1 11-9)

Open – 165
1st Place – Blake Pomajzl of Northwestern (Iowa)
2nd Place – Miles Fitzgerald of Augustana (SD)
3rd Place – Jacob Tvinnereim of Augustana (SD)
4th Place – Tyson Dowler of Grand View (Iowa)
1st: Blake Pomajzl (Northwestern (Iowa)) won by forfeit over Miles Fitzgerald (Augustana (SD)) (FF)
3rd: Jacob Tvinnereim (Augustana (SD)) won by major decision over Tyson Dowler (Grand View (Iowa)) (Maj 12-1)

Open – 174
1st Place – Trenton Munoz of Hastings (Neb.)
2nd Place – Justin McCunn of Grand View (Iowa)
3rd Place – Caleb Swalla of Grand View (Iowa)
4th Place – Javen Palmer of Chadron State
1st: Trenton Munoz (Hastings (Neb.)) won by decision over Justin McCunn (Grand View (Iowa)) (Dec 4-1)
3rd: Caleb Swalla (Grand View (Iowa)) won by decision over Javen Palmer (Chadron State) (Dec 5-3)

Open – 184
1st Place – Jacari Deal of Nebraska-Kearney
2nd Place – Dylan Vodicka of Nebraska-Kearney
3rd Place – Luke Jenness of Northwestern (Iowa)
4th Place – Danny Reynolds of Augustana (SD)
1st: Jacari Deal (Nebraska-Kearney) won by decision over Dylan Vodicka (Nebraska-Kearney) (Dec 10-8)
3rd: Luke Jenness (Northwestern (Iowa)) won by forfeit over Danny Reynolds (Augustana (SD)) (FF)

Open – 197
1st Place – Silas Allred of Unattached
2nd Place – Daniel Bishop of Augustana (SD)
3rd Place – Gus Davis of Grand View (Iowa)
4th Place – Tyson Beauperthuy of Midland (Neb.)
1st: Silas Allred (Unattached) won by medical forfeit over Daniel Bishop (Augustana (SD)) (MFF)
3rd: Gus Davis (Grand View (Iowa)) won by medical forfeit over Tyson Beauperthuy (Midland (Neb.)) (MFF)

Open – 285
1st Place – Devon Dawson of Pratt Community College
2nd Place – Jake Boley of Nebraska-Kearney
3rd Place – Crew Howard of Nebraska-Kearney
4th Place – Edward Hajas of Augustana (SD)
1st: Devon Dawson (Pratt Community College) won by decision over Jake Boley (Nebraska-Kearney) (Dec 7-5)
3rd: Crew Howard (Nebraska-Kearney) won by decision over Edward Hajas (Augustana (SD)) (Dec 9-2)