Maple River/USC Tri

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial Area 57 New Richland-H-E-G 24
106: Ryder Antony (LCWM) over Jacob Karl (NRHE) (MD 10-1)
113: Logan Quade (LCWM) over (NRHE) (For.)
120: Carson Othoudt (LCWM) over (NRHE) (For.)
126: Griffin Gimenez (LCWM) over Parker Bunn (NRHE) (Fall 4:51)
132: Zach Palmer (LCWM) over Deven Parpart (NRHE) (Fall 3:50)
138: Ryan Palmer (LCWM) over Aidan Schlaak (NRHE) (Fall 1:02)
145: Ryan Schlaak (NRHE) over Talan Osborne (LCWM) (Fall 5:07)
152: Reese Routh (NRHE) over Noah Sodeman (LCWM) (Fall 1:48)
160: Harbor Cromwell (NRHE) over Austin Northquest (LCWM) (Fall 3:12)
170: Brecken Northquest (LCWM) over Dylan Riskedahl (NRHE) (TF 18-3 0:00)
182: Nick Slater (LCWM) over (NRHE) (For.)
195: Justin Slater (LCWM) over Cole Hutchens (NRHE) (Fall 0:57)
220: Ryder McMichael (LCWM) over Jace Ihrke (NRHE) (Fall 3:50)
285: Makota Misgen (NRHE) over Dietrich Rosin (LCWM) (Fall 1:33)

Maple River/USC 54 New Richland-H-E-G 18
106: Jacob Karl (NRHE) over Noah Gonzalez (MRUSC) (Dec 3-0)
113: Wyatt Walters (MRUSC) over (NRHE) (For.)
120: Brayden Mithun (MRUSC) over (NRHE) (For.)
126: Isaiah Gonzalez (MRUSC) over Parker Bunn (NRHE) (Fall 1:32)
132: Deven Parpart (NRHE) over Kolt Bullerman (MRUSC) (Fall 5:19)
138: Braxton Simon (MRUSC) over Aidan Schlaak (NRHE) (Fall 5:14)
145: Ryan Schlaak (NRHE) over Garrett Bollmann (MRUSC) (Dec 5-1)
152: Chad Shull (MRUSC) over Reese Routh (NRHE) (Dec 7-4)
160: Byron Getchell (MRUSC) over Harbor Cromwell (NRHE) (Dec 7-5)
170: Tyler Hollerich (MRUSC) over Wyatt Larson (NRHE) (Fall 3:34)
182: Max Fuller (MRUSC) over (NRHE) (For.)
195: Cooper Ochsendorf (MRUSC) over Cole Hutchens (NRHE) (Fall 1:49)
220: Dizel Butler (MRUSC) over Jace Ihrke (NRHE) (Fall 3:32)
285: Makota Misgen (NRHE) over (MRUSC) (For.)

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial Area 45 Maple River/USC 25
106: Ryder Antony (LCWM) over Noah Gonzalez (MRUSC) (Fall 3:25)
113: Wyatt Walters (MRUSC) over Logan Quade (LCWM) (Dec 5-0)
120: Carson Othoudt (LCWM) over Brayden Mithun (MRUSC) (Fall 3:53)
126: Griffin Gimenez (LCWM) over Isaiah Gonzalez (MRUSC) (Dec 4-2)
132: Zach Palmer (LCWM) over Kolt Bullerman (MRUSC) (Dec 6-5)
138: Ryan Palmer (LCWM) over Waylon Simon (MRUSC) (Fall 3:39)
145: Braxton Simon (MRUSC) over Talan Osborne (LCWM) (MD 10-2)
152: Garrett Bollmann (MRUSC) over Noah Sodeman (LCWM) (Fall 1:59)
160: Austin Northquest (LCWM) over Chad Shull (MRUSC) (Fall 5:09)
170: Byron Getchell (MRUSC) over Brecken Northquest (LCWM) (Fall 1:59)
182: Nick Slater (LCWM) over Cooper Ochsendorf (MRUSC) (Dec 2-1)
195: Justin Slater (LCWM) over Max Fuller (MRUSC) (Fall 0:37)
220: Dizel Butler (MRUSC) over Ryder McMichael (LCWM) (Fall 2:37)
285: Dietrich Rosin (LCWM) over (MRUSC) (For.)

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