Blue Earth Area 51 WEM-JWP 30
106: Timmy Nagel (BEA) over Parker James (WEJW) (Fall 1:49)
113: Brady Murphy (WEJW) over Colton Tolzmann (BEA) (Fall 0:34)
120: Carson Petry (WEJW) over Drake Engelby (BEA) (Fall 0:21)
126: Carson Sturtz (BEA) over Carson James (WEJW) (Fall 1:25)
132: Blair Lunz (BEA) over Zach Quast (WEJW) (Fall 1:00)
138: Angel Martinez (BEA) over Jaxon Hulsing (WEJW) (Fall 5:08)
145: Cooper Peterson (BEA) over Kelton Erler (WEJW) (Fall 4:18)
152: Gavin Krause (WEJW) over (BEA) (For.)
160: Lucas Morsching (WEJW) over (BEA) (For.)
170: Kade Gaydon (BEA) over Isaac Quast (WEJW) (Fall 0:59)
182: Parker Meyers (BEA) over Maddox Moreno (WEJW) (Fall 1:43)
195: Cory Kitchel (BEA) over Jack Cahill (WEJW) (Fall 3:35)
220: Keegan Kuball (WEJW) over Chase Gambell (BEA) (Fall 1:19)
285: Zach Benson (BEA) over Max Davis (WEJW) (Dec 7-2)

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial Area 40 WEM-JWP 35
106: Brody Herbst (LCWM) over Parker James (WEJW) (Fall 3:54)
113: Brady Murphy (WEJW) over Ryder Antony (LCWM) (Dec 8-2)
120: Carson Petry (WEJW) over Logan Quade (LCWM) (TF 17-0 3:20)
126: Carson Othoudt (LCWM) over Carson James (WEJW) (Fall 1:32)
132: Griffin Gimenez (LCWM) over Zach Quast (WEJW) (Fall 3:22)
138: Zach Palmer (LCWM) over Jaxon Hulsing (WEJW) (Fall 1:12)
145: Talan Osborne (LCWM) over Patrick Adams (WEJW) (Fall 0:34)
152: Ryan Palmer (LCWM) over Gavin Krause (WEJW) (MD 13-3)
160: Lucas Morsching (WEJW) over Noah Sodeman (LCWM) (Fall 0:41)
170: Isaac Quast (WEJW) over Austin Northquest (LCWM) (Fall 2:27)
182: Nick Slater (LCWM) over Maddox Moreno (WEJW) (Fall 3:30)
195: Jack Cahill (WEJW) over Brecken Northquest (LCWM) (Fall 0:51)
220: Avery Fall (WEJW) over Ryder McMichael (LCWM) (Dec 5-3)
285: Keegan Kuball (WEJW) over Dietrich Rosin (LCWM) (Fall 1:10)

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