Central Under Armour Invitational

2023 Central Under Armour Invitational results. Saturday, January 7 at Pella, Iowa.

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Teams (no scores)

1 Albion Albi 0.0
2 Benedictine College BECO 0.0
3 Briar Cliff BCI 0.0
4 Central CEIA 0.0
5 Ellsworth CC ELCC 0.0
6 Graceland University GRUN 0.0
7 Minnesota State Mankato MSU 0.0
8 Morningside MOIO 0.0
9 Muhlenberg MUHL 0.0
10 Nebraska Wesleyan NWU 0.0
11 Schreiner Sch 0.0
12 Simpson SIMP 0.0
13 Unattached – Ellsworth UNEC 0.0
14 Unattached – Graceland UNAG 0.0
15 Unattached – Waldorf UNWA 0.0
16 Waldorf (Iowa) WAIO 0.0
17 Wartburg WART 0.0
18 William Penn WPI 0.0

Gold – 125
1st Place – Joey Lamparelli of Muhlenberg
2nd Place – Dylan McChesney of Simpson
3rd Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
4th Place – Cory Hoyle of Central
4th Place – Rheiner Stahlbaum of Central
5th Place – Andru Gomez of Waldorf (Iowa)
6th Place – Cade Odrobina of Albion
1st Joey Lamparelli (Muhlenberg) injury default over Dylan McChesney (Simpson) (Inj. 4:00)
3rd Cory Hoyle (Central) and Rheiner Stahlbaum (Central) (DFF)
5th Andru Gomez (Waldorf (Iowa)) decision over Cade Odrobina (Albion) (Dec 14-10)

Gold – 133
1st Place – CaRon Watson of Briar Cliff
2nd Place – Brock Beck of Central
3rd Place – Joseph Lupton of Graceland University
4th Place – Kanin Hable of Simpson
5th Place – Benjamin Schmitz of Morningside
6th Place – Ricky Caamano of Muhlenberg
1st CaRon Watson (Briar Cliff) injury default over Brock Beck (Central) (Inj. 2:00)
3rd Joseph Lupton (Graceland University) major decision over Kanin Hable (Simpson) (Maj 10-0)
5th Benjamin Schmitz (Morningside) decision over Ricky Caamano (Muhlenberg) (Dec 8-7)

Gold – 141
1st Place – Max Schwabe of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Pierre Baldwin of Central
3rd Place – Jackson Wenberg of Graceland University
4th Place – Ethan Krey of Briar Cliff
5th Place – Jayden Bustillos of Schreiner
6th Place – Chris Dalmau of Muhlenberg
1st Max Schwabe (Minnesota State Mankato) won in overtime over Pierre Baldwin (Central) (OT 2-1)
3rd Jackson Wenberg (Graceland University) tech fall over Ethan Krey (Briar Cliff) (TF 18-3)
5th Jayden Bustillos (Schreiner) decision over Chris Dalmau (Muhlenberg) (Dec 4-0)

Gold – 149
1st Place – Blain Christie of Wartburg
2nd Place – Tyler Okada of Waldorf (Iowa)
3rd Place – Zach Casias of Schreiner
4th Place – Jared Gallub of Nebraska Wesleyan
5th Place – Zach Stewart of Simpson
6th Place – Josh Bower of Simpson
1st Blain Christie (Wartburg) major decision over Tyler Okada (Waldorf (Iowa)) (Maj 11-3)
3rd Zach Casias (Schreiner) decision over Jared Gallub (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Dec 3-1)
5th Zach Stewart (Simpson) decision over Josh Bower (Simpson) (Dec 3-1)

Gold – 157
1st Place – Drake Hayward of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Brandon Bowles of Muhlenberg
3rd Place – Michael Lucas of Benedictine College
4th Place – Riley McHale of Muhlenberg
5th Place – Kael Bunce of William Penn
6th Place – Thomas Potter of Albion
1st Drake Hayward (Minnesota State Mankato) major decision over Brandon Bowles (Muhlenberg) (Maj 14-2)
3rd Michael Lucas (Benedictine College) injury default over Riley McHale (Muhlenberg) (Inj. 2:30)
5th Kael Bunce (William Penn) decision over Thomas Potter (Albion) (Dec 3-1)

Gold – 165
1st Place – Kole Marko of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Caleb Connor of Morningside
3rd Place – Colby Tool of Central
4th Place – Nicolini Berlingeri of Muhlenberg
5th Place – Jason Hermann of Central
6th Place – Ronald Grevera of Muhlenberg
1st Kole Marko (Minnesota State Mankato) major decision over Caleb Connor (Morningside) (Maj 15-3)
3rd Colby Tool (Central) medical forfeit over Nicolini Berlingeri (Muhlenberg) (MFF)
5th Jason Hermann (Central) major decision over Ronald Grevera (Muhlenberg) (Maj 13-2)

Gold – 174
1st Place – Michael Smith of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Anson Dewar of Muhlenberg
3rd Place – Austin Roos of Central
4th Place – Shyler Langley of Simpson
5th Place – Jensen McDermott of Benedictine College
6th Place – Juan Isiordia of Ellsworth CC
1st Michael Smith (Minnesota State Mankato) fall over Anson Dewar (Muhlenberg) (Fall 2:50)
3rd Austin Roos (Central) decision over Shyler Langley (Simpson) (Dec 6-3)
5th Jensen McDermott (Benedictine College) medical forfeit over Juan Isiordia (Ellsworth CC) (MFF)

Gold – 184
1st Place – Nicolas Leo of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Christian Wilson of Central
3rd Place – Cameron Cornman of Graceland University
4th Place – Owen McDaniel of Albion
5th Place – Brent Greenfield of Ellsworth CC
6th Place – Caden Mumme of Wartburg
1st Nicolas Leo (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Christian Wilson (Central) (Dec 6-4)
3rd Cameron Cornman (Graceland University) medical forfeit over Owen McDaniel (Albion) (MFF)
5th Brent Greenfield (Ellsworth CC) decision over Caden Mumme (Wartburg) (Dec 6-1)

Gold – 197
1st Place – Austin Cooley of Schreiner
2nd Place – Gage Linahon of Central
3rd Place – Thomas Johnson of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Seth Butler of Wartburg
5th Place – Steven Karas of Wartburg
6th Place – Dylan Butts of Minnesota State Mankato
1st Austin Cooley (Schreiner) fall over Gage Linahon (Central) (Fall 1:24)
3rd Thomas Johnson (Minnesota State Mankato) fall over Seth Butler (Wartburg) (Fall 0:56)
5th Steven Karas (Wartburg) fall over Dylan Butts (Minnesota State Mankato) (Fall 4:58)

Gold – 285
1st Place – Darrell Mason of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Owen Miller of Albion
3rd Place – Max Villnow of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Miles Berg of Central
5th Place – David Toese of Graceland University
6th Place – Maxwell Diaz of William Penn
1st Darrell Mason (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Owen Miller (Albion) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Max Villnow (Minnesota State Mankato) won in overtime over Miles Berg (Central) (OT 3-1)
5th David Toese (Graceland University) fall over Maxwell Diaz (William Penn) (Fall 2:59)

Silver – 125
1st Place – Brian McCaw of Muhlenberg
2nd Place – Landon Arends of Wartburg
3rd Place – Corbin Grace of William Penn
4th Place – Charles Easterling of Benedictine College
5th Place – Denias Johnson of Graceland University
6th Place – Austin Kaalekahi of Unattached – Ellsworth
1st Brian McCaw (Muhlenberg) decision over Landon Arends (Wartburg) (Dec 5-1)
3rd Corbin Grace (William Penn) medical forfeit over Charles Easterling (Benedictine College) (MFF)
5th Denias Johnson (Graceland University) fall over Austin Kaalekahi (Unattached – Ellsworth) (Fall 2:59)

Silver – 141
1st Place – Ryan Anderson of Graceland University
2nd Place – Mason Scholtz of Benedictine College
3rd Place – Trent Harper of Central
4th Place – Ostin Van Voorst of Graceland University
5th Place – Brise Bennett of William Penn
6th Place – Seth McGrew of Nebraska Wesleyan
1st Ryan Anderson (Graceland University) major decision over Mason Scholtz (Benedictine College) (Maj 17-8)
3rd Trent Harper (Central) fall over Ostin Van Voorst (Graceland University) (Fall 2:56)
5th Brise Bennett (William Penn) fall over Seth McGrew (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Fall 0:46)

Silver – 149
1st Place – Kiefer Duncan of Wartburg
2nd Place – Trey Miletics of Muhlenberg
3rd Place – Kain Sanders of Minnesota State Mankato
4th Place – Rudy Osborne of Wartburg
5th Place – Dalton Thorson of Waldorf (Iowa)
6th Place – Seth Littrell of Nebraska Wesleyan
1st Kiefer Duncan (Wartburg) medical forfeit over Trey Miletics (Muhlenberg) (MFF)
3rd Kain Sanders (Minnesota State Mankato) decision over Rudy Osborne (Wartburg) (Dec 10-3)
5th Dalton Thorson (Waldorf (Iowa)) fall over Seth Littrell (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Fall 2:30)

Silver – 157
1st Place – Jett Thoreson of Minnesota State Mankato
2nd Place – Invi Bella of Graceland University
3rd Place – Riley Kovaleski of Simpson
4th Place – Elijah Belzer of Central
5th Place – Jackson Balmer of Briar Cliff
6th Place – Kevin Hogan of Central
1st Jett Thoreson (Minnesota State Mankato) fall over Invi Bella (Graceland University) (Fall 6:40)
3rd Riley Kovaleski (Simpson) fall over Elijah Belzer (Central) (Fall 1:17)
5th Jackson Balmer (Briar Cliff) decision over Kevin Hogan (Central) (Dec 11-9)

Silver – 165
1st Place – Jeraimiah Nyberg of Graceland University
2nd Place – Dorian Vaughns of Central
3rd Place – Zach Kottenstette of Benedictine College
4th Place – Billy Tate of Ellsworth CC
5th Place – Gavin Davis of Central
6th Place – Cullen Bruner of Benedictine College
1st Jeraimiah Nyberg (Graceland University) fall over Dorian Vaughns (Central) (Fall 2:50)
3rd Zach Kottenstette (Benedictine College) medical forfeit over Billy Tate (Ellsworth CC) (MFF)
5th Gavin Davis (Central) decision over Cullen Bruner (Benedictine College) (Dec 9-8)

Silver – 174
1st Place – Samuel West of Central
2nd Place – Brixton Bright of Albion
3rd Place – Peyton Haupt of Nebraska Wesleyan
4th Place – Triston Barncastle of Unattached – Ellsworth
5th Place – Josh Bean of Wartburg
6th Place – Caden Elliott of Simpson
1st Samuel West (Central) decision over Brixton Bright (Albion) (Dec 10-6)
3rd Peyton Haupt (Nebraska Wesleyan) fall over Triston Barncastle (Unattached – Ellsworth) (Fall 2:30)
5th Josh Bean (Wartburg) major decision over Caden Elliott (Simpson) (Maj 10-2)

Silver – 184
1st Place – Garrett Iobe of Albion
2nd Place – Greyson Gardner of Wartburg
3rd Place – Rylee Iburg of Nebraska Wesleyan
4th Place – Deon Savage of Muhlenberg
5th Place – Trey Graves of Graceland University
6th Place – Brody Saltzman of Graceland University
1st Garrett Iobe (Albion) fall over Greyson Gardner (Wartburg) (Fall 6:30)
3rd Rylee Iburg (Nebraska Wesleyan) tech fall over Deon Savage (Muhlenberg) (TF 16-1)
5th Trey Graves (Graceland University) decision over Brody Saltzman (Graceland University) (Dec 12-5)

Silver – 197
1st Place – David Lewis of Benedictine College
2nd Place – Troy Galloway of Simpson
3rd Place – Levi Henry of Wartburg
4th Place – Justin Dallas of Central
5th Place – Nathan Rosas of Central
6th Place – Triston Stearns of Nebraska Wesleyan
1st David Lewis (Benedictine College) decision over Troy Galloway (Simpson) (Dec 4-0)
3rd Levi Henry (Wartburg) fall over Justin Dallas (Central) (Fall 4:15)
5th Nathan Rosas (Central) decision over Triston Stearns (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Dec 6-2)

Silver – 285
1st Place – Hayden Hearne of Central
2nd Place – Sam Fleming of Graceland University
3rd Place – Michael Esquivel of Central
4th Place – Ben Krauss of Muhlenberg
5th Place – Hale Wood of Nebraska Wesleyan
6th Place – Tashaud Nelson of Nebraska Wesleyan
1st Hayden Hearne (Central) decision over Sam Fleming (Graceland University) (Dec 6-2)
3rd Michael Esquivel (Central) decision over Ben Krauss (Muhlenberg) (Dec 6-1)
5th Hale Wood (Nebraska Wesleyan) decision over Tashaud Nelson (Nebraska Wesleyan) (Dec 6-3)

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