Bloomington Kennedy 66 Richfield 9

Bloomington Kennedy 66 Richfield 9
106: Torque Carlson (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
113: Andres Franco (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
120: Max Carlson (BLKE) over Brendan Smith (RICH) (Fall 1:01)
126: Zach Greenhouse (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
132: Jalen Robbs (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
138: Henry Hiltner (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
145: Philip Phan (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
152: Damion McDearmon (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
160: Magnus McGrath (RICH) over Tristan Athey (BLKE) (Dec 18-16)
170: Double Forfeit
182: jack blaylock (RICH) over Wyatt Beaty (BLKE) (Fall 2:49)
195: Bellagio Bradley (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
220: Anthony Kugmeh (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)
285: Armando Gaona Brugger (BLKE) over (RICH) (For.)

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