Royalton-Upsala Tri

Royalton-Upsala 49 Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 22
106: Tucker Simmons (ROUP) over Raydon Graham (HLWW) (Dec 4-2)
113: Lane Olson (ROUP) over Tegan Miller (HLWW) (Fall 1:31)
120: Bryce Binek (ROUP) over (HLWW) (For.)
126: Alex Diederich (ROUP) over Tony Baumann (HLWW) (Fall 3:02)
132: Will Gorecki (ROUP) over (HLWW) (For.)
138: Mitchell Mallak (HLWW) over Brock Costanzo (ROUP) (Fall 5:11)
145: Caleb Boese (HLWW) over Nicholas Leibold (ROUP) (MD 9-0)
152: Jacob Leibold (ROUP) over Wiley Wiegert (HLWW) (MD 10-0)
160: Steve Heber (HLWW) over Eli Psyck (ROUP) (Fall 1:54)
170: Gabe Gorecki (ROUP) over Isaac Busse (HLWW) (Fall 1:30)
182: Collin Boese (HLWW) over Hunter Novitzki (ROUP) (Dec 4-1)
195: Kaden Holm (ROUP) over Matthew Busse (HLWW) (Fall 4:51)
220: Colton Long (HLWW) over Bryce Holm (ROUP) (Dec 2-1)
285: Jeremy Mugg (ROUP) over Jakob Duske (HLWW) (Fall 3:24)

Royalton-Upsala 65 Paynesville Area 9
106: Tucker Simmons (ROUP) over Carson Suchy (PAAR) (MD 9-0)
113: Lane Olson (ROUP) over Mason McNab (PAAR) (Fall 3:00)
120: Bryce Binek (ROUP) over Preston Welling (PAAR) (MD 9-1)
126: Alex Diederich (ROUP) over (PAAR) (For.)
132: Will Gorecki (ROUP) over Brandon Hess (PAAR) (Fall 0:00)
138: Brock Costanzo (ROUP) over (PAAR) (For.)
145: Nicholas Leibold (ROUP) over Grant Wendlandt (PAAR) (Dec 5-4)
152: Jacob Leibold (ROUP) over Trenton LeClaire (PAAR) (Fall 0:00)
160: Aaron Mages (PAAR) over Eli Psyck (ROUP) (Fall 0:00)
170: Hunter Novitzki (ROUP) over Seth Vearrier (PAAR) (Fall 0:00)
182: Sam Tschida (ROUP) over (PAAR) (For.)
195: Peyton Hemmesch (PAAR) over Kaden Holm (ROUP) (Dec 1-0)
220: Bryce Holm (ROUP) over Spencer Eisenbraun (PAAR) (Fall 0:00)
285: Jeremy Mugg (ROUP) over (PAAR) (For.)

Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 58 Paynesville Area 9
106: Tegan Miller (HLWW) over Carson Suchy (PAAR) (Fall 4:45)
113: Raydon Graham (HLWW) over Mason McNab (PAAR) (Dec 6-4)
120: Preston Welling (PAAR) over Jaxon Knott (HLWW) (Fall 3:36)
126: Double Forfeit
132: Tony Baumann (HLWW) over Brandon Hess (PAAR) (Dec 8-6)
138: Mitchell Mallak (HLWW) over (PAAR) (For.)
145: Caleb Boese (HLWW) over Hayden Andrews (PAAR) (Fall 1:29)
152: Steve Heber (HLWW) over Trenton LeClaire (PAAR) (Fall 2:36)
160: Wiley Wiegert (HLWW) over Aaron Mages (PAAR) (Fall 0:59)
170: Isaac Busse (HLWW) over Seth Vearrier (PAAR) (MD 10-0)
182: Collin Boese (HLWW) over Peyton Hemmesch (PAAR) (Fall 3:44)
195: Tyler Graczyk (HLWW) over (PAAR) (For.)
220: Spencer Eisenbraun (PAAR) over Colton Long (HLWW) (Dec 7-1)
285: Jakob Duske (HLWW) over (PAAR) (For.)

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