North Central College Invitational

2022 North Central College Invitational results. Saturday, December 10 at Naperville, Ill.

1 Augsburg 176.0
2 North Central 167.0
3 Baldwin Wallace 94.5
4 John Carroll 68.5
5 Wisconsin-Whitewater 66.0
6 Aurora University 42.0
7 Quincy 39.0
8 Davenport 31.5
9 Wheaton (IL) 15.5
10 Carthage College 14.5
11 Eureka 9.0
12 Fontbonne 3.0
13 Wisconsin-La Crosse 0.0

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College Men – 125
1st Place – Julian Valtierrez of North Central
2nd Place – Derek Steele of Augsburg
3rd Place – John Fortugno of Wisconsin-Whitewater
4th Place – Wyatt Kaczrowski of Augsburg
5th Place – Christian Guzman of North Central
6th Place – Johnny Novak of Baldwin Wallace
8th Place – Brendan Johnston of Wheaton (IL)
8th Place – Jalen Dunson of Wisconsin-Whitewater
1st Julian Valtierrez (North Central) major decision over Derek Steele (Augsburg) (Maj 15-6)
3rd John Fortugno (Wisconsin-Whitewater) decision over Wyatt Kaczrowski (Augsburg) (Dec 3-2)
5th Christian Guzman (North Central) tech fall over Johnny Novak (Baldwin Wallace) (TF 16-1)

College Men – 133
1st Place – Robbie Precin of North Central
2nd Place – Jaden Hinton of Baldwin Wallace
3rd Place – Andrew Perelka of John Carroll
4th Place – Cade Willis of Augsburg
5th Place – Manuel Leija of Davenport
6th Place – Dominik Mallinder of Wisconsin-Whitewater
1st Robbie Precin (North Central) tech fall over Jaden Hinton (Baldwin Wallace) (TF 18-2)
3rd Andrew Perelka (John Carroll) decision over Cade Willis (Augsburg) (Dec 4-0)
5th Manuel Leija (Davenport) decision over Dominik Mallinder (Wisconsin-Whitewater) (Dec 5-1)

College Men – 141
1st Place – Sam Stuhl of Augsburg
2nd Place – Bradley Rosen of North Central
3rd Place – Brady Gross of Augsburg
4th Place – Austin Gabbert of Augsburg
5th Place – Josh Cherba of North Central
6th Place – Zachery Anderson of Baldwin Wallace
8th Place – David Panda of Baldwin Wallace
8th Place – Josiah Lynden of Wisconsin-Whitewater
1st Sam Stuhl (Augsburg) decision over Bradley Rosen (North Central) (Dec 13-8)
3rd Brady Gross (Augsburg) decision over Austin Gabbert (Augsburg) (Dec 3-0)
5th Josh Cherba (North Central) major decision over Zachery Anderson (Baldwin Wallace) (Maj 16-7)

College Men – 149
1st Place – Javen Estrada of North Central
2nd Place – Charlie Stuhl of Augsburg
3rd Place – Cole Becker of Augsburg
4th Place – Kaden Reetz of Augsburg
5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place – Karson Casper of Augsburg
6th Place – Lucas Jagodzinske of Augsburg
8th Place – Lucio Morgan of Wisconsin-Whitewater
8th Place – Conner Deboe of Baldwin Wallace
1st Javen Estrada (North Central) major decision over Charlie Stuhl (Augsburg) (Maj 9-1)
3rd Cole Becker (Augsburg) decision over Kaden Reetz (Augsburg) (Dec 4-2)
5th Lucas Jagodzinske (Augsburg) and Karson Casper (Augsburg) (DFF)

College Men – 157
1st Place – Blake Jagodzinske of Augsburg
2nd Place – Patrick McGraw of John Carroll
3rd Place – Thomas West of Baldwin Wallace
4th Place – Aj Woodfork of Quincy
5th Place – Collin Mojena of North Central
6th Place – Lukas Paulson of Augsburg
8th Place – Zachary Finch of North Central
8th Place – Emmanuel Scordos of Baldwin Wallace
1st Blake Jagodzinske (Augsburg) decision over Patrick McGraw (John Carroll) (Dec 6-3)
3rd Thomas West (Baldwin Wallace) major decision over Aj Woodfork (Quincy) (Maj 9-0)
5th Collin Mojena (North Central) major decision over Lukas Paulson (Augsburg) (Maj 15-4)

College Men – 165
1st Place – Luke Reicosky of John Carroll
2nd Place – Cole Cervantes of North Central
3rd Place – Cooper Willis of Augsburg
4th Place – Donovan Palmer of Baldwin Wallace
5th Place – Tanner Kroells of Augsburg
6th Place – Max Sokolski of Augsburg
8th Place – Casey Aikman of North Central
8th Place – Hunter Kupniewski of Baldwin Wallace
1st Luke Reicosky (John Carroll) decision over Cole Cervantes (North Central) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Cooper Willis (Augsburg) decision over Donovan Palmer (Baldwin Wallace) (Dec 8-1)
5th Tanner Kroells (Augsburg) no contest over Max Sokolski (Augsburg) (NC)

College Men – 174
1st Place – Adam Sylvester of Augsburg
2nd Place – Joey Jens of North Central
3rd Place – Luke Silva of Aurora Universtiy
4th Place – Connor Thorsten of Augsburg
5th Place – Seth Goetzinger of Augsburg
6th Place – Carter Lloyd of Baldwin Wallace
8th Place – Brandt Bombard of Augsburg
8th Place – Tyler Haydon of Wisconsin-Whitewater
1st Adam Sylvester (Augsburg) decision over Joey Jens (North Central) (Dec 5-3)
3rd Luke Silva (Aurora Universtiy) decision over Connor Thorsten (Augsburg) (Dec 9-2)
5th Seth Goetzinger (Augsburg) tech fall over Carter Lloyd (Baldwin Wallace) (TF 19-2)

College Men – 184
1st Place – Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann of Augsburg
2nd Place – Brian Ramos of Augsburg
3rd Place – Payton Geigner of North Central
4th Place – Kade Desormeau of Wisconsin-Whitewater
5th Place – Ryan Haas of Baldwin Wallace
6th Place – Ricardo Adame of Quincy
1st Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Augsburg) decision over Brian Ramos (Augsburg) (Dec 9-3)
3rd Payton Geigner (North Central) decision over Kade Desormeau (Wisconsin-Whitewater) (Dec 5-2)
5th Ryan Haas (Baldwin Wallace) decision over Ricardo Adame (Quincy) (Dec 9-2)

College Men – 197
1st Place – Parker Venz of Augsburg
2nd Place – Jesse Kanatzar of John Carroll
3rd Place – Crue Cooper of Davenport
4th Place – Jackson Punzel of Wheaton (IL)
5th Place – Elijah Brockie of North Central
6th Place – Rickie Clark of North Central
1st Parker Venz (Augsburg) fall over Jesse Kanatzar (John Carroll) (Fall 0:26)
3rd Crue Cooper (Davenport) medical forfeit over Jackson Punzel (Wheaton (IL)) (MFF)
5th Elijah Brockie (North Central) decision over Rickie Clark (North Central) (Dec 9-2)

College Men – 285
1st Place – Tyler Kim of Augsburg
2nd Place – Robby Bates of North Central
3rd Place – Matthew Werts of Baldwin Wallace
4th Place – Cam’ron Harper of Aurora Universtiy
5th Place – Robert Beese of Augsburg
6th Place – Mitch Sanders of Baldwin Wallace
1st Tyler Kim (Augsburg) decision over Robby Bates (North Central) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Matthew Werts (Baldwin Wallace) major decision over Cam’ron Harper (Aurora Universtiy) (Maj 10-2)
5th Robert Beese (Augsburg) decision over Mitch Sanders (Baldwin Wallace) (Dec 6-0)