Milaca Tri

Little Falls 38 Princeton 33
106: Ethan Zellers (LIFA) over Brady McLennan (PRIN) (Fall 1:52)
113: Levi Thompson (PRIN) over Ryan Vogt (LIFA) (Fall 0:58)
120: Cassidy Okerman (LIFA) over Christopher McLennan (PRIN) (Dec 6-4)
126: Mason Rausch (LIFA) over Brenden Marstein (PRIN) (Fall 1:03)
132: Isaac Nelson (PRIN) over Hayden Ramsdell (LIFA) (Dec 14-8)
138: Noah Cameron (LIFA) over James Kohl (PRIN) (TF 18-3 4:49)
145: Tyler Wells (PRIN) over Joey Wilczek (LIFA) (Fall 3:45)
152: Beau Robinson (LIFA) over Isaac Thompsom (PRIN) (Fall 1:20)
160: Noah Vanderbeek (PRIN) over Wyatt Baum (LIFA) (Dec 2-1)
170: Parker Adkins (PRIN) over Ryan Kloeckl (LIFA) (Dec 8-4)
182: Will Schultz III (PRIN) over Ivan Petrich (LIFA) (Fall 0:52)
195: Hank LeClair (LIFA) over William Hovis (PRIN) (Fall 2:26)
220: Bryce Haubenschild (PRIN) over Alexander Schmitz (LIFA) (Fall 1:43)
285: Aiden Nordley (LIFA) over Kevin Boeke (PRIN) (Fall 0:50)

Milaca-Faith Christian 34 Princeton 29
106: Robert Gerisch (MFC) over Brady McLennan (PRIN) (Dec 8-4)
113: Levi Thompson (PRIN) over (MFC) (For.)
120: Lincoln Starr (MFC) over Christopher McLennan (PRIN) (Dec 14-8)
126: Austin Linder (MFC) over Brenden Marstein (PRIN) (Dec 8-5)
132: Isaac Nelson (PRIN) over Nicholas Reese (MFC) (MD 17-6)
138: James Kohl (PRIN) over Rollie Steinbrecher (MFC) (Fall 1:13)
145: Tyler Wells (PRIN) over Chance Parrott (MFC) (Fall 2:24)
152: Jack Schoenborn (MFC) over Isaac Thompsom (PRIN) (MD 12-3)
160: Caleb Sahlstrom (MFC) over Noah Vanderbeek (PRIN) (Fall 5:11)
170: Parker Adkins (PRIN) over Clay Anderson (MFC) (MD 13-3)
182: Will Schultz III (PRIN) over Jack Nord (MFC) (Dec 4-0)
195: Jack Hanson (MFC) over Bryce Haubenschild (PRIN) (Dec 8-1)
220: Colbee Zens (MFC) over (PRIN) (For.)
285: Logan Ash (MFC) over Kevin Boeke (PRIN) (Fall 1:03)

Milaca-Faith Christian 37 Little Falls 36
106: Ethan Zellers (LIFA) over Robert Gerisch (MFC) (Fall 1:48)
113: Lincoln Starr (MFC) over (LIFA) (For.)
120: Austin Linder (MFC) over Cassidy Okerman (LIFA) (Fall 3:20)
126: Mason Rausch (LIFA) over (MFC) (For.)
132: Hayden Ramsdell (LIFA) over Nicholas Reese (MFC) (Fall 3:28)
138: Noah Cameron (LIFA) over Chance Parrott (MFC) (Fall 1:47)
145: Chance Parrott (MFC) over Kobi Cameron (LIFA) (MD 10-0)
152: Beau Robinson (LIFA) over Seth Noack (MFC) (Fall 1:13)
160: Caleb Sahlstrom (MFC) over Wyatt Baum (LIFA) (Fall 5:20)
170: Clay Anderson (MFC) over Ryan Kloeckl (LIFA) (Dec 5-0)
182: Jack Nord (MFC) over Ivan Petrich (LIFA) (Dec 7-6)
195: Hank LeClair (LIFA) over Jack Hanson (MFC) (Fall 1:34)
220: Colbee Zens (MFC) over Alexander Schmitz (LIFA) (Dec 4-0)
285: Logan Ash (MFC) over Aiden Nordley (LIFA) (Fall 0:48)

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