North St. Paul Duals

Centennial 45 Ogilvie 27
106: Beau Hudoba (OGIL) over Ian Shelstad (CENT) (Fall 3:17)
113: Ryan Hansen (CENT) over Brody Magaard (OGIL) (Fall 4:06)
120: Logan Fu (CENT) over Lucas Fradette (OGIL) (Fall 3:34)
126: Parker Leiter (CENT) over Brody Smith (OGIL) (Dec 9-3)
132: Deegan Birkaker (OGIL) over Dylan Larson (CENT) (TF 15-0 0:00)
138: Jaden Lilly (CENT) over Kaden Felde (OGIL) (Fall 2:32)
145: Hayden Bolling (OGIL) over Evan Just (CENT) (MD 12-1)
152: Andrew Person (CENT) over Ryan Sholtz (OGIL) (Fall 1:52)
160: Devin Hufstedler (OGIL) over Luke Metcalf (CENT) (Dec 10-9)
170: Tyler Cook (CENT) over Carter Magaard (OGIL) (Fall 0:41)
182: Melvin Wallace (CENT) over Ian Hansmeier (OGIL) (Fall 0:08)
195: Joe Streff (CENT) over Colby Milbradt (OGIL) (Fall 5:34)
220: Landen Halvorson (OGIL) over Marcus Whiting (CENT) (Dec 6-4)
285: Dylan Smith (OGIL) over Owen Hackett (CENT) (Fall 3:15)

Ogilvie 66 Minneapolis Roosevelt 18
106: Beau Hudoba (OGIL) over Noah Hines (MIRO) (Fall 0:42)
113: Kaleb Gau (MIRO) over Brody Magaard (OGIL) (Fall 1:41)
120: Elliot Weyandt (MIRO) over Lucas Fradette (OGIL) (Fall 3:17)
126: Brody Smith (OGIL) over Otto Norrie (MIRO) (Fall 0:37)
132: Deegan Birkaker (OGIL) over Jose Vilirez (MIRO) (Fall 0:14)
138: Kaden Felde (OGIL) over Wilson Orosco (MIRO) (Fall 1:17)
145: Hayden Bolling (OGIL) over Roman Wise (MIRO) (Fall 4:11)
152: Franklin Wohnoutka (MIRO) over Ryan Sholtz (OGIL) (Fall 3:05)
160: Devin Hufstedler (OGIL) over Mowlid Ahmed (MIRO) (Fall 0:17)
170: Carter Magaard (OGIL) over Tyee Beaulieu (MIRO) (Fall 1:21)
182: Ian Hansmeier (OGIL) over Amin Ahmed (MIRO) (Fall 5:56)
195: Colby Milbradt (OGIL) over Guillermo McElrath (MIRO) (Fall 1:14)
220: Ethan Houtsma (OGIL) over Jaydin Franklin (MIRO) (Fall 0:28)
285: Dylan Smith (OGIL) over Raphael Perez (MIRO) (Fall 0:09)

Ogilvie 64 North 12
106: Beau Hudoba (OGIL) over Angelina Jenkins (NORT) (Fall 1:40)
113: Justin Liu (NORT) over Brody Magaard (OGIL) (Dec 5-4)
120: Lucas Fradette (OGIL) over Albert Htoo (NORT) (Fall 1:04)
126: Deegan Birkaker (OGIL) over (NORT) (For.)
132: Brody Smith (OGIL) over (NORT) (For.)
138: Kaden Felde (OGIL) over Feyisayo Oduyemi (NORT) (Fall 1:24)
145: Hayden Bolling (OGIL) over Matthew Bono (NORT) (MD 10-2)
152: Ryan Sholtz (OGIL) over Matthew Thao (NORT) (Fall 3:07)
160: Devin Hufstedler (OGIL) over Cameron Schleper (NORT) (Def.)
170: Carter Magaard (OGIL) over Darius Quartey (NORT) (Fall 3:41)
182: Carter Ekstrom (NORT) over Ian Hansmeier (OGIL) (Fall 1:07)
195: Spencer Sachi (NORT) over Colby Milbradt (OGIL) (Dec 3-1)
220: Landen Halvorson (OGIL) over Diego Ponce-Alejandre (NORT) (Fall 0:44)
285: Dylan Smith (OGIL) over Alijah Capehart (NORT) (Fall 0:33)

Ogilvie 60 St. Agnes 24
106: Tanner Heald (OGIL) over (STAG) (For.)
113: Beau Hudoba (OGIL) over Phillip Graner (STAG) (Fall 1:31)
120: Lucas Fradette (OGIL) over Henry Misenor (STAG) (Fall 5:34)
126: Brody Smith (OGIL) over (STAG) (For.)
132: Deegan Birkaker (OGIL) over William Kuwata (STAG) (Fall 0:23)
138: Kaden Felde (OGIL) over Samuel Hunt (STAG) (Fall 0:25)
145: Hayden Bolling (OGIL) over Anthony Petruconis (STAG) (Fall 1:09)
152: Ryan McLaughlin (STAG) over Ryan Sholtz (OGIL) (Fall 1:31)
160: Jacob McLaughlin (STAG) over Devin Hufstedler (OGIL) (Fall 3:03)
170: Nick Jurek (STAG) over Carter Magaard (OGIL) (Fall 2:47)
182: Charlie Witzel (STAG) over Ian Hansmeier (OGIL) (Fall 0:15)
195: Colby Milbradt (OGIL) over Sam Clyde (STAG) (Fall 1:31)
220: Ethan Houtsma (OGIL) over Kevin Le (STAG) (Fall 0:50)
285: Dylan Smith (OGIL) over (STAG) (For.)

St. Charles 51 Ogilvie 30
106: Beau Hudoba (OGIL) over Miles Barlcay (STCH) (Fall 2:09)
113: Benett Boyum (STCH) over Brody Magaard (OGIL) (Fall 1:30)
120: Braxton Wohlferd (STCH) over Lucas Fradette (OGIL) (Fall 0:42)
126: Deegan Birkaker (OGIL) over Colton Mathison (STCH) (Fall 1:17)
132: Bryndon Koeppel (STCH) over Kaden Felde (OGIL) (Fall 3:11)
138: Jackson Vermilya (STCH) over (OGIL) (For.)
145: Jonas Barclay (STCH) over (OGIL) (For.)
152: Aidan Olson (STCH) over Hayden Bolling (OGIL) (Dec 8-4)
160: Chace Kobs (STCH) over Tristen Burk (OGIL) (Fall 1:05)
170: Devin Hufstedler (OGIL) over (STCH) (For.)
182: Alex Burlingame (STCH) over Carter Magaard (OGIL) (Fall 1:03)
195: Tytan Small (STCH) over (OGIL) (For.)
220: Landen Halvorson (OGIL) over (STCH) (For.)
285: Dylan Smith (OGIL) over (STCH) (For.)

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