Milaca Tri

Pierz 52 Rush City-Braham 18
106: Kyle Stangl (PIER) over Tucker Gould (RCB) (MD 10-2)
113: Carter Young (PIER) over Emerson Umbreit (RCB) (TF 22-7 5:44)
120: Cash Fussy (PIER) over (RCB) (For.)
126: Liam Hennessy (PIER) over Anthony Graves (RCB) (Fall 0:54)
132: Derek Stangl (PIER) over Eli Umbreit (RCB) (Fall 0:30)
138: Landon Umbreit (RCB) over Brayden Melby (PIER) (Dec 6-1)
145: Isaak Coolidge (RCB) over Derrick Przybilla (PIER) (Dec 14-8)
152: Jacob LeBlanc (PIER) over Kellen Gorman (RCB) (Fall 4:39)
160: Jayden Zajac (PIER) over Kaden Gorman (RCB) (MD 10-1)
170: Caleb Koch (PIER) over Jesse Eklund (RCB) (Dec 7-5)
182: Nathan Nash (PIER) over (RCB) (For.)
195: Dulton Bengtson (RCB) over Wyatt Dingmann (PIER) (Fall 4:16)
220: Jace Allerton (RCB) over Jack Byker (PIER) (Fall 1:19)
285: Carter Geise (PIER) over (RCB) (For.)

Pierz 36 Milaca-Faith Christian 34
106: Link Toops (PIER) over Robert Gerisch (MFC) (Fall 1:18)
113: Lincoln Starr (MFC) over Kyle Stangl (PIER) (Fall 2:35)
120: Carter Young (PIER) over (MFC) (For.)
126: Liam Hennessy (PIER) over Austin Linder (MFC) (Dec 7-0)
132: Derek Stangl (PIER) over Nicholas Reese (MFC) (Fall 0:45)
138: Brayden Melby (PIER) over Chance Parrott (MFC) (Fall 1:17)
145: Jack Schoenborn (MFC) over Derrick Przybilla (PIER) (Dec 8-3)
152: Chase Becker (PIER) over Seth Noack (MFC) (Fall 2:50)
160: Jacob LeBlanc (PIER) over Caleb Sahlstrom (MFC) (Dec 10-3)
170: Clay Anderson (MFC) over Jayden Zajac (PIER) (Dec 7-6)
182: Jack Nord (MFC) over Caleb Koch (PIER) (MD 12-2)
195: Jack Hanson (MFC) over Wyatt Dingmann (PIER) (Fall 1:51)
220: Colbee Zens (MFC) over Jack Byker (PIER) (Fall 1:12)
285: Logan Ash (MFC) over Carter Geise (PIER) (Fall 0:57)

Milaca-Faith Christian 49 Rush City-Braham 20
106: Tucker Gould (RCB) over Robert Gerisch (MFC) (Fall 1:07)
113: Lincoln Starr (MFC) over Emerson Umbreit (RCB) (Dec 10-3)
120: Austin Linder (MFC) over (RCB) (For.)
126: Anthony Graves (RCB) over (MFC) (For.)
132: Nicholas Reese (MFC) over Eli Umbreit (RCB) (Dec 1-0)
138: Landon Umbreit (RCB) over Chance Parrott (MFC) (Fall 1:42)
145: Isaak Coolidge (RCB) over Jack Schoenborn (MFC) (Dec 5-3)
152: Seth Noack (MFC) over Kellen Gorman (RCB) (Fall 1:56)
160: Caleb Sahlstrom (MFC) over Kaden Gorman (RCB) (MD 14-5)
170: Clay Anderson (MFC) over Jesse Eklund (RCB) (Dec 3-0)
182: Jack Nord (MFC) over (RCB) (For.)
195: Jack Hanson (MFC) over Dulton Bengtson (RCB) (Fall 3:34)
220: Colbee Zens (MFC) over Jace Allerton (RCB) (Fall 1:53)
285: Logan Ash (MFC) over (RCB) (For.)
(RCB Unsportsmanlike -1)

100 Keely McKenzie (Rush City-Braham) over Cadence Samuelson (Pierz) (Fall 1:01)
100 Lexi Morrison (Rush City-Braham) over Isabelle Smith (Pierz) (Fall 3:49)
114 Adyson Winscher (Pierz) over Autumn Olson (Milaca-Faith Christian) (Fall 3:09)
114 Isabelle Shockman (Rush City-Braham) over Adyson Winscher (Pierz) (Fall 1:16)
126 Ava Phillips (Pierz) over Brittany Carlson (Milaca-Faith Christian) (Fall 0:23)
132 Alexa Anderson (Milaca-Faith Christian) over Ava Phillips (Pierz) (Fall 3:56)

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