East Ridge Ruckus

East Ridge Ruckus
1 Waconia 239.5
2 Anoka 149.5
3 Baldwin-Woodville 146.0
4 St. Francis 140.0
5 Chaska-Chan Stormhawks 132.5
6 Menomonie 122.5
7 Ellsworth 92.5
8 Owatonna 90.0
9 Prior Lake 81.5
10 Maple Grove 81.0
11 Lakeville North 77.0
12 Stewartville 39.5
13 East Ridge 15.0
14 Robbinsdale Cooper 9.0
15 Osseo 8.0
16 St Paul Humboldt-Open World Learning 6.0
17 Rochester John Marshall 4.0
18 St. Paul Johnson 0.0
18 St. Paul Washington Technology Magnet 0.0

Results on TrackWrestling

1st Place – Gabrielle Bragg of Anoka
2nd Place – Liam Collins of Prior Lake
3rd Place – Dane Krull of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
4th Place – Carson Wright of Ellsworth
5th Place – Bailey Casey of Menomonie
6th Place – Noah Walker of Ellsworth
1st Gabrielle Bragg (Anoka) 29-7, So. over Liam Collins (Prior Lake) 13-4, 8th. (Dec 6-4)
3rd Dane Krull (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 21-8, Fr. over Carson Wright (Ellsworth) 19-13, Jr. (Dec 5-1)
5th Bailey Casey (Menomonie) 23-6, Fr. over Noah Walker (Ellsworth) 18-15, So. (MD 12-3)

1st Place – Carter Katherman of Waconia
2nd Place – Brayten Casey of Menomonie
3rd Place – Kyler Sherk of St. Francis
4th Place – Stephen Dragos of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
5th Place – Drake Gartmann of Baldwin-Woodville
6th Place – Owen Trondson of Prior Lake
1st Carter Katherman (Waconia) 22-9, So. over Brayten Casey (Menomonie) 25-3, Jr. (Dec 8-6)
3rd Kyler Sherk (St. Francis) 13-6, Sr. over Stephen Dragos (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 22-11, Jr. (Dec 5-1)
5th Drake Gartmann (Baldwin-Woodville) 17-12, So. over Owen Trondson (Prior Lake) 11-16, Fr. (Fall 1:33)

1st Place – Colton Hush of Baldwin-Woodville
2nd Place – Lane Karsten of Owatonna
3rd Place – J.D. Minder-Broeckaert of Ellsworth
4th Place – Hunter Karnitz of Stewartville
5th Place – Jacob Long of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
6th Place – Jayden Jirele of Owatonna
1st Colton Hush (Baldwin-Woodville) 26-2, Jr. over Lane Karsten (Owatonna) 16-5, So. (Fall 0:48)
3rd J.D. Minder-Broeckaert (Ellsworth) 24-8, Fr. over Hunter Karnitz (Stewartville) 18-3, Jr. (Dec 4-2)
5th Jacob Long (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 16-10, Fr. over Jayden Jirele (Owatonna) 3-5, Fr. (Fall 1:02)

1st Place – Maverick Mueller of Waconia
2nd Place – Gunner Hostetter of St. Francis
3rd Place – Cole Braasch of Baldwin-Woodville
4th Place – Kolyn Wolf of Menomonie
5th Place – Hunter Flen of Lakeville North
6th Place – Cayden Ban of Anoka
1st Maverick Mueller (Waconia) 21-4, Jr. over Gunner Hostetter (St. Francis) 15-10, So. (MD 14-0)
3rd Cole Braasch (Baldwin-Woodville) 22-8, Sr. over Kolyn Wolf (Menomonie) 19-12, Sr. (MD 11-2)
5th Hunter Flen (Lakeville North) 22-11, Sr. over Cayden Ban (Anoka) 20-14, Fr. (Dec 9-4)

1st Place – Lincoln Vick of Waconia
2nd Place – Tyler Fink of Baldwin-Woodville
3rd Place – Connor Peterson of Maple Grove
4th Place – Ben Brennan of Prior Lake
5th Place – River Aamold of Waconia
6th Place – Benjamin Pierce of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
1st Lincoln Vick (Waconia) 28-5, Sr. over Tyler Fink (Baldwin-Woodville) 24-5, Sr. (Dec 7-5)
3rd Connor Peterson (Maple Grove) 25-3, Fr. over Ben Brennan (Prior Lake) 14-9, Sr. (Dec 5-1)
5th River Aamold (Waconia) 16-7, Jr. over Benjamin Pierce (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 16-13, So. (Dec 7-2)

1st Place – Tyson Charmoli of St. Francis
2nd Place – Kellan Aure of Menomonie
3rd Place – Michael Reinardy of Owatonna
4th Place – Hunter Gartmann of Baldwin-Woodville
5th Place – Garrett Wittek of Anoka
6th Place – Jaxon Mikolyzk of Prior Lake
1st Tyson Charmoli (St. Francis) 24-3, Jr. over Kellan Aure (Menomonie) 26-2, Sr. (MD 14-6)
3rd Michael Reinardy (Owatonna) 18-6, Jr. over Hunter Gartmann (Baldwin-Woodville) 23-6, Sr. (Dec 14-7)
5th Garrett Wittek (Anoka) 26-11, Fr. over Jaxon Mikolyzk (Prior Lake) 21-11, Jr. (Fall 5:06)

1st Place – Elijah Paulson of Anoka
2nd Place – Bradee Dwinell of Waconia
3rd Place – Michael Gillette of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
4th Place – Austin Schmidt of Baldwin-Woodville
5th Place – Max Johnson of Maple Grove
6th Place – Riley Forar of Lakeville North
1st Elijah Paulson (Anoka) 32-2, Sr. over Bradee Dwinell (Waconia) 15-13, Jr. (MD 19-11)
3rd Michael Gillette (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 24-7, Fr. over Austin Schmidt (Baldwin-Woodville) 20-8, Sr. (Dec 5-3)
5th Max Johnson (Maple Grove) 18-4, Sr. over Riley Forar (Lakeville North) 19-9, Fr. (MD 16-4)

1st Place – Alex Torres of Waconia
2nd Place – Russell Gillette of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
3rd Place – Tanner Elzen of Stewartville
4th Place – Tyler Ruff of Lakeville North
5th Place – Jacob Tilly of St. Francis
6th Place – RJ Reinardy of Owatonna
1st Alex Torres (Waconia) 27-8, Sr. over Russell Gillette (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 21-8, Jr. (M. For.)
3rd Tanner Elzen (Stewartville) 21-5, Jr. over Tyler Ruff (Lakeville North) 15-8, 8th. (MD 11-0)
5th Jacob Tilly (St. Francis) 13-15, So. over RJ Reinardy (Owatonna) 9-11, So. (Dec 11-5)

1st Place – Aydan Carlson of St. Francis
2nd Place – Kley Krause of Lakeville North
3rd Place – Cael Robb of Owatonna
4th Place – Levi Mueller of Waconia
5th Place – Logan Jungling of Anoka
6th Place – Cael Viesselman of East Ridge
1st Aydan Carlson (St. Francis) 16-2, Jr. over Kley Krause (Lakeville North) 27-6, Sr. (TF-1.5 2:26 (15-0))
3rd Cael Robb (Owatonna) 23-2, Sr. over Levi Mueller (Waconia) 12-5, Jr. (Dec 9-3)
5th Logan Jungling (Anoka) 19-5, Sr. over Cael Viesselman (East Ridge) 19-10, So. (Fall 3:46)

1st Place – Louis Jahnke of Ellsworth
2nd Place – Andrew Torres of Waconia
3rd Place – Ian Wittek of Anoka
4th Place – Aidan McGowan of Prior Lake
5th Place – Logan Gordon of Baldwin-Woodville
6th Place – Steele Schaefer of Menomonie
1st Louis Jahnke (Ellsworth) 30-3, Sr. over Andrew Torres (Waconia) 23-10, Sr. (MD 8-0)
3rd Ian Wittek (Anoka) 18-14, Jr. over Aidan McGowan (Prior Lake) 14-11, Sr. (M. For.)
5th Logan Gordon (Baldwin-Woodville) 7-3, Sr. over Steele Schaefer (Menomonie) 19-14, Jr. (Dec 11-4)

1st Place – Anthony Madsen of Ellsworth
2nd Place – Carson Turner of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
3rd Place – Cooper Jahnke of Waconia
4th Place – Luke DeChene of Anoka
5th Place – Brady Peltier of St. Francis
6th Place – Brady Thompson of Menomonie
1st Anthony Madsen (Ellsworth) 25-3, Sr. over Carson Turner (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 22-8, Fr. (MD 11-3)
3rd Cooper Jahnke (Waconia) 20-11, So. over Luke DeChene (Anoka) 19-5, So. (M. For.)
5th Brady Peltier (St. Francis) 16-9, Sr. over Brady Thompson (Menomonie) 24-9, Sr. (Dec 7-4)

1st Place – Ben Schultz of Maple Grove
2nd Place – Bo Flagstad of St. Francis
3rd Place – Blake Fitcher of Owatonna
4th Place – Michael Chamberlain of Anoka
5th Place – Jackson Green of Waconia
6th Place – Andrew Thompson of Baldwin-Woodville
1st Ben Schultz (Maple Grove) 26-3, So. over Bo Flagstad (St. Francis) 21-7, Sr. (Fall 5:09)
3rd Blake Fitcher (Owatonna) 21-5, So. over Michael Chamberlain (Anoka) 14-6, So. (Dec 4-2)
5th Jackson Green (Waconia) 12-6, Jr. over Andrew Thompson (Baldwin-Woodville) 13-10, So. (Fall 1:23)

1st Place – Alex Riley of Waconia
2nd Place – Antonio Menard of Lakeville North
3rd Place – Cody Kwak of Menomonie
4th Place – Max Berglund of Anoka
5th Place – Brock Zurn of Prior Lake
6th Place – Ayden Gunville of Maple Grove
1st Alex Riley (Waconia) 28-1, Sr. over Antonio Menard (Lakeville North) 24-4, Jr. (MD 18-6)
3rd Cody Kwak (Menomonie) 19-3, Sr. over Max Berglund (Anoka) 14-6, So. (Fall 2:00)
5th Brock Zurn (Prior Lake) 21-8, So. over Ayden Gunville (Maple Grove) 7-7, Jr. (Fall 4:28)

1st Place – Prentiss Derrick of Chaska-Chan Stormhawks
2nd Place – Moson Baribeau of Baldwin-Woodville
3rd Place – Andrew Schaefer of Menomonie
4th Place – Vincent Halliday of Waconia
5th Place – Easton Johnson of St. Francis
6th Place – Brandon Carlton of Ellsworth
1st Prentiss Derrick (Chaska-Chan Stormhawks) 21-10, So. over Moson Baribeau (Baldwin-Woodville) 21-8, Sr. (Fall 4:40)
3rd Andrew Schaefer (Menomonie) 20-10, Jr. over Vincent Halliday (Waconia) 12-13, Fr. (Fall 2:40)
5th Easton Johnson (St. Francis) 11-12, Sr. over Brandon Carlton (Ellsworth) 12-17, Sr. (Fall 4:59)