Cobbers Return a Combination of Experience and Talent

Concordia College – staying in the moment, enjoying the team, and getting better every day

By Matt Krumrie

Experienced. Excited. Hungry. Determined. Ready to get after it.

Those are some ways to describe the mentality of the Concordia Cobbers wrestling team heading into the 2022-2023 season.

Head coach Qunicy Osborn, now in his seventh season with the program and fourth as head coach, returns six wrestlers who were Upper Midwest Regional place winners last season. The Minnesota-heavy roster will likely showcase starters from Minnesota in nine of 10 weight classes. This experience and a renewed focus on staying in the moment and controlling what they can control will set the stage for what could be a strong season of Cobbers wrestling.

“As a program, we’ve been focused on the performance and outcome for the last several years,” says coach Osborn. “After some forced reflection, as coaches, we feel that we need to model behavior that is wholeheartedly committed to the process by being focused solely on our improvement in that given moment. The only thing that we need to expend energy on are the tasks that are 100 percent within our control. The overall goal is to focus on staying in the moment, enjoying the team, and getting better every day.”

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