Owatonna’s Trailblazer: Rian Grunwald’s college commitment paves the way for girls wrestling in Owatonna

The walls of inside Owatonna’s wrestling room are scattered with names, pictures and accolades from some of the best wrestlers that have built up the legacy that is Owatonna wrestling.

But through all of the greats to wrestle in a Huskies singlet, Owatonna senior captain Rian Grunwald is leaving behind a legacy that’s blown the door of opportunity open for those that follow in her footsteps. She’s best described as ‘the trailblazer’ for girls wrestling in Owatonna.

Once her senior campaign with the Huskies comes to an end, she’ll be trading out her Owatonna singlet for the purple and gold of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and help build up a Pointers women’s wrestling program after doing at the high school level.

Grunwald landed on the Pointers after she and her family went to UWSP in August and were able to meet the coaching staff and tour the campus that’d eventually be waiting for her. While she did tour with other schools, the feeling of home that UWSP offered her was too much to pass up. Continue reading at southernminn.com →