New York Mills Tri

New York Mills 66 Barnesville 12
106: Aiden Meech (NYM) over Brock Grabow (BARN) (Fall 2:36)
113: Finn Wallgren (NYM) over Ava Ness (BARN) (Fall 1:03)
120: Creed Mursu (NYM) over Collin Grommesh (BARN) (Fall 0:29)
126: Quincy Morey (BARN) over (NYM) (For.)
132: Austin Geiser (NYM) over Asher O’Brien (BARN) (Fall 3:54)
138: Ayden Hauck (BARN) over Jay Mindermann (NYM) (Dec 7-0)
145: Brant Malone (NYM) over William Rotz (BARN) (Fall 2:24)
152: Joe Mann (NYM) over (BARN) (For.)
160: Simon Snyder (NYM) over Hunter Blilie (BARN) (Fall 2:53)
170: Jon Rinerson (NYM) over Cameron Halverson (BARN) (Fall 3:38)
182: Mason Unger (NYM) over (BARN) (For.)
195: Mason Unger (NYM) over (BARN) (For.)
220: Jordan Kroll (BARN) over Bode Roberts (NYM) (Dec 5-2)
285: Grady Roberts (NYM) over Tim Wells (BARN) (Fall 5:22)

Barnesville 42 Walker-Hack-Akeley-Nevis 39
106: Chase Hauck (BARN) over Blake Orton (WHAN) (Fall 3:43)
113: Brock Grabow (BARN) over Cash Bullock (WHAN) (Fall 0:36)
120: Kadin Martin (WHAN) over (BARN) (For.)
126: Dawson McGee (WHAN) over Quincy Morey (BARN) (Fall 4:31)
132: Asher O’Brien (BARN) over (WHAN) (For.)
138: Ayden Hauck (BARN) over (WHAN) (For.)
145: Callen Whitney (WHAN) over William Rotz (BARN) (Fall 0:18)
152: Devin Johnson (WHAN) over Jack Martin (BARN) (Fall 0:41)
160: Gavin Swanson (WHAN) over Hunter Blilie (BARN) (Dec 7-5)
170: Cameron Halverson (BARN) over (WHAN) (For.)
182: Josh Leko (WHAN) over (BARN) (For.)
195: Payden Yeats (WHAN) over (BARN) (For.)
220: Jordan Kroll (BARN) over Dylan Hedren (WHAN) (Fall 2:49)
285: Justin Krueger (BARN) over (WHAN) (For.)

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