Jimmie Open

2022 Jimmie Open results. Saturday, November 5 at Jamestown, N.D.

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1st Place – Oscar Nellis of Minot State
2nd Place – Clayson Mele of Minnesota State Moorhead
3rd Place – Jack Schoenhard of Northern State
4th Place – Calvin Willians Jr. of Unattached
5th Place – Dylan McDonald of Minot State
6th Place – Zayne Brown of Unattached
1st Oscar Nellis (Minot State) major decision over Clayson Mele (Minnesota State Moorhead) (Maj 17-9)
3rd Jack Schoenhard (Northern State) tech fall over Calvin Willians Jr. (Unattached) (TF 18-0)
5th Dylan McDonald (Minot State) decision over Zayne Brown (Unattached) (Dec 9-4)

1st Place – Ty Bisek of Concordia
2nd Place – Victor Garcia of Unattached
3rd Place – Alexander Spray of Concordia
4th Place – Logen Fischer of Minot State
5th Place – Thomas Carillo of Minnesota State Moorhead
6th Place – Temuujin Natsagdorj of Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)
1st Ty Bisek (Concordia) fall over Victor Garcia (Unattached) (Fall 6:02)
3rd Alexander Spray (Concordia) major decision over Logen Fischer (Minot State) (Maj 16-7)
5th Thomas Carillo (Minnesota State Moorhead) decision over Temuujin Natsagdorj (Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)) (Dec 7-0)

1st Place – Cade Lundeen of Concordia
2nd Place – Zach Zitek of Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)
3rd Place – Ethan Wonser of Minot State
4th Place – Chris Kirkhner of Unattached
5th Place – Degan Linne of Jamestown (N.D.)
6th Place – Isaac Ortega of Minot State
1st Cade Lundeen (Concordia) decision over Zach Zitek (Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)) (Dec 9-4)
3rd Ethan Wonser (Minot State) decision over Chris Kirkhner (Unattached) (Dec 11-6)
5th Degan Linne (Jamestown (N.D.)) decision over Isaac Ortega (Minot State) (Dec 9-4)

1st Place – Aric Williams of Unattached
2nd Place – Jacob Prunty of Concordia
3rd Place – Brien Poser of Unattached
4th Place – Jacob Cole of Minnesota State Moorhead
5th Place – Kellen Schauer of Concordia
6th Place – Carter Ban of Northern State
1st Aric Williams (Unattached) decision over Jacob Prunty (Concordia) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Brien Poser (Unattached) medical forfeit over Jacob Cole (Minnesota State Moorhead) (MFF)
5th Kellen Schauer (Concordia) decision over Carter Ban (Northern State) (Dec 4-1)

1st Place – Kaena De Santos of Jamestown (N.D.)
2nd Place – Tyler Bents of Concordia
3rd Place – Ryan Hrcka of Minot State
4th Place – Cael Larson of Northern State
5th Place – Alexander McPhee of Concordia
6th Place – Cody Wienen of Minnesota State Moorhead
1st Kaena De Santos (Jamestown (N.D.)) decision over Tyler Bents (Concordia) (Dec 3-1)
3rd Ryan Hrcka (Minot State) decision over Cael Larson (Northern State) (Dec 4-0)
5th Alexander McPhee (Concordia) decision over Cody Wienen (Minnesota State Moorhead) (Dec 10-6)

1st Place – Jacob Reinardy of Minnesota State Moorhead
2nd Place – Austin Frantzich of Minot State
3rd Place – Elijah Hunt of Concordia
4th Place – Mark Haba of Unattached
5th Place – Trappier Botz of Jamestown (N.D.)
6th Place – Jonas Anez of Minnesota State Moorhead
1st Jacob Reinardy (Minnesota State Moorhead) decision over Austin Frantzich (Minot State) (Dec 4-2)
3rd Elijah Hunt (Concordia) fall over Mark Haba (Unattached) (Fall 3:55)
5th Trappier Botz (Jamestown (N.D.)) decision over Jonas Anez (Minnesota State Moorhead) (Dec 6-1)

1st Place – Cannon Potts of Minot State
2nd Place – James Burks of Unattached
3rd Place – Anthony Castro of Minnesota State Moorhead
4th Place – Lane Miller of Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)
5th Place – Wayne Mellon of Minnesota State Moorhead
6th Place – Carston Toedter of Jamestown (N.D.)
1st Cannon Potts (Minot State) fall over James Burks (Unattached) (Fall 2:15)
3rd Anthony Castro (Minnesota State Moorhead) medical forfeit over Lane Miller (Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)) (MFF)
5th Wayne Mellon (Minnesota State Moorhead) won in sudden victory – 1 over Carston Toedter (Jamestown (N.D.)) (SV-1 6-2)

1st Place – Connor Chloupek of Concordia
2nd Place – Ryan Hirschkorn of Northern State
3rd Place – Tryston Rogers of Jamestown (N.D.)
4th Place – Ezra Mabe of Jamestown (N.D.)
5th Place – Cayden White of Minot State
6th Place – Caleb Vacura of Minnesota State Moorhead
1st Connor Chloupek (Concordia) decision over Ryan Hirschkorn (Northern State) (Dec 4-1)
3rd Tryston Rogers (Jamestown (N.D.)) decision over Ezra Mabe (Jamestown (N.D.)) (Dec 6-3)
5th Cayden White (Minot State) major decision over Caleb Vacura (Minnesota State Moorhead) (Maj 9-0)

1st Place – Gabriel Zierden of Concordia
2nd Place – Samuel Grove of Minnesota State Moorhead
3rd Place – Joseph Lopez of Minot State
4th Place – Jake Rau of Jamestown (N.D.)
5th Place – Dustin Swisher of Minot State
6th Place – Shane Hansen of Minot State
1st Gabriel Zierden (Concordia) fall over Samuel Grove (Minnesota State Moorhead) (Fall 4:02)
3rd Joseph Lopez (Minot State) medical forfeit over Jake Rau (Jamestown (N.D.)) (MFF)
5th Dustin Swisher (Minot State) decision over Shane Hansen (Minot State) (Dec 9-2)

1st Place – Chance Robinson of Jamestown (N.D.)
2nd Place – Matthew Lessard of Jamestown (N.D.)
3rd Place – Ayden Viox of Northern State
4th Place – Ayden Friese of Concordia
5th Place – Ian Howell of Jamestown (N.D.)
6th Place – Rmairo Macais of Unattached
1st Chance Robinson (Jamestown (N.D.)) decision over Matthew Lessard (Jamestown (N.D.)) (Dec 7-2)
3rd Ayden Viox (Northern State) forfeit over Ayden Friese (Concordia) (FF)
5th Ian Howell (Jamestown (N.D.)) forfeit over Rmairo Macais (Unattached) (FF)

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