Matchups set for 2022 Black & Red Classic

Team Red to wrestle Team Black on Thursday as No. 2 St. Cloud State prepares for open competition

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — No. 2 St. Cloud State Wrestling has set their lineups for this evening’s Black & Red Classic held at Halenbeck Hall.

The traditional matchup between Team Black and Team Red is scheduled for a 7:00 p.m. CT first bout, beginning with heavyweight and closing with a pair of exhibition matches. SCSU graduated four starters from last season’s Super Region V Championship team, providing plenty of competition for the open weights.

Team Black will feature No. 5 Paxton Creese at 125, Caleb Meekins at 133, Alyeus Craig at 141, and Nolan Throne at 149. No. 5 Colby Njos will wrestle at 157 for Black followed by Jared Head at 165 and No. 1 Abner Romero at 174. 184-pounder Tyson Meyer and 197-pounder Dominic Murphy round out the roster for Team Black.

Team Red opens with Nick Renteria at 125, Sam Spencer at 133, and Phillip Kue at 141. The middleweights boast No. 8 Nick Novak at 149, Jimmy Pierandozzi at 157, and Bryce Dagel at 165. Mac Copeland takes the mat at 174, Shaeden Scheidt goes at 184, and Jaydon Walls will be the Red representative at 197 with heavyweight Kaleb Haase closing out the ticket.

Thursday’s Black & Red will also feature two exhibition matches at 133 and heavyweight, with Meekins squaring off with Robby Horsman in the former and Haase meeting Jadon Mims in the latter.

A pair of Huskies alumni will serve as honorary coaches for the two teams, as Tyler Pasvogel (17’) leads Team Black and Clint “Concrete” Poster (16’) heads up Team Red. Pasvogel served as a team captain and earned three letters with St. Cloud State, helping the team to a pair of NCAA Championships in 2015 and 2016. Poster is the all-time winningest wrestler in Huskies history and earned four All-American finishes while serving as a captain.

The Huskies will celebrate Parents Night during the Black & Red, inviting parents of St. Cloud State’s wrestlers to a post-match social held in Torrey Commons.

Head coach Steve Costanzo on the Black & Red:

“It’s the first competition. Although they are wrestling each other, I do think you see some guys who are a little bit more conservative and feel everything’s on the line right now – it’s not. It’s a starting point. Next week we’re at the Yellowjacket Open, which could be a completely different story. I just want to see guys go out, have fun and not be so tight – open up and let loose. That’s what they have to do down the road. If you wrestle tight all the time, you’re not going to wrestle to your full potential.

“Another thing is being confident and keeping a good attitude. Keeping a good attitude, keep coming in, staying consistent and learning – things will get better for you down the road. A lot can happen between now and January. We’ve only been on the mat full-time for two and a half weeks – we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

On Wednesday’s matchup-setting wrestleoffs… “I think we wrestled hard. We competed. I think our guys have to go out with just a little more fighting spirit. Even though they are good friends and wrestle every day, it is a competitive situation. It’s one where we want to see guys go out and put it on the line. I didn’t see that from a lot of weights today – I’m looking for more of that on Thursday night, more entertaining matches. I would like to see our guys score more points, be a little more open, be a little more physical and put people on their backs. That’s what we’re looking for.”

On matches he’s interested to watch… “I’m excited to see all of them. I want to know who we can lean on and depend on at each weight class. I even want to know who some other guys at each weight class are that we can depend on if someone gets hurt, or if we need to make a change to someone else in any given dual. We’re just looking for hard-nosed wrestling tonight from both sides – we’ll see what happens!”

On returning to the mat for the 2022 season… “It’s exciting! Especially given what we’ve been dealt with the past two years – just getting back to the way things used to be is really exciting for me, I’m personally starting to enjoy it a lot more than I have the last two years. It’s really exciting.”

On the buzz around the 2022-23 St. Cloud State Huskies… “You know, they’re getting there – every group is special. Every team is special. This team is a good bunch of guys. They work really hard, they’re interested, they’re passionate. We’re working on them doing the little things right and I think things are getting better. We continue to improve every single day – that’s what we’re looking for.”

Broadcast Information: The 2022 Black & Red will be broadcast on the NSIC Network.

2022 Black & Red Classic Matchups (Team Black listed first, Team Red listed second)

HWT – Elijah Novak vs. Kaleb Haase
125 – No. 5 Paxton Creese vs. Nick Renteria
133 – Caleb Meekins vs. Sam Spencer
141 – Alyeus Craig vs. Phillip Kue
149 – Nolan Throne vs. No. 8 Nick Novak
157 – No. 5 Colby Njos vs. Jimmy Pierandozzi
165 – Jared Head vs. Bryce Dagel
174 – No. 1 Abner Romero vs. Mac Copeland
184 – Tyson Meyer vs. Shaeden Scheidt
197 – Dominic Murphy vs. Jaydon Walls
Exh. HWT – Jadon Mims vs. Kaleb Haase
Exh. 133 – Caleb Meekins vs. Robby Horsman

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