Minneapolis North Tri

Minneapolis North Community 42 Minneapolis Edison 36
106: Jaylen Johnson (MNC) over Sukris Steiner (MIED) (Fall 4:33)
113: Jaylen Grimes (MIED) over (MNC) (For.)
120: Zytavius Williams (MIED) over Andrew Ferrell (MNC) (Fall 1:18)
126: Vicente Marsh (MIED) over Jaylen Wiley (MNC) (Fall 1:04)
132: Simasjay Blanch (MNC) over (MIED) (For.)
138: Johan Alcantura-Lund (MNC) over CLark Traxler-Menz (MIED) (Fall 4:21)
145: Ivan Lorenzo (MIED) over (MNC) (For.)
152: Cyrus Jones (MIED) over Stephon Rendo (MNC) (Dec 8-6)
160: Tremayne Graham (MIED) over Darrius Thomas (MNC) (Fall 3:55)
170: Joshua Brooks (MNC) over Dakota Austin (MIED) (Fall 3:56)
182: Treyvon Wilson (MNC) over Sakura Williams (MIED) (Fall 1:30)
195: Lamar Sloan (MIED) over Javion Smith (MNC) (Dec 8-1)
220: Jayvon Purifoy (MNC) over (MIED) (For.)
285: Cashmere Hamilton-Grunau (MNC) over (MIED) (For.)

Minneapolis North Community 50 Minneapolis Patrick Henry 27
106: Adam Her (MPH) over Jaylen Johnson (MNC) (Fall 3:37)
113: Xing Vue (MPH) over (MNC) (For.)
120: Jaylen Wiley (MNC) over (MPH) (For.)
126: Andrew Ferrell (MNC) over Hannah Brown (MPH) (MD 9-1)
132: Nafkot Makonnen (MPH) over Simasjay Blanch (MNC) (Dec 11-10)
138: Johan Alcantura-Lund (MNC) over Philip than (MPH) (MD 11-1)
145: Lewis Yang (MPH) over (MNC) (For.)
152: Stephon Rendo (MNC) over (MPH) (For.)
160: Darrius Thomas (MNC) over (MPH) (For.)
170: Joshua Brooks (MNC) over (MPH) (For.)
182: Treyvon Wilson (MNC) over (MPH) (For.)
195: Syrron White (MPH) over Javion Smith (MNC) (Fall 3:30)
220: Jayvon Purifoy (MNC) over Luis Vang (MPH) (Fall 1:30)
285: Cashmere Hamilton-Grunau (MNC) over (MPH) (For.)

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