Border West Tri

Border West 54 Barnesville 19
106: Drew Sykora (BWB) over Brock Grabow (BARN) (Fall 0:35)
113: Zach Rikimoto (BWB) over (BARN) (For.)
120: Gunner Hennessy (BWB) over Collin Grommesh (BARN) (Fall 0:34)
126: Cole Sykora (BWB) over Quincy Morey (BARN) (MD 11-2)
132: Eli Larson (BWB) over Ayden Hauck (BARN) (MD 11-3)
138: Peyton Forcier (BWB) over Asher O`Brien (BARN) (MD 9-0)
145: Dylan Przymus (BWB) over (BARN) (For.)
152: Jude Olson (BWB) over William Rotz (BARN) (Fall 5:29)
160: Hunter Blilie (BARN) over Ben Peterson (BWB) (MD 18-8)
170: Cameron Halverson (BARN) over Patrick Forcier (BWB) (Dec 8-7)
182: Brody Nachbor (BWB) over (BARN) (For.)
195: Jason Ramirez (BWB) over (BARN) (For.)
220: Jordan Kroll (BARN) over Andrew Hennessy (BWB) (Fall 2:47)
285: Tim Wells (BARN) over Noah Adelman (BWB) (Fall 1:56)

Pelican Rapids 49 Barnesville 30
106: Isaac Bergren (PERA) over Chase Hauck (BARN) (MD 9-0)
113: Danny Salazar (PERA) over Brock Grabow (BARN) (Fall 0:15)
120: Hazen Milbeck (PERA) over Collin Grommesh (BARN) (Fall 5:23)
126: Quincy Morey (BARN) over Jackson Peasley (PERA) (Fall 0:41)
132: Ayden Hauck (BARN) over Jed Carlson (PERA) (Fall 1:26)
138: Oakley Carlson (PERA) over Asher O`Brien (BARN) (Fall 2:40)
145: Jack Paulson (PERA) over (BARN) (For.)
152: Jack Kapenga (PERA) over William Rotz (BARN) (Fall 0:50)
160: Carter Johnson (PERA) over (BARN) (For.)
170: Mark Kapenga (PERA) over Hunter Blilie (BARN) (Dec 10-3)
182: Cameron Halverson (BARN) over (PERA) (For.)
195: Elias Valdovines (PERA) over (BARN) (For.)
220: Jordan Kroll (BARN) over (PERA) (For.)
285: Tim Wells (BARN) over Jarrett Stetz (PERA) (Fall 0:48)

Border West 53 Pelican Rapids 22

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