Gable Steveson training full-time at WWE after heart procedure

Gable Steveson, an Olympic gold medalist freestyle wrestler, is now training on a full-time basis at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, after an ablation was performed on his heart last month to treat Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, he told ESPN.

Steveson said the health issue was discovered last year before he traveled to Tokyo for the Olympics, but he didn’t undergo the procedure until WWE’s medical staff advised him through the process. That included the recommendation of top cardiologists to treat his condition. The process spanned many months, which delayed his full-time start at the Performance Center.

WPW is a rare congenital heart defect, present at birth, in which an extra electrical pathway causes a rapid heartbeat. An ablation is a procedure that uses small burns or freezes to cause scarring on the inside of the heart to help break up the electrical signals and maintain a normal heart rhythm. Continue reading at →