Don Parker Blugold Open

2022 Don Parker Blugold Open results. Saturday, February 5 at Eau Claire, Wis.

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Gold – 125
1st Place – Maximo Renteria of Illinois
2nd Place – Robby Horsman of St. Cloud State
3rd Place – Rocco Visci of Rochester Community & Tech. College
4th Place – Griffin Chmiel of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
5th Place – Remington Bontreger of UW-La Crosse
6th Place – Gabe Ragsdale of Bryant & Stratton
1st Maximo Renteria (Illinois) major decision over Robby Horsman (St. Cloud State) (Maj 10-1)
3rd Rocco Visci (Rochester Community & Tech. College) fall over Griffin Chmiel (Wisconsin-Stevens Point) (Fall 6:39)
5th Remington Bontreger (UW-La Crosse) decision over Gabe Ragsdale (Bryant & Stratton) (Dec 9-3)

Gold – 133
1st Place – Ty Bisek of Concordia-Moorhead
2nd Place – Javon Taschuk of UW-Eau Claire
3rd Place – Alyeus Craig of St. Cloud State
4th Place – Matthew Chi of Wisconsin-Parkside
5th Place – Sam Smith of Rochester Community & Tech. College
6th Place – Austin Gabbert of Augsburg
1st Ty Bisek (Concordia-Moorhead) decision over Javon Taschuk (UW-Eau Claire) (Dec 7-2)
3rd Alyeus Craig (St. Cloud State) tech fall over Matthew Chi (Wisconsin-Parkside) (TF 16-0)
5th Sam Smith (Rochester Community & Tech. College) medical forfeit over Austin Gabbert (Augsburg) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Isaiah Mlsna (Minnesota State Mankato) forfeit over Forfeit Forfeit (Unattached) (FF)

Gold – 141
1st Place – Danny Pucino of Illinois
2nd Place – Parker Dobrocky of Rochester Community & Tech. College
3rd Place – Brady Gross of Augsburg
4th Place – Cameron Riggs of St. Cloud State
5th Place – Kieler Carlson of Augsburg
6th Place – Sam Stuhl of Augsburg
1st Danny Pucino (Illinois) decision over Parker Dobrocky (Rochester Community & Tech. College) (Dec 10-6)
3rd Brady Gross (Augsburg) fall over Cameron Riggs (St. Cloud State) (Fall 2:30)
5th Kieler Carlson (Augsburg) medical forfeit over Sam Stuhl (Augsburg) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Cade Willis (Augsburg) fall over Kaleb Horn (St. Cloud State) (Fall 2:13)

Gold – 149
1st Place – Nolan Throne of St. Cloud State
2nd Place – Tyler Goebel of UW-La Crosse
3rd Place – Jake Mandt of UW-La Crosse
4th Place – Kellen Schauer of Concordia-Moorhead
5th Place – Jalin Conner of Bryant & Stratton
6th Place – Charlie Stuhl of Augsburg
1st Nolan Throne (St. Cloud State) decision over Tyler Goebel (UW-La Crosse) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Jake Mandt (UW-La Crosse) fall over Kellen Schauer (Concordia-Moorhead) (Fall 6:51)
5th Jalin Conner (Bryant & Stratton) medical forfeit over Charlie Stuhl (Augsburg) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Ezekial Williamson (St. Cloud State) decision over Tanner Kroells (Augsburg) (Dec 4-2)

Gold – 157
1st Place – Alek Martin of South Dakota State
2nd Place – Blake Legred of St. Cloud State
3rd Place – Drake Hayward of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Tyler Bents of Concordia-Moorhead
5th Place – Blake Jagodzinske of Augsburg
6th Place – Cade Zeamer of Wheaton (IL)
1st Alek Martin (South Dakota State) major decision over Blake Legred (St. Cloud State) (Maj 11-3)
3rd Drake Hayward (Minnesota State Mankato) medical forfeit over Tyler Bents (Concordia-Moorhead) (MFF)
5th Blake Jagodzinske (Augsburg) decision over Cade Zeamer (Wheaton (IL)) (Dec 17-10)
Consolation 1st
Sebas Swiggum (Unattached ) major decision over Adam Rients (UW-Eau Claire) (Maj 15-1)

Gold – 165
1st Place – Bryce Dagel of St. Cloud State
2nd Place – Alfred Daniel of Unattached
3rd Place – Gavin Model of Wisconsin
4th Place – Kaleb O’Reilly of UW-La Crosse
5th Place – Seth Goetzinger of Augsburg
6th Place – Spencer Miller of St. Cloud State
1st Bryce Dagel (St. Cloud State) decision over Alfred Daniel (Unattached ) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Gavin Model (Wisconsin) decision over Kaleb O’Reilly (UW-La Crosse) (Dec 9-8)
5th Seth Goetzinger (Augsburg) medical forfeit over Spencer Miller (St. Cloud State) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Noah Leisgang (UW-La Crosse) fall over Reid Lawrence (UW-Eau Claire) (Fall 6:37)

Gold – 174
1st Place – Nathan Fuller of Minnesota
2nd Place – Graham Calhoun of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Isaac Gust of UW-La Crosse
4th Place – Luke Clark of UW-La Crosse
5th Place – Nolan Paar of UW-La Crosse
6th Place – Kaden Spindler of Concordia-Moorhead
1st Nathan Fuller (Minnesota) decision over Graham Calhoun (Wisconsin) (Dec 5-1)
3rd Isaac Gust (UW-La Crosse) decision over Luke Clark (UW-La Crosse) (Dec 6-4)
5th Nolan Paar (UW-La Crosse) medical forfeit over Kaden Spindler (Concordia-Moorhead) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Walker Ingham (Rochester Community & Tech. College) decision over Crosby Schlosser (Wisconsin-Parkside) (Dec 8-4)

Gold – 184
1st Place – Dylan Connell of Illinois
2nd Place – Evan Lawrence of UW-Eau Claire
3rd Place – Sam Kruger of South Dakota State
4th Place – Chase Melton of UW-Eau Claire
5th Place – Elijah Mitchell of Luther
6th Place – Ayden Friese of Concordia-Moorhead
1st Dylan Connell (Illinois) medical forfeit over Evan Lawrence (UW-Eau Claire) (MFF)
3rd Sam Kruger (South Dakota State) decision over Chase Melton (UW-Eau Claire) (Dec 4-3)
5th Elijah Mitchell (Luther) medical forfeit over Ayden Friese (Concordia-Moorhead) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Tyson Meyer (St. Cloud State) tech fall over Jerrod Grell (UW-Whitewater) (TF 17-1)

Gold – 197
1st Place – Cody Donnelly of South Dakota State
2nd Place – Chad Richards of UW-Whitewater
3rd Place – Thomas Johnson of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Marcus Orlandoni of UW-La Crosse
5th Place – Jackson Schichel of UW-Eau Claire
6th Place – Joe Schulte of UW-Eau Claire
1st Cody Donnelly (South Dakota State) fall over Chad Richards (UW-Whitewater) (Fall 2:02)
3rd Thomas Johnson (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Marcus Orlandoni (UW-La Crosse) (Dec 6-3)
5th Jackson Schichel (UW-Eau Claire) medical forfeit over Joe Schulte (UW-Eau Claire) (MFF)
Consolation 1st
Logan Stafford (UW-La Crosse) major decision over Carter Melton (Unattached ) (Maj 13-0)

Gold – 285
1st Place – Bowen McConville of South Dakota State
2nd Place – Chase Dockter of Concordia-Moorhead
3rd Place – Cullen Quick of Luther
4th Place – Brady Spaeth of Unattached
5th Place – Michael Douglas of UW-La Crosse
6th Place – Jagger Schack of Augsburg
1st Bowen McConville (South Dakota State) medical forfeit over Chase Dockter (Concordia-Moorhead) (MFF)
3rd Cullen Quick (Luther) fall over Brady Spaeth (Unattached ) (Fall 6:03)
5th Michael Douglas (UW-La Crosse) won in tie breaker – 1 over Jagger Schack (Augsburg) (TB-1 3-2)
Consolation 1st
Armani Tucker (Rochester Community & Tech. College) fall over Hunter Gorecki (Augsburg) (Fall 2:21)

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