Irondale Quad

Andover 50 Irondale 19
106: Brady Wadel (ANDO) over Vinny Nerdhal (IRON) (Fall 1:13)
113: Henry Watson (ANDO) over Ryder Jacobs (IRON) (Dec 8-2)
120: Brandon Board (ANDO) over Hasan Thompsen (IRON) (Fall 0:16)
126: Elias Houle (ANDO) over Arlo Brinkman (IRON) (TF 15-0 0:00)
132: Levi Honzik (ANDO) over Jack Metz (IRON) (Fall 0:44)
138: Clayton Solberg (IRON) over Will Grant (ANDO) (MD 11-0)
145: Sam Braaten (ANDO) over Anthony Suedbeck (IRON) (Fall 2:43)
152: Aaron Saralampi (IRON) over Aidan Wiegert (ANDO) (Dec 8-3)
160: Romer Pugh (IRON) over Jackson Armour (ANDO) (Dec 10-8)
170: Garrett Nelson (ANDO) over Ole Cope (IRON) (Fall 3:27)
182: Calvin Brinkman (IRON) over george johnson (ANDO) (Dec 9-2)
195: Nolan Israelson (ANDO) over Jack Suedbeck (IRON) (Fall 1:30)
220: Tramaine Davis (ANDO) over Eli Dojan (IRON) (Fall 0:29)
285: Tenzin Lhawang (IRON) over Jack Pena (ANDO) (Fall 0:37)

Andover 69 Roseville Area 9
106: Brady Wadel (ANDO) over Benjamin Zaide (ROAR) (Fall 2:50)
113: Henry Watson (ANDO) over Michael Dunleap (ROAR) (Fall 1:02)
120: Brandon Board (ANDO) over Rowan Cariveau (ROAR) (Fall 0:21)
126: Elias Houle (ANDO) over Som Khadka (ROAR) (Fall 1:21)
132: Hser Kalu Moo (ROAR) over Noah Borg (ANDO) (Fall 1:05)
138: Will Grant (ANDO) over Paul Aye (ROAR) (Fall 1:38)
145: Sam Braaten (ANDO) over Elijah Moen-Grear (ROAR) (Fall 4:21)
152: Aidan Wiegert (ANDO) over Ian Bello Xotla (ROAR) (Fall 1:27)
160: Garrett Nelson (ANDO) over Tyler Pearson (ROAR) (Fall 0:51)
170: Jackson Armour (ANDO) over James Darling (ROAR) (Fall 1:12)
182: george johnson (ANDO) over Anthony Winkelman (ROAR) (Dec 5-3)
195: Nolan Israelson (ANDO) over (ROAR) (For.)
220: Tramaine Davis (ANDO) over (ROAR) (For.)
285: Louis Ebi-Ndie (ROAR) over Jack Pena (ANDO) (Dec 7-1)

Andover 41 White Bear Lake Area 27
106: Brady Wadel (ANDO) over Galvin Nathanson (WBLA) (MD 17-7)
113: Henry Watson (ANDO) over Noah Ludwig (WBLA) (Dec 9-8)
120: Brandon Board (ANDO) over Isaac Kolstad (WBLA) (MD 11-1)
126: Elias Houle (ANDO) over Christian Carlson (WBLA) (Dec 3-0)
132: Gabriel Kessel (WBLA) over Levi Honzik (ANDO) (Fall 3:40)
138: Tyler Brock (WBLA) over Will Grant (ANDO) (Fall 2:36)
145: RJ Walker (ANDO) over Porter Cleary (WBLA) (Dec 14-11)
152: Kesean Woods-Lipscomb (WBLA) over Aidan Wiegert (ANDO) (Fall 1:36)
160: Garrett Nelson (ANDO) over Levi Arvig (WBLA) (Fall 3:38)
170: Jackson Armour (ANDO) over Charlie Woodcock (WBLA) (Fall 1:07)
182: Jackson Halko (WBLA) over george johnson (ANDO) (Fall 1:41)
195: Nolan Israelson (ANDO) over Theodore Pax (WBLA) (Fall 2:51)
220: Tramaine Davis (ANDO) over Oliver Grawe (WBLA) (Fall 0:43)
285: Zach Carnes (WBLA) over Jack Pena (ANDO) (Dec 5-0)

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