Apple Valley 45 Eastview 30

Apple Valley 45 Eastview 30
106: Nolan Enderlein (EAST) over Saitaro Kong (APVA) (Fall 0:24)
113: Louis Prouty (APVA) over Spencer Lee (EAST) (MD 9-1)
120: Austin Laudenbach (APVA) over Aiden Enderlein (EAST) (TF 15-0 0:00)
126: Keiichi Kong (APVA) over Todd Ostler (EAST) (Fall 5:24)
132: Sebastian Castin (APVA) over Ayden Columbus (EAST) (Fall 5:00)
138: Tyler Laudenbach (APVA) over Sam Cohen (EAST) (Fall 0:41)
145: Jayden Haueter (APVA) over Logan Myers (EAST) (Fall 1:21)
152: Ian Haueter (APVA) over Levi Ruyle (EAST) (Fall 0:40)
160: Pierce Lewis (EAST) over Max Elliott (APVA) (Fall 4:50)
170: Marcell Booth (APVA) over Thomas Schmidt (EAST) (Fall 2:58)
182: Ezra Formaneck (EAST) over AJ Garcia (APVA) (Fall 3:01)
195: Ethan Dupont (EAST) over Dayveon Hill (APVA) (Dec 6-2)
220: Jack Bauer (EAST) over Alex Mock (APVA) (Dec 4-0)
285: Alex Baccoli (EAST) over (APVA) (For.)

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