Hutch Invite

Hutch Invite
1 Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth. 195.5
2 Becker 194.0
3 Willmar 157.5
4 Amery 136.0
5 Hutchinson 131.0
6 Marshall 128.0
7 Minneota 124.0
8 MAHACA 104.0
9 Waseca 66.0
10 Somerset 13.0

Results on TrackWrestling

1st Place – Joel Friederichs of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
2nd Place – Antonio Sowell of Amery
3rd Place – Bennett Kujawa of Becker
4th Place – Kaden Lasnetski of Minneota
5th Place – Wyatt Cruze of Willmar
1st Joel Friederichs (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 23-1, Fr. over Antonio Sowell (Amery) 25-13, Fr. (MD 13-0)
3rd Bennett Kujawa (Becker) 17-10, 8th. over Kaden Lasnetski (Minneota) 12-7, Fr. (MD 12-3)
5th Wyatt Cruze (Willmar) 5-15, 8th. over () , . (Bye)

1st Place – Titan Friederichs of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
2nd Place – Logan Schwanz of Hutchinson
3rd Place – Adam Devlaeminck of Minneota
4th Place – Brendan Burke of Amery
5th Place – Lawson Anez of Willmar
6th Place – Boston Kuschel of Becker
1st Titan Friederichs (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 25-0, Fr. over Logan Schwanz (Hutchinson) 22-5, So. (MD 11-3)
3rd Adam Devlaeminck (Minneota) 19-3, Fr. over Brendan Burke (Amery) 31-9, Sr. (Dec 6-5)
5th Lawson Anez (Willmar) 9-10, 8th. over Boston Kuschel (Becker) 9-6, 8th. (Fall 2:43)

1st Place – Cavin Carlson of Willmar
2nd Place – Lane Anderson of Amery
3rd Place – Landon Marthaler of Marshall
4th Place – Grayson Gibson of MAHACA
5th Place – Kaleb Mead of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
6th Place – Tyler Hall of Becker
1st Cavin Carlson (Willmar) 21-3, Fr. over Lane Anderson (Amery) 31-10, So. (TF-1.5 4:48 (18-2))
3rd Landon Marthaler (Marshall) 23-7, So. over Grayson Gibson (MAHACA) 17-8, Fr. (Dec 13-7)
5th Kaleb Mead (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 23-5, 8th. over Tyler Hall (Becker) 10-9, 8th. (MD 11-2)

1st Place – Kaden Nicolas of Becker
2nd Place – Ivan Mares of Willmar
3rd Place – Peyton Gillund of Minneota
4th Place – Max Martin of Hutchinson
5th Place – Parker Jackson of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
6th Place – Tyce Anderson of MAHACA
1st Kaden Nicolas (Becker) 28-3, So. over Ivan Mares (Willmar) 15-9, Jr. (Fall 3:20)
3rd Peyton Gillund (Minneota) 17-7, Sr. over Max Martin (Hutchinson) 23-6, So. (Fall 1:29)
5th Parker Jackson (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 20-6, So. over Tyce Anderson (MAHACA) 6-5, Sr. (Fall 2:45)

1st Place – Dylan Louwagie of Marshall
2nd Place – Sulley Anez of Willmar
3rd Place – Landen Kujawa of Becker
4th Place – Hunter Beese of Amery
5th Place – Jonah Hamberger of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
6th Place – Ryan Boecker of Becker
1st Dylan Louwagie (Marshall) 25-2, Jr. over Sulley Anez (Willmar) 17-7, So. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Landen Kujawa (Becker) 23-5, So. over Hunter Beese (Amery) 25-9, Sr. (Dec 12-10)
5th Jonah Hamberger (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 22-6, Sr. over Ryan Boecker (Becker) 6-6, Sr. (Fall 2:45)

1st Place – Conlan Carlson of Willmar
2nd Place – Drew May of Becker
3rd Place – Brock Fier of Minneota
4th Place – Jack Entinger of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
5th Place – Eli Heinen of Willmar
6th Place – Nolan Muellner of Becker
1st Conlan Carlson (Willmar) 21-4, So. over Drew May (Becker) 24-7, Jr. (TF-1.5 5:19 (21-6))
3rd Brock Fier (Minneota) 13-5, Fr. over Jack Entinger (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 15-15, Jr. (MD 13-3)
5th Eli Heinen (Willmar) 11-4, So. over Nolan Muellner (Becker) 2-7, Sr. (Dec 5-3)

1st Place – Davin Rose of MAHACA
2nd Place – Steven Duske of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
3rd Place – Jake Rosenow of Becker
4th Place – Collin Klenken of Marshall
5th Place – Cameren Champagne of Willmar
6th Place – Ethan Fischer of Somerset
1st Davin Rose (MAHACA) 24-1, Sr. over Steven Duske (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 15-7, Sr. (Fall 3:41)
3rd Jake Rosenow (Becker) 5-4, So. over Collin Klenken (Marshall) 2-5, Jr. (Dec 8-7)
5th Cameren Champagne (Willmar) 17-9, Fr. over Ethan Fischer (Somerset) 19-10, Fr. (Dec 6-4)

1st Place – Zack Fier of Minneota
2nd Place – Luke Hoag of Hutchinson
3rd Place – Ethan Duncombe of Becker
4th Place – Caden Rose of MAHACA
5th Place – Matthew Her of Marshall
6th Place – Maverick Goulet of Amery
1st Zack Fier (Minneota) 20-1, Sr. over Luke Hoag (Hutchinson) 24-5, So. (Dec 9-3)
3rd Ethan Duncombe (Becker) 19-8, Sr. over Caden Rose (MAHACA) 15-5, Sr. (Dec 10-8)
5th Matthew Her (Marshall) 13-10, Jr. over Maverick Goulet (Amery) 11-14, Sr. (Dec 6-1)

1st Place – Adam Jurek of Becker
2nd Place – Tate Condezo of Marshall
3rd Place – Patrick Duske of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
4th Place – Micheal Hahn of Hutchinson
5th Place – Mattix Swanson of Willmar
6th Place – Eddie Tristan of Hutchinson
1st Adam Jurek (Becker) 25-5, Sr. over Tate Condezo (Marshall) 24-6, Jr. (SV-1 5-3)
3rd Patrick Duske (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 17-8, Sr. over Micheal Hahn (Hutchinson) 6-5, Sr. (Dec 5-4)
5th Mattix Swanson (Willmar) 6-5, Sr. over Eddie Tristan (Hutchinson) 13-12, Sr. (Fall 3:02)

1st Place – Bryce Burkett of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
2nd Place – Christian Rodriguez of Waseca
3rd Place – Braeden Erickson of Willmar
4th Place – Owen Angell of Becker
5th Place – Tucker Fiene of Marshall
6th Place – Jay Rickertsen of Hutchinson
1st Bryce Burkett (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 25-0, So. over Christian Rodriguez (Waseca) 11-3, Sr. (Dec 7-1)
3rd Braeden Erickson (Willmar) 21-4, Sr. over Owen Angell (Becker) 22-7, So. (TF-1.5 3:44 (23-8))
5th Tucker Fiene (Marshall) 19-10, Jr. over Jay Rickertsen (Hutchinson) 20-9, Sr. (Inj. 0:00)

1st Place – Tyson Ricker of Becker
2nd Place – Brady Andersen of Hutchinson
3rd Place – Aidan Mattison of Marshall
4th Place – Jaden Palmer of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
5th Place – Eli Gruenes of Minneota
6th Place – Carter Ellis of Waseca
1st Tyson Ricker (Becker) 26-1, Sr. over Brady Andersen (Hutchinson) 17-7, Sr. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Aidan Mattison (Marshall) 19-11, So. over Jaden Palmer (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 16-10, Sr. (Fall 2:58)
5th Eli Gruenes (Minneota) 16-6, So. over Carter Ellis (Waseca) 8-14, Jr. (Dec 10-3)

1st Place – Hayden VanderVoort of Hutchinson
2nd Place – Grant Cook of Amery
3rd Place – Hunter Gibson of MAHACA
4th Place – Payton Garza of Waseca
5th Place – Dylan Weber of Becker
6th Place – Anthony Carrico of Somerset
1st Hayden VanderVoort (Hutchinson) 24-1, Sr. over Grant Cook (Amery) 35-5, Sr. (Dec 11-4)
3rd Hunter Gibson (MAHACA) 22-3, Sr. over Payton Garza (Waseca) 12-4, Sr. (Dec 5-0)
5th Dylan Weber (Becker) 17-11, Sr. over Anthony Carrico (Somerset) 16-11, Sr. (Fall 1:24)

1st Place – Koy Hopke of Amery
2nd Place – Matthew Veroeven of Waseca
3rd Place – Kyler Burmeister of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
4th Place – Brock Marty of MAHACA
5th Place – Gavin Schaefer of Marshall
6th Place – Evan Peirce of Hutchinson
1st Koy Hopke (Amery) 40-0, Jr. over Matthew Veroeven (Waseca) 15-6, Fr. (Fall 0:41)
3rd Kyler Burmeister (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 17-9, So. over Brock Marty (MAHACA) 16-9, Sr. (Dec 6-1)
5th Gavin Schaefer (Marshall) 19-10, So. over Evan Peirce (Hutchinson) 14-13, So. (Dec 5-1)

1st Place – Jason Fenske of Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.
2nd Place – Hudson Scholten of Minneota
3rd Place – Daunte Castellano of Willmar
4th Place – Javon Johnson of MAHACA
5th Place – Riley Carrigan of Hutchinson
6th Place – Jenaro Delgado of Waseca
1st Jason Fenske (Watertown Mayer- Mayer Luth.) 14-7, Sr. over Hudson Scholten (Minneota) 10-2, Sr. (Dec 8-4)
3rd Daunte Castellano (Willmar) 4-3, Jr. over Javon Johnson (MAHACA) 8-5, So. (Dec 4-3)
5th Riley Carrigan (Hutchinson) 13-14, Sr. over Jenaro Delgado (Waseca) 5-5, Sr. (Fall 2:46)

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