JCC wrestling team is aiming for the top again

The Jackson County Central wrestling team is top-ranked in the state, and it’s gunning for another state team championship

A typical game is played within the game of competitive sports. Teams with legitimate cravings for high post-season honors are supposed to temper their expectations. If it’s a high school program, coaches and athletes like to say they don’t talk about winning a state high school championship at the beginning of the season.

The idea may be in the back of their minds, and maybe they DO talk about such things privately. But such talk isn’t for public consumption. It’s considered bad form, an embarrassing display of chutzpah that is best kept under wraps.

Things are not like that this year for the Jackson County Central Huskies wrestling team. Yes, the Huskies talk about winning a state championship. Head coach Nate Hanson freely admits it.

And, to be honest, it would only be embarrassing if he and the Huskies pretended differently. Continue reading at dglobe.com →