Blockhus, Nagel reach podium at U.S. Open in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – A contingent of current Golden Gopher wrestlers just wrapped up competition in Las Vegas at the USMC U.S. Open Championships, as Michael Blockhus and Gabe Nagel each earned medals.

Blockhus rattled off an impressive weekend of competition to place fourth in the 70-kilogram, going 6-2 on the weekend including a pair of wins over NCAA All-American Brock Mauller in the tournament. With the performance, Blockhus now locks in his spot for the Senior World Team Trials later this month in Coralville, Iowa as he continues to pursue the opportunity of making a World Team.

In the U20 division, Gabe Nagel battled through the 92-kg bracket to take 7th place on the weekend. He went 5-2 on the weekend, including three-straight wins on the backside en route to a podium finish.

Jared Krattiger also competed in the senior level division this weekend but ultimately did not place, while five other Gophers competed in the U20 division – Jager Eisch, Blaine Brenner, Drew Roberts, Andrew Sparks, and Sam Skillings.

Senior Freestyle Results:

70kg – Michael Blockhus (Fourth Place)
Round of 64: Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC) VFA Justin Sampson (Mustang WC), 1:31
Round of 32: Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC) VPO1 Brock Mauller (Sunkist Kids), 7-4
Round of 16: Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC) VPO Johnathan Viveros (California), 6-0
Quarters: Doug Zapf (Penn RTC) VPO1 Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC), 5-4
Consi of 8 #2: Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC) VSU Jason Kraisser (Maryland), 10-0; 0:25
Consi of 4: Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC) VPO1 Brock Mauller (Sunkist Kids), 8-5
Consi Semis: Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC) NC Tyler Berger (Titan Mercury)
Third Place Match: Doug Zapf (Penn RTC) VPO1 Michael Blockhus (Gopher WC), 4-1

79kg – Jared Krattiger (DNP)
Round of 32: Jared Krattiger (Gopher WC) VPO1 Jacen Peterson (Mountain Man), 5-1
Round of 16: Taylor Lujan (Titan Mercury) VSU Jared Krattiger (Gopher WC), 10-0; 2:07
Consi of 16 #2: Muhamed McBryde (NYAC) VPO Jared Krattiger (Gopher WC), 8-0

U20 Freestyle Results

92kg – Gabe Nagel (Seventh Place)
Round of 32: Gabe Nagel (Gopher WC) VPO1 Evan Bates (Wildcat WC), 12-8
Round of 16: Silas Allred (Nebraska WTC) VFA Gabe Nagel (Gopher WC), 0:52
Consi of 16 #2: Gabe Nagel (Gopher WC) VSU Elijah Sobas (Lancer RTC), 10-0; 1:38
Consi of 8 #1: Gabe Nagel (Gopher WC) VSU1 Garavous Kouekabakilaho (Viking WC), 12-1; 1:27
Consi of 8 #2: Gabe Nagel (Gopher WC) VFA Parker Venz (Pinnacle), 1:53
Consi of 4: Kolby Franklin (Pennsylvania) VSU Gabe Nagel (Gopher WC), 10-0; 1:24
Seventh Place Match: Gabe Nagel (Gopher WC) VIN Jack Darrah (Xtreme Training)

61kg – Jager Eisch (DNP)
Round of 64: Emilio Ysaguirre Jr. (Arizona) VSU1 Jager Eisch (Gopher WC), 12-2; 4:43
Consi of 32 #1: Jager Eisch (Gopher WC) VSU Jayden Gomez (California) 10-0; 2:59
Consi of 32 #2: Jager Eisch (Gopher WC) VSU Lorenzo Frezza (Built by Brunson), 10-0; 1:45
Consi of 16 #1: Jager Eisch (Gopher WC) VSU McKinley Robbins (Sebolt), 10-0; 1:58
Consi of 16 #2: Richard Treanor (West Point WC) VSU Jager Eisch (Gopher WC), 10-0; 3:27

70kg – Blaine Brenner (DNP)
Round of 128: Blaine Brenner (Gopher WC) VSU1 Tyler O’Neil (NJ Scorpions), 10-0; 4:37
Round of 64: Blaine Brenner (Gopher WC) VPO1 Angel Flores (Colorado), 13-9
Round of 32: Blaine Brenner (Gopher WC) VSU1 Zach Keal (West Point WC), 10-0; 3:18
Round of 16: Blaine Brenner (Gopher WC) VSU1 Richard Fedalen (Warhawks WC), 13-2; 4:54
Quarters: Hunter Garvin (Big Game WC) VSU1 Blaine Brenner (Gopher WC), 14-2; 3:56
Consi of 8 #2: A.J. Kovacs (Wolfpack RTC) VSU Blaine Brenner (Gopher WC), 10-0; 0:39

70kg – Drew Roberts (DNP)
Round of 64: Drew Roberts (Gopher WC) VSU1 Cutter Sheets (Cowboy RTC), 14-4; 4:29
Round of 32: Drew Roberts (Gopher WC) VPO1 Gabriel Schumm (California), 12-10
Round of 16: Ramon Ramos (GRD) VSU Drew Roberts (Gopher WC), 10-0; 4:56
Consi of 16 #2: A.J. Kovacs (Wolfpack RTC) VPO1 Drew Roberts (Gopher WC), 8-6

79kg – Andrew Sparks (DNP)
Round of 64: Connor O’Neil (Sunkist Kids) VSU1 Andrew Sparks (Gopher WC); 12-2; 3:58

86kg – Sam Skillings (DNP)
Round of 64: Sam Skillings (Gopher WC) VSU1 Melvin Naranjo (California), 10-0; 0:42
Round of 32: Sam Skillings (Gopher WC) VPO1 Joey Milano (Wolfpack RTC), 9-6
Round of 16: Sam Skillings (Gopher WC) VPO1 Kalob Runyon (Panther Train RTC), 15-14
Quarters: Samuel Fisher (SERTC) VSU Sam Skillings (Gopher WC), 10-0; 3:37
Consi of 8 #2: Nathan Haas (Nebraska WTC) VSU1 Sam Skillings (Gopher WC), 12-2; 2:47

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