Mora Tri

Mora 48 Pierz 23
106: Kyle Stangl (PIER) over Stratton Nelson (MORA) (Fall 1:50)
113: Carter Young (PIER) over Anthony Nelson (MORA) (MD 12-4)
120: Mason Nelson (MORA) over Cash Fussy (PIER) (TF 26-11 5:31)
126: Liam Hennessy (PIER) over Cooper Sjodin (MORA) (Fall 1:34)
132: Nathan Nelson (MORA) over Derek Stangl (PIER) (Fall 2:51)
138: Chase Becker (PIER) over Carter Gmahl (MORA) (MD 12-4)
145: Brock Folkema (MORA) over Brayden Melby (PIER) (MD 12-4)
152: Avery Nelson (MORA) over Jacob LeBlanc (PIER) (Dec 4-0)
160: Connor Gmahl (MORA) over Kaden Kroll (PIER) (Fall 0:40)
170: Tucker Hass (MORA) over Jayden Zajac (PIER) (Fall 4:41)
182: Caleb Koch (PIER) over Jared Yates (MORA) (Dec 7-6)
195: Brock Peterson (MORA) over Nathan Nash (PIER) (Fall 0:59)
220: Dyllon Adams (MORA) over Jack Byker (PIER) (Inj. [time])
285: Ben Everson (MORA) over Wyatt Dingmann (PIER) (Fall 1:35)

Princeton 38 Pierz 27
106: Kyle Stangl (PIER) over Brady McLennan (PRIN) (Fall 2:35)
113: Levi Thompson (PRIN) over Carter Young (PIER) (Dec 4-2)
120: Christopher McLennan (PRIN) over Cash Fussy (PIER) (Dec 11-8)
126: Liam Hennessy (PIER) over Isaac Nelson (PRIN) (Dec 7-3)
132: Derek Stangl (PIER) over James Kohl (PRIN) (Dec 12-6)
138: Tyler Wells (PRIN) over Braden LeBlanc (PIER) (Fall 2:50)
145: Chase Becker (PIER) over Isaac Thompsom (PRIN) (Fall 2:36)
152: Jacob LeBlanc (PIER) over Noah Vanderbeek (PRIN) (SV-1 6-4)
160: Jayden Zajac (PIER) over Robert Davidson (PRIN) (Fall 3:44)
170: Parker Adkins (PRIN) over Caleb Koch (PIER) (Dec 10-3)
182: Will Schultz III (PRIN) over Bradly Tanner (PIER) (Fall 2:57)
195: Bryce Haubenschild (PRIN) over Nathan Nash (PIER) (Fall 1:23)
220: Riley Paetznick-Huhtala (PRIN) over Jack Byker (PIER) (Fall 0:15)
285: Kevin Boeke (PRIN) over Wyatt Dingmann (PIER) (Fall 4:45)
(PRIN unsportsman-like actions -1.0)

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