Lakeville South Quad

Eastview 63 Lakeville South 13

Eastview 57 St. Agnes 24

Eastview 46 South St. Paul 25
106: Aryan Karimnejad (EAST) over Vivian Diaz (SSP) (Dec 16-10)
113: Nolan Enderlein (EAST) over Ty Berchtold (SSP) (Fall 2:25)
120: Spencer Lee (EAST) over Gisele Gallegos (SSP) (Fall 3:12)
126: Shane Schwab (SSP) over Todd Ostler (EAST) (MD 17-6)
132: Aiden Enderlein (EAST) over Tomas Ochocki (SSP) (MD 10-1)
138: Andrew Schwab (SSP) over Sam Cohen (EAST) (Fall 3:34)
145: Sinko Vukas (SSP) over Levi Ruyle (EAST) (Fall 1:06)
152: Pierce Lewis (EAST) over Will Lechko (SSP) (Fall 0:28)
160: Nate Berchtold (SSP) over Logan Ostler (EAST) (Fall 1:23)
170: Kye Brouchet (EAST) over Oliver Monsrud (SSP) (Fall 0:58)
182: Ezra Formaneck (EAST) over Sam Bremner (SSP) (Fall 1:49)
195: King-General Thompson (SSP) over Ethan Dupont (EAST) (Dec 6-3)
220: Jack Bauer (EAST) over Andrew Bonk (SSP) (Dec 3-2)
285: Alex Baccoli (EAST) over Camron Goldschmitz-Reno (SSP) (Fall 0:13)

South St. Paul 60 St. Agnes 18
106: Vivian Diaz (SSP) over (STAG) (For.)
113: Ty Berchtold (SSP) over Phillip Graner (STAG) (Fall 1:56)
120: Gisele Gallegos (SSP) over (STAG) (For.)
126: Shane Schwab (SSP) over Martin Nguyen (STAG) (Fall 1:02)
132: Tomas Ochocki (SSP) over Sean Brennan (STAG) (Fall 2:41)
138: Andrew Schwab (SSP) over Samuel Hunt (STAG) (Fall 1:20)
145: Sinko Vukas (SSP) over Joseph Cummings (STAG) (MD 10-1)
152: Ryan McLaughlin (STAG) over Will Lechko (SSP) (Fall 1:50)
160: Nate Berchtold (SSP) over Ryan McLaughlin (STAG) (TF 15-0 3:04)
170: Nick Jurek (STAG) over Oliver Monsrud (SSP) (Fall 0:22)
182: Charlie Witzel (STAG) over Sam Bremner (SSP) (Fall 5:42)
195: King-General Thompson (SSP) over Sam Clyde (STAG) (Fall 1:50)
220: Andrew Bonk (SSP) over Daniel Romero (STAG) (Dec 7-1)
285: Camron Goldschmitz-Reno (SSP) over (STAG) (For.)

South St. Paul 57 Lakeville South 19
106: Justin Dukes (LASO) over Vivian Diaz (SSP) (MD 13-3)
113: Ty Berchtold (SSP) over (LASO) (For.)
120: Gisele Gallegos (SSP) over (LASO) (For.)
126: Shane Schwab (SSP) over Dylan Jorgenson (LASO) (Fall 0:54)
132: Leo English (LASO) over Tomas Ochocki (SSP) (Fall 4:58)
138: Andrew Schwab (SSP) over Bo Bischof (LASO) (Fall 2:38)
145: Riley Clark (LASO) over Sinko Vukas (SSP) (Dec 6-1)
152: Will Lechko (SSP) over Henry Bastyr (LASO) (Dec 12-7)
160: Wyatt Bonnerup (LASO) over Nasir Robinson (SSP) (Fall 2:41)
170: Nate Berchtold (SSP) over Trevon Owens (LASO) (Fall 1:50)
182: Sam Bremner (SSP) over (LASO) (For.)
195: King-General Thompson (SSP) over Josh Bergan (LASO) (Fall 3:35)
220: Andrew Bonk (SSP) over AJ Combs (LASO) (Fall 0:38)
285: Camron Goldschmitz-Reno (SSP) over (LASO) (For.)

St. Agnes 47 Lakeville South 25

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