Pine Island’s Elsmore continues to defy the doubters, including her dad

PINE ISLAND — Jason Elsmore will be the first to say he was one of many who didn’t think girls should be wrestling.

He admits now, he couldn’t have been more wrong, but it took time for the former standout Lake City wrestler and three-time state medalist to come to grips with the sport.

“What I grew up with was just — girls didn’t wrestle,” he said. “That’s why I was the way I was until I started learning about it. It’s the old-school mindset, and it’s just having to change that thought process.”

Still, he had an extra singlet with him when he brought his second-grade daughter Lauren to her younger brother’s wrestling tournament. Never one to back down from any challenge, he had a hunch Lauren would want to give it a go, but was hoping she would say no. Continue reading at →