Waseca Quad

Mankato East 51 Waseca 29

Fairmont-Martin County West 46 Mankato East 24
106: Torrey Paplow (FMCW) over Jackson Stensrud (MAEA) (Fall 3:44)
113: Maddex Faber (FMCW) over Jackson Buboltz (MAEA) (Fall 2:16)
120: Anthony Uecker (MAEA) over (FMCW) (For.)
126: Jesse Potts (FMCW) over (MAEA) (For.)
132: Cooper Steuber (FMCW) over (MAEA) (For.)
138: Luke Scholtes (MAEA) over Taylor Austin (FMCW) (MD 15-7)
145: Kain Sanders (FMCW) over Ben Glogowski (MAEA) (Fall 5:23)
152: Aden Welcome (FMCW) over Max Morgan (MAEA) (Dec 5-2)
160: Cael Willaert (MAEA) over Gage Cyphers (FMCW) (MD 10-2)
170: Carver Rohman (FMCW) over Brian Thilges (MAEA) (Dec 6-4)
182: Wyatt Williamson (FMCW) over Brady Hoffner (MAEA) (MD 17-5)
195: Nate Drumm (MAEA) over Riley Allen (FMCW) (MD 13-4)
220: Max Olson (FMCW) over Hayden Pietsch (MAEA) (Fall 0:23)
285: Wyatt Rodriguez (MAEA) over Alec Thompson (FMCW) (Fall 2:37)

Fairmont-Martin County West 49 Westfield Razorbacks 22
106: Kevin Hodge (WERA) over Torrey Paplow (FMCW) (MD 13-5)
113: Hunter Simonson (WERA) over Berent Kosbab (FMCW) (Fall 2:22)
120: Cannon Wacek (WERA) over (FMCW) (For.)
126: Jesse Potts (FMCW) over Bo Zwiener (WERA) (Dec 9-7)
132: Cooper Steuber (FMCW) over (WERA) (For.)
138: Taylor Austin (FMCW) over Cade Christianson (WERA) (Dec 9-6)
145: Kain Sanders (FMCW) over Keegan Bronson (WERA) (MD 9-1)
152: Aden Welcome (FMCW) over Sam Skillestad (WERA) (Dec 7-5)
160: Carver Rohman (FMCW) over Joe Christians (WERA) (Fall 1:01)
170: Gage Cyphers (FMCW) over (WERA) (For.)
182: Tyler Archer (WERA) over Riley Allen (FMCW) (Fall 2:41)
195: Wyatt Williamson (FMCW) over Vincent Hernandez (WERA) (Fall 3:05)
220: Alec Thompson (FMCW) over Brody Johnson (WERA) (Fall 0:40)
285: Max Olson (FMCW) over Sam Pirkl (WERA) (Fall 0:43)

Fairmont-Martin County West 66 Waseca 12
106: Torrey Paplow (FMCW) over (WASE) (For.)
113: Maddex Faber (FMCW) over Elijah Biehn (WASE) (Fall 0:24)
120: John Feeley (WASE) over (FMCW) (For.)
126: Jesse Potts (FMCW) over Slade Barnett (WASE) (Fall 1:32)
132: Cooper Steuber (FMCW) over Grant Cox (WASE) (Fall 1:10)
138: Taylor Austin (FMCW) over (WASE) (For.)
145: Kain Sanders (FMCW) over (WASE) (For.)
152: Oliver O`Brien (WASE) over Aden Welcome (FMCW) (Dec 5-2)
160: Carver Rohman (FMCW) over Quentin Staloch (WASE) (Fall 1:30)
170: Gage Cyphers (FMCW) over Christopher Hopper (WASE) (Fall 0:49)
182: Payton Garza (WASE) over Wyatt Williamson (FMCW) (Dec 9-4)
195: Riley Allen (FMCW) over Matthew Veroeven (WASE) (Fall 1:13)
220: Alec Thompson (FMCW) over (WASE) (For.)
285: Max Olson (FMCW) over Jenaro Delgado (WASE) (Fall 0:44)

Westfield Razorbacks 39 Waseca 31
106: Kevin Hodge (WERA) over (WASE) (For.)
113: Hunter Simonson (WERA) over (WASE) (Fall 0:19)
120: Bo Zwiener (WERA) over (WASE) (Dec 15-10)
126: (WASE) over Cannon Wacek (WERA) (Dec 4-3)
132: (WASE) over (WERA) (For.)
138: Grant Magnuson (WERA) over (WASE) (For.)
145: Cade Christianson (WERA) over (WASE) (For.)
152: (WASE) over Keegan Bronson (WERA) (Dec 6-5)
160: Christian Rodriguez (WASE) over Sam Skillestad (WERA) (MD 15-4)
170: Tyler Archer (WERA) over (WASE) (Fall 0:20)
182: (WASE) over (WERA) (For.)
195: (WASE) over Vincent Hernandez (WERA) (Fall 3:08)
220: Brody Johnson (WERA) over (WASE) (For.)
285: (WASE) over Sam Pirkl (WERA) (Dec 7-3)

Westfield Razorbacks 39 Mankato East 33
106: Kevin Hodge (WERA) over Jackson Buboltz (MAEA) (Dec 8-5)
113: Hunter Simonson (WERA) over (MAEA) (For.)
120: Cannon Wacek (WERA) over (MAEA) (For.)
126: Bo Zwiener (WERA) over (MAEA) (For.)
132: Bennett Blom (MAEA) over Grant Magnuson (WERA) (Dec 9-8)
138: Cade Christianson (WERA) over Luke Scholtes (MAEA) (Fall 1:59)
145: Keegan Bronson (WERA) over Ben Glogowski (MAEA) (Fall 1:55)
152: Max Morgan (MAEA) over Sam Skillestad (WERA) (Dec 8-4)
160: Cael Willaert (MAEA) over Joe Christians (WERA) (Fall 0:48)
170: Brian Thilges (MAEA) over Tyler Archer (WERA) (Dec 11-9)
182: Brady Hoffner (MAEA) over (WERA) (For.)
195: Nate Drumm (MAEA) over Vincent Hernandez (WERA) (Fall 1:25)
220: Sam Pirkl (WERA) over Hayden Pietsch (MAEA) (Fall 1:07)
285: Wyatt Rodriguez (MAEA) over Brody Johnson (WERA) (Fall 0:23)

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