Albany Purple Pride Invite

Albany Purple Pride Invite
1 Becker 245.0
2 Hutchinson 160.0
3 Kimball Area 149.0
4 Albany 112.0
5 Saint Cloud Tech 110.0
6 Sauk Centre-Melrose 72.0
7 New London-Spicer 69.0
8 Staples Motley 57.0

Results on TrackWrestling

1st Place – Logan Schwanz of Hutchinson
2nd Place – Bennett Kujawa of Becker
3rd Place – Dominic Kerzman of Sauk Centre-Melrose
4th Place – Jack Hamak of Saint Cloud Tech
5th Place – Connor Carlson of Kimball Area
1st Logan Schwanz (Hutchinson) 30-4, Fr. over Bennett Kujawa (Becker) 18-10, 7th. (Dec 9-2)
3rd Dominic Kerzman (Sauk Centre-Melrose) 21-20, Fr. over Jack Hamak (Saint Cloud Tech) 22-14, 8th. (SV-1 3-1)
5th Connor Carlson (Kimball Area) 10-16, Jr. over () , . (Bye)

1st Place – Kaden Nicolas of Becker
2nd Place – Mark Schiefelbein of Kimball Area
3rd Place – Raydon Bipes of Hutchinson
4th Place – Jack Carlson of Staples Motley
5th Place – Carson Nelson of New London-Spicer
6th Place – Lanna Walter of Sauk Centre-Melrose
1st Kaden Nicolas (Becker) 31-3, Fr. over Mark Schiefelbein (Kimball Area) 28-10, 8th. (Fall 5:48)
3rd Raydon Bipes (Hutchinson) 20-14, Fr. over Jack Carlson (Staples Motley) 18-12, Fr. (Fall 4:31)
5th Carson Nelson (New London-Spicer) 11-5, Fr. over Lanna Walter (Sauk Centre-Melrose) 11-15, So. (Dec 3-0)

1st Place – Landen Kujawa of Becker
2nd Place – Max Martin of Hutchinson
3rd Place – Caleb Nelson of New London-Spicer
4th Place – Noah Neuman of Saint Cloud Tech
5th Place – Riley Reese of Staples Motley
6th Place – Noah Christian of Sauk Centre-Melrose
1st Landen Kujawa (Becker) 28-4, Fr. over Max Martin (Hutchinson) 20-11, Fr. (Fall 1:50)
3rd Caleb Nelson (New London-Spicer) 16-15, 7th. over Noah Neuman (Saint Cloud Tech) 14-15, 8th. (Fall 1:17)
5th Riley Reese (Staples Motley) 17-16, 8th. over Noah Christian (Sauk Centre-Melrose) 18-21, 8th. (Dec 7-3)

1st Place – Drew May of Becker
2nd Place – Jack Bollman of Kimball Area
3rd Place – Mitchell Christian of Sauk Centre-Melrose
4th Place – Tanner Hugg of Saint Cloud Tech
5th Place – Nolan Muellner of Becker
6th Place – Cody Tews of Hutchinson
1st Drew May (Becker) 25-13, So. over Jack Bollman (Kimball Area) 16-9, Jr. (Dec 9-5)
3rd Mitchell Christian (Sauk Centre-Melrose) 18-10, Jr. over Tanner Hugg (Saint Cloud Tech) 17-20, 8th. (Dec 6-2)
5th Nolan Muellner (Becker) 5-4, Jr. over Cody Tews (Hutchinson) 9-23, So. (Fall 1:59)

1st Place – Colbe Tappe of Staples Motley
2nd Place – Devin Hansen of Albany
3rd Place – Ryan Boecker of Becker
4th Place – Sam Berscheit of Sauk Centre-Melrose
5th Place – Brock Buffington of New London-Spicer
6th Place – Andrew Soderlund of Hutchinson
1st Colbe Tappe (Staples Motley) 38-2, 8th. over Devin Hansen (Albany) 34-11, Jr. (Fall 2:42)
3rd Ryan Boecker (Becker) 10-11, Jr. over Sam Berscheit (Sauk Centre-Melrose) 3-24, Sr. (Dec 7-5)
5th Brock Buffington (New London-Spicer) 10-6, Fr. over Andrew Soderlund (Hutchinson) 5-12, So. (Dec 3-2)

1st Place – Jaxon Kenning of Saint Cloud Tech
2nd Place – Lucas Jurek of Kimball Area
3rd Place – Ethan Anderson of Becker
4th Place – Joseph Schmitt of Albany
5th Place – Mason Plumski of Albany
6th Place – Jason Trantina of Staples Motley
1st Jaxon Kenning (Saint Cloud Tech) 36-2, So. over Lucas Jurek (Kimball Area) 29-9, Sr. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Ethan Anderson (Becker) 20-8, Sr. over Joseph Schmitt (Albany) 24-21, So. (Dec 7-0)
5th Mason Plumski (Albany) 9-12, Jr. over Jason Trantina (Staples Motley) 12-22, Jr. (Fall 3:11)

1st Place – Luke Hoag of Hutchinson
2nd Place – Brett Schiefelbein of Kimball Area
3rd Place – Owen Angell of Becker
4th Place – Aidian Orth of Saint Cloud Tech
5th Place – Spencer Kollmann of Albany
6th Place – Adam Sandau of New London-Spicer
1st Luke Hoag (Hutchinson) 23-7, Fr. over Brett Schiefelbein (Kimball Area) 24-11, Jr. (Dec 12-5)
3rd Owen Angell (Becker) 16-6, Fr. over Aidian Orth (Saint Cloud Tech) 20-16, Jr. (TF-1.5 3:52 (21-4))
5th Spencer Kollmann (Albany) 19-23, Jr. over Adam Sandau (New London-Spicer) 18-20, So. (Dec 9-2)

1st Place – Mason Doucette of Becker
2nd Place – Jay Rickertsen of Hutchinson
3rd Place – Brody Lien of New London-Spicer
4th Place – Logan Kuseske of Kimball Area
5th Place – Sam Long of Saint Cloud Tech
6th Place – Cole Moulzolf of Albany
1st Mason Doucette (Becker) 31-7, Sr. over Jay Rickertsen (Hutchinson) 22-15, Jr. (Fall 0:56)
3rd Brody Lien (New London-Spicer) 21-18, Sr. over Logan Kuseske (Kimball Area) 25-17, Jr. (M. For.)
5th Sam Long (Saint Cloud Tech) 19-17, So. over Cole Moulzolf (Albany) 11-26, Sr. (Fall 3:34)

1st Place – Adam Jurek of Becker
2nd Place – Petyon Krumrei of Albany
3rd Place – Camden Kron of Hutchinson
4th Place – Reid Holmquist of New London-Spicer
5th Place – Carson McCain of New London-Spicer
6th Place – Caden Guggisberg of Kimball Area
1st Adam Jurek (Becker) 26-8, Jr. over Petyon Krumrei (Albany) 34-11, Sr. (Dec 9-2)
3rd Camden Kron (Hutchinson) 13-15, Sr. over Reid Holmquist (New London-Spicer) 16-17, Jr. (TB-1 6-2)
5th Carson McCain (New London-Spicer) 10-11, Jr. over Caden Guggisberg (Kimball Area) 5-19, Jr. (Dec 13-8)

1st Place – Ashton Hanan of Kimball Area
2nd Place – Tyson Ricker of Becker
3rd Place – Brady Andersen of Hutchinson
4th Place – Ryan Nelson of Becker
5th Place – Grant Hubbard of New London-Spicer
6th Place – Cooper Brinkman of Albany
1st Ashton Hanan (Kimball Area) 21-3, Sr. over Tyson Ricker (Becker) 28-7, Jr. (Fall 1:46)
3rd Brady Andersen (Hutchinson) 23-14, Jr. over Ryan Nelson (Becker) 7-7, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
5th Grant Hubbard (New London-Spicer) 10-16, Sr. over Cooper Brinkman (Albany) 1-12, Fr. (Fall 1:16)

1st Place – Carter Holtz of Kimball Area
2nd Place – Hunter Tate of Albany
3rd Place – Dylan Weber of Becker
4th Place – Cody Brott of Saint Cloud Tech
5th Place – Sam Gabrielson of New London-Spicer
6th Place – Eddie Tristan of Hutchinson
1st Carter Holtz (Kimball Area) 34-3, Sr. over Hunter Tate (Albany) 23-9, Sr. (Fall 1:08)
3rd Dylan Weber (Becker) 20-8, Jr. over Cody Brott (Saint Cloud Tech) 28-7, Sr. (Dec 8-5)
5th Sam Gabrielson (New London-Spicer) 7-20, Sr. over Eddie Tristan (Hutchinson) 4-8, Jr. (Dec 10-6)

1st Place – Hayden VanderVoort of Hutchinson
2nd Place – Sutton Kenning of Saint Cloud Tech
3rd Place – Haden Rosenow of Kimball Area
4th Place – Declan Crumley of Albany
5th Place – Joe Goth of Becker
6th Place – Payton Meis of New London-Spicer
1st Hayden VanderVoort (Hutchinson) 28-2, Jr. over Sutton Kenning (Saint Cloud Tech) 29-8, 8th. (Dec 7-5)
3rd Haden Rosenow (Kimball Area) 18-6, So. over Declan Crumley (Albany) 32-13, Sr. (Dec 6-4)
5th Joe Goth (Becker) 11-9, Sr. over Payton Meis (New London-Spicer) 13-25, Fr. (Fall 5:46)

1st Place – Dylan Kolby of Becker
2nd Place – Kevin Raya of Sauk Centre-Melrose
3rd Place – Steven Petrich of Staples Motley
4th Place – Evan Peirce of Hutchinson
5th Place – Patrick Njoya of Saint Cloud Tech
1st Dylan Kolby (Becker) 18-3, Jr. over Kevin Raya (Sauk Centre-Melrose) 17-13, So. (Fall 1:40)
3rd Steven Petrich (Staples Motley) 11-7, Fr. over Evan Peirce (Hutchinson) 15-16, Fr. (Fall 2:49)
5th Patrick Njoya (Saint Cloud Tech) 11-17, Sr. over () , . (Bye)

1st Place – Jacob Adrian of Albany
2nd Place – Will Sjogren of Sauk Centre-Melrose
3rd Place – Tucker Hugg of Saint Cloud Tech
4th Place – Bryce Kuschel of Becker
5th Place – Ace Meyer of Kimball Area
1st Jacob Adrian (Albany) 33-5, Sr. over Will Sjogren (Sauk Centre-Melrose) 31-10, Jr. (SV-1 3-1)
3rd Tucker Hugg (Saint Cloud Tech) 31-6, Jr. over Bryce Kuschel (Becker) 28-6, Sr. (Dec 2-0)
5th Ace Meyer (Kimball Area) 25-14, Sr. over () , . (Bye)