Deciding To Be Great – Cole Konrad

By Brian Jerzak

When former Wisconsin state champion, Gophers’ national champion, and MMA champion Cole Konrad started wrestling as a child, he was immediately taken by the sport. Coming up through his feeder program and during his junior high and varsity career, he was a solid, reliable wrestler. After falling short of a state title his junior year of high school, a switch flipped in Konrad’s mind.

“I decided I was sick of losing, so I wasn’t going to do it anymore.”

Konrad decided good wasn’t good enough. He decided to be great. He took more losses during his career, but they were few and far between from then on.

“I started in a youth club in my hometown,” Konrad said. “It was just what we did as kids. My dad and uncle wrestled in high school; they loved the sport, which led me to get involved. That got me wanting to be around it.”

Konrad found enjoyment in the sport right away.

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