Expectations Surpassed

“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

That’s perhaps the most memorable quote from the underrated 1993 gangster movie “A Bronx Tale.” Robert DeNiro’s “Lorenzo” is a hard-working, honest bus driver who preaches this to his son, Calogero, who grows into a teenager intrigued by the Mafia lifestyle in the neighborhood surrounding his home. Lorenzo doesn’t want Calogero to fall victim to the ugly elements that can go hand-in-hand with the glitz and glamour of that type of life. He never wants Calogero to waste his talent.

If you follow wrestling message boards or social media, typical topics that are hashed and rehashed are “The Biggest Flops in College” or “Top Recruits that Never Panned Out,” or something along those lines. The prospect that never worked out tends to make for fun discussion pieces.

But, just for once, what about the bluest of the blue chips recruits that panned out? What about the wrestlers that had all of the hype in the world, yet lived up to their lofty billing? What about the recruits that developed into more than we actually anticipated? Continue reading at intermatwrestle.com →