Benilde-St. Margaret’s Tri

Waconia 72 Benilde-St. Margaret’s 6
106: Ian Olson (WACO) over (BSM) (For.)
113: Gabriel Witschorik (WACO) over Levi Sattler (BSM) (Fall 3:15)
120: Carter Katherman (WACO) over Jacob Redden (BSM) (Fall 1:01)
126: Chris Redden (BSM) over James Johnson (WACO) (Fall 4:29)
132: Maverick Mueller (WACO) over (BSM) (For.)
138: Lincoln Vick (WACO) over (BSM) (For.)
145: Bradee Dwinell (WACO) over Matthew Litchy (BSM) (Fall 1:45)
152: Alex Torres (WACO) over Dontrell Daniels (BSM) (TF 18-3 5:35)
160: Levi Mueller (WACO) over Jon Gettel (BSM) (Dec 8-3)
170: Andrew Torres (WACO) over (BSM) (For.)
182: Cooper Jahnke (WACO) over Bryce Commerford (BSM) (MD 14-2)
195: Max McEnelly (WACO) over (BSM) (For.)
220: Alex Riley (WACO) over (BSM) (For.)
285: Vincent Halliday (WACO) over (BSM) (For.)

Waconia 79 Norwood Young America 0
106: Ian Olson (WACO) over Parker Honl (CPS) (Dec 6-3)
113: Gabriel Witschorik (WACO) over Nate Venske (CPS) (Fall 1:31)
120: Carter Katherman (WACO) over Ryan Neubarth (CPS) (Fall 3:31)
126: James Johnson (WACO) over (CPS) (For.)
132: Levi Mueller (WACO) over Roman Holland (CPS) (Fall 1:04)
138: Lincoln Vick (WACO) over Reese Lentsch (CPS) (Fall 3:09)
145: Bradee Dwinell (WACO) over Tyler Nuebarth (CPS) (Fall 0:58)
152: Alex Torres (WACO) over Dane Pauly (CPS) (Fall 1:12)
160: Levi Mueller (WACO) over Tanner Neubarth (CPS) (Fall 0:26)
170: Andrew Torres (WACO) over Connor Hansen (CPS) (Fall 1:53)
182: Cooper Jahnke (WACO) over Carter Storms (CPS) (MD 12-0)
195: Max McEnelly (WACO) over Preston Sprengeler (CPS) (Fall 0:25)
220: Alex Riley (WACO) over Lucas Urness (CPS) (Fall 1:40)
285: Vincent Halliday (WACO) over (CPS) (For.)

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