NCAA Division III National Championships

2022 NCAA Division III National Championships results. March 11-12 at Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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1 Wartburg College 79.0
2 Wabash College 78.0
3 Augsburg University 62.5
3 North Central College 62.5
5 Stevens Institute Of Technology 46.5
6 Coe College 40.5
7 Rochester Institute Of Technology 37.0
8 Baldwin Wallace University 36.0
9 Millikin University 34.5
10 University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 33.5
11 Loras College 29.0
12 University Of Mount Union 28.5
12 York College (Pennsylvania) 28.5
14 Washington And Lee University 27.5
15 U.S. Coast Guard Academy 26.0
16 John Carroll University 22.5
17 Mount St. Joseph University 22.0
17 University Of Wisconsin-Whitewater 22.0
19 University Of Wisconsin-La Crosse 21.5
20 Johnson & Wales University (Rhode Island) 21.0
21 Averett University 20.5
21 Central College (Iowa) 20.5
23 Rhode Island College 20.0
23 University Of Chicago 20.0
25 Olivet College 19.0
26 Lycoming College 18.0
27 University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 17.0
28 Ithaca College 16.5
29 Ohio Northern University 14.0
29 The College Of New Jersey 14.0
31 Alvernia University 13.5
32 Elmhurst College 13.0
33 University Of Wisconsin-Stevens Point 12.5
34 New York University 11.5
35 Southern Virginia University 10.0
36 Western New England University 9.5
37 Greensboro College 9.0
38 State University Of New York At Cortland 7.5
39 Roanoke College 6.5
40 Norwich University 6.0
41 Castleton University 5.5
41 Messiah University 5.5
41 University Of Wisconsin-Platteville 5.5
44 Johns Hopkins University 4.0
45 University Of Southern Maine 3.5
46 Bridgewater State University 3.0
46 Delaware Valley University 3.0
46 Gettysburg College 3.0
46 Luther College 3.0
46 Roger Williams University 3.0
51 Muhlenberg College 1.5
52 Centenary University (New Jersey) 1.0
52 College At Brockport 1.0
52 Oswego State 1.0
52 University Of Dubuque 1.0
52 Washington And Jefferson College 1.0
57 Albion College 0.5
57 Springfield College 0.5
59 Adrian College 0.0
59 Heidelberg 0.0
59 King’s College (Pennsylvania) 0.0
59 New England College 0.0
59 New Jersey City University 0.0
59 Otterbein University 0.0
59 University of the Ozarks 0.0
59 Ursinus College 0.0
59 Wesleyan University (Connecticut) 0.0
59 Wheaton (IL) 0.0
69 Williams College -0.5
70 Wilkes University -1.0

1st Place – Jacob Decatur of Baldwin Wallace University
2nd Place – Carlos Champagne of Wabash College
3rd Place – Shandon Akeo of Central College (Iowa)
4th Place – Samuel Braswell of Averett University
5th Place – Brady Kyner of Wartburg College
6th Place – Riley Parker of Washington And Lee University
7th Place – Nicholas Arborio of Western New England University
8th Place – Tommy Russell of Millikin University
1st Jacob Decatur (Baldwin Wallace University) 8-0, Fr. over Carlos Champagne (Wabash College) 21-5, Sr. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Shandon Akeo (Central College (Iowa)) 22-1, RS Sr. over Samuel Braswell (Averett University) 42-2, RS Sr. (Fall 4:12)
5th Brady Kyner (Wartburg College) 13-3, Sr. over Riley Parker (Washington And Lee University) 9-4, Jr. (Dec 6-4)
7th Nicholas Arborio (Western New England University) 6-3, RS Sr. over Tommy Russell (Millikin University) 8-4, Jr. (Dec 6-3)

1st Place – Robbie Precin of North Central College
2nd Place – Andrew Perelka of John Carroll University
3rd Place – Dalton Rohrbaugh of York College (Pennsylvania)
4th Place – Matt Berlin of University Of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
5th Place – Josh Wilson of Greensboro College
6th Place – David Massey of University Of Mount Union
7th Place – Zach Thompson of University Of Wisconsin-Platteville
8th Place – Joe Pins of Wartburg College
1st Robbie Precin (North Central College) 38-0, Jr. over Andrew Perelka (John Carroll University) 6-2, Jr. (Dec 6-4)
3rd Dalton Rohrbaugh (York College (Pennsylvania)) 26-1, So. over Matt Berlin (University Of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) 29-5, RS Fr. (Dec 7-2)
5th Josh Wilson (Greensboro College) 7-3, So. over David Massey (University Of Mount Union) 9-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2)
7th Zach Thompson (University Of Wisconsin-Platteville) 19-9, Jr. over Joe Pins (Wartburg College) 26-6, So. (Dec 9-3)

1st Place – Jordin James of University Of Mount Union
2nd Place – Zayren Terukina of Wartburg College
3rd Place – Jacob Reed of Ohio Northern University
4th Place – Kyle Slendorn of Stevens Institute Of Technology
5th Place – Jimmy McAuliffe of Elmhurst College
6th Place – Brandon Woody of Averett University
7th Place – Josiah Gehr of Messiah University
8th Place – James Rodriguez of Castleton University
1st Jordin James (University Of Mount Union) 8-0, RS Fr. over Zayren Terukina (Wartburg College) 27-3, Jr. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Jacob Reed (Ohio Northern University) 8-2, Fr. over Kyle Slendorn (Stevens Institute Of Technology) 29-4, RS Jr. (Dec 4-1)
5th Jimmy McAuliffe (Elmhurst College) 9-2, RS Fr. over Brandon Woody (Averett University) 35-9, RS Sr. (MD 11-3)
7th Josiah Gehr (Messiah University) 6-3, Sr. over James Rodriguez (Castleton University) 39-15, So. (Dec 7-2)

1st Place – Brett Kaliner of Stevens Institute Of Technology
2nd Place – Michael Petrella of Baldwin Wallace University
3rd Place – Alex Barr of Wabash College
4th Place – Alex Villar of North Central College
5th Place – Kristian Rumph of Wartburg College
6th Place – Ryan Fleck of University Of Chicago
7th Place – Kyle Merritt of Norwich University
8th Place – Michael Conklin of The College Of New Jersey
1st Brett Kaliner (Stevens Institute Of Technology) 29-0, RS Fr. over Michael Petrella (Baldwin Wallace University) 7-1, So. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Alex Barr (Wabash College) 23-6, Sr. over Alex Villar (North Central College) 37-7, So. (MD 10-2)
5th Kristian Rumph (Wartburg College) 28-5, Jr. over Ryan Fleck (University Of Chicago) 22-7, Jr. (Fall 2:32)
7th Kyle Merritt (Norwich University) 6-3, So. over Michael Conklin (The College Of New Jersey) 20-8, Fr. (Dec 9-5)

1st Place – Nathan Lackman of Rhode Island College
2nd Place – Kaidon Winters of Rochester Institute Of Technology
3rd Place – Tyler Shilson of Augsburg University
4th Place – Ryan Luth of Washington And Lee University
5th Place – Nolan Hertel of University Of Wisconsin-La Crosse
6th Place – David Hollingsworth of Wartburg College
7th Place – Luke Reicosky of John Carroll University
8th Place – Darian Estevez of University Of Chicago
1st Nathan Lackman (Rhode Island College) 9-0, Jr. over Kaidon Winters (Rochester Institute Of Technology) 33-2, RS Sr. (SV-1 5-3)
3rd Tyler Shilson (Augsburg University) 8-2, RS Jr. over Ryan Luth (Washington And Lee University) 9-2, Jr. (Dec 9-2)
5th Nolan Hertel (University Of Wisconsin-La Crosse) 23-5, So. over David Hollingsworth (Wartburg College) 23-6, Jr. (M. For.)
7th Luke Reicosky (John Carroll University) 6-3, Jr. over Darian Estevez (University Of Chicago) 21-7, Fr. (SV-1 3-1)

1st Place – Bradan Birt of Millikin University
2nd Place – Kyle Hatch of Wabash College
3rd Place – Chase Schmidt of University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
4th Place – Will Esmoil of Coe College
5th Place – Matt Lackman of Alvernia University
6th Place – Cooper Pontelandolfo of New York University
7th Place – Seth Brossard of University Of Wisconsin-La Crosse
8th Place – Austin Lamb of Rochester Institute Of Technology
1st Bradan Birt (Millikin University) 9-0, Sr. over Kyle Hatch (Wabash College) 31-2, Sr. (MD 14-2)
3rd Chase Schmidt (University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire) 35-7, Sr. over Will Esmoil (Coe College) 21-8, So. (Dec 9-6)
5th Matt Lackman (Alvernia University) 8-2, Fr. over Cooper Pontelandolfo (New York University) 6-4, Fr. (Dec 2-0)
7th Seth Brossard (University Of Wisconsin-La Crosse) 27-3, Jr. over Austin Lamb (Rochester Institute Of Technology) 25-9, RS So. (Fall 1:49)

1st Place – Cornell Beachem of Mount St. Joseph University
2nd Place – Michael Ross of Johnson & Wales University (Rhode Island)
3rd Place – Jacob Krakow of Loras College
4th Place – Zane Mulder of Wartburg College
5th Place – Solomon Nielsen of Augsburg University
6th Place – Zach Stedeford of Rochester Institute Of Technology
7th Place – Stefan Major of Stevens Institute Of Technology
8th Place – Demitreus Henry of State University Of New York At Cortland
1st Cornell Beachem (Mount St. Joseph University) 8-0, Sr. over Michael Ross (Johnson & Wales University (Rhode Island)) 37-1, RS Sr. (Dec 5-1)
3rd Jacob Krakow (Loras College) 21-3, RS Sr. over Zane Mulder (Wartburg College) 25-2, RS So. (SV-1 3-1)
5th Solomon Nielsen (Augsburg University) 7-2, RS Sr. over Zach Stedeford (Rochester Institute Of Technology) 27-12, RS Sr. (Fall 6:59)
7th Stefan Major (Stevens Institute Of Technology) 32-8, Jr. over Demitreus Henry (State University Of New York At Cortland) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 7-4)

1st Place – Jaritt Shinhoster of University Of Wisconsin-Whitewater
2nd Place – Paul Detwiler of U.S. Coast Guard Academy
3rd Place – Kyle Briggs of Wartburg College
4th Place – Shane Liegel of Loras College
5th Place – Chibueze Chukwuezi of Ithaca College
6th Place – Charles Baczek of Wabash College
7th Place – Mahlic Sallah of Roanoke College
8th Place – Daniel Surich of The College Of New Jersey
1st Jaritt Shinhoster (University Of Wisconsin-Whitewater) 32-2, Sr. over Paul Detwiler (U.S. Coast Guard Academy) 23-1, Sr. (Dec 12-6)
3rd Kyle Briggs (Wartburg College) 18-2, Sr. over Shane Liegel (Loras College) 25-2, Jr. (Dec 2-0)
5th Chibueze Chukwuezi (Ithaca College) 8-2, Jr. over Charles Baczek (Wabash College) 34-12, Fr. (Dec 5-2)
7th Mahlic Sallah (Roanoke College) 19-3, Jr. over Daniel Surich (The College Of New Jersey) 22-7, RS Sr. (Dec 2-1)

1st Place – Cody Baldridge of North Central College
2nd Place – Jack Heldt of Wabash College
3rd Place – Beau Yineman of University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
4th Place – Camden Farrow of York College (Pennsylvania)
5th Place – Coy Spooner of U.S. Coast Guard Academy
6th Place – Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann of Augsburg University
7th Place – Gable Crebs of Lycoming College
8th Place – Jordan Wallace of Ithaca College
1st Cody Baldridge (North Central College) 33-3, Sr. over Jack Heldt (Wabash College) 35-2, RS So. (Dec 3-2)
3rd Beau Yineman (University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) 8-2, Sr. over Camden Farrow (York College (Pennsylvania)) 35-7, Jr. (Dec 10-4)
5th Coy Spooner (U.S. Coast Guard Academy) 27-2, So. over Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Augsburg University) 6-4, RS So. (Dec 6-3)
7th Gable Crebs (Lycoming College) 30-7, So. over Jordan Wallace (Ithaca College) 6-4, RS Jr. (M. For.)

1st Place – Jordan Lemcke of University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
2nd Place – Donovan King of Olivet College
3rd Place – Kaleb Reeves of Coe College
4th Place – Tyler Kim of Augsburg University
5th Place – Nico Ramirez of Southern Virginia University
6th Place – Robby Bates of North Central College
7th Place – John Fulmer of Lycoming College
8th Place – Hank Behaeghel of Johns Hopkins University
1st Jordan Lemcke (University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh) 7-1, RS Fr. over Donovan King (Olivet College) 6-2, Jr. (Dec 2-0)
3rd Kaleb Reeves (Coe College) 32-1, Jr. over Tyler Kim (Augsburg University) 8-2, RS So. (Fall 0:40)
5th Nico Ramirez (Southern Virginia University) 28-6, RS Jr. over Robby Bates (North Central College) 32-12, So. (Dec 3-2)
7th John Fulmer (Lycoming College) 40-3, Jr. over Hank Behaeghel (Johns Hopkins University) 23-11, Sr. (Fall 2:32)

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