2023 NWCA NUWAY Open results. Friday, January 6 at Louisville, KY.

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Mens NCAA – 125
1st Place – Damion Ryan of Bellarmine
2nd Place – Jalen Dunson of Wisconsin-Whitewater
3rd Place – Chris Busutil of Cumberland (Tenn.)
4th Place – Israel Gonzalez of West Liberty
5th Place – Brendon Mark of Indiana Tech
6th Place – Alexander Logsdon of Averett
8th Place – Jeremiah Baird of Cumberlands (Ky.)
8th Place – Cael Long of Coe
1st Damion Ryan (Bellarmine) won in sudden victory – 1 over Jalen Dunson (Wisconsin-Whitewater) (SV-1 6-4)
3rd Chris Busutil (Cumberland (Tenn.)) forfeit over Israel Gonzalez (West Liberty) (FF)
5th Brendon Mark (Indiana Tech) fall over Alexander Logsdon (Averett) (Fall 4:29)

Mens NCAA – 133
1st Place – Trayce Eckman of Bellarmine
2nd Place – Andrew Voiles of Unattached
3rd Place – Trenton Pagaduan of Cumberlands (Ky.)
4th Place – Blaine Frazier of Indiana
5th Place – Leland Reeves of Unattached
6th Place – Gabe Scalise of RIT
8th Place – Justin Fortugno of Wisconsin-Whitewater
8th Place – Ayden Robles of Castleton
1st Trayce Eckman (Bellarmine) decision over Andrew Voiles (Unattached) (Dec 5-2)
3rd Trenton Pagaduan (Cumberlands (Ky.)) forfeit over Blaine Frazier (Indiana) (FF)
5th Leland Reeves (Unattached) medical forfeit over Gabe Scalise (RIT) (MFF)

Mens NCAA – 141
1st Place – Jordan Mitchell of Life University
2nd Place – Josiah Lynden of Wisconsin-Whitewater
3rd Place – Parker Loera of Gannon University
4th Place – Nathan Pike of NYU
5th Place – Cj Shadinger of Reinhardt University (GA)
6th Place – Hunter Cottingham of Indianapolis
1st Jordan Mitchell (Life University) decision over Josiah Lynden (Wisconsin-Whitewater) (Dec 5-1)
3rd Parker Loera (Gannon University) medical forfeit over Nathan Pike (NYU) (MFF)
5th Cj Shadinger (Reinhardt University (GA)) forfeit over Hunter Cottingham (Indianapolis) (FF)

Mens NCAA – 149
1st Place – Samuel Cartella of Western Reserve Academy
2nd Place – Kaden Reetz of Augsburg
3rd Place – Lucas Jagodzinske of Augsburg
4th Place – Michael Shannon of Unattached
5th Place – Ryan Schepers of McKendree
6th Place – Lody Cheatham of Campbellsville (Ky.)
1st Samuel Cartella (Western Reserve Academy) tech fall over Kaden Reetz (Augsburg) (TF 16-0)
3rd Lucas Jagodzinske (Augsburg) injury default over Michael Shannon (Unattached) (Inj. 6:21)
5th Ryan Schepers (McKendree) decision over Lody Cheatham (Campbellsville (Ky.)) (Dec 5-3)

Mens NCAA – 157
1st Place – Jan Hernandez-Soto of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2nd Place – Alexander Couto of Life University
3rd Place – Toby Abbott of West Liberty
4th Place – Lukas Paulson of Augsburg
5th Place – Elijah Chacon of Indiana Tech
6th Place – Darius Mangiafico of Castleton
1st Jan Hernandez-Soto (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) decision over Alexander Couto (Life University) (Dec 9-3)
3rd Toby Abbott (West Liberty) decision over Lukas Paulson (Augsburg) (Dec 9-8)
5th Elijah Chacon (Indiana Tech) fall over Darius Mangiafico (Castleton) (Fall 1:36)

Mens NCAA – 165
1st Place – Sam York of Indiana Tech
2nd Place – Alex Rivera of Bellarmine
3rd Place – Sevi Garza of Ashland University
4th Place – Harrison Brooks of Cumberlands (Ky.)
5th Place – Magnus Kuokkanen of Indiana
6th Place – Max Sokolski of Augsburg
1st Sam York (Indiana Tech) decision over Alex Rivera (Bellarmine) (Dec 11-5)
3rd Sevi Garza (Ashland University) decision over Harrison Brooks (Cumberlands (Ky.)) (Dec 6-1)
5th Magnus Kuokkanen (Indiana) major decision over Max Sokolski (Augsburg) (Maj 11-1)

Mens NCAA – 174
1st Place – Clayton Fielden of Indiana
2nd Place – Connor Thorsten of Augsburg
3rd Place – Carter Sorenson of Augsburg
4th Place – Pate Eastin of Campbellsville (Ky.)
5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place – Preston Carlisle of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
6th Place – Tyler Haydon of Wisconsin-Whitewater
1st Clayton Fielden (Indiana) decision over Connor Thorsten (Augsburg) (Dec 8-1)
3rd Carter Sorenson (Augsburg) major decision over Pate Eastin (Campbellsville (Ky.)) (Maj 15-1)
5th Tyler Haydon (Wisconsin-Whitewater) and Preston Carlisle (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) (DFF)

Mens NCAA – 184
1st Place – Eric Beck of Unattached
2nd Place – CAl Dorota of Unattached
3rd Place – Tyler Raway of Augsburg
4th Place – Porter Keevers of Indianapolis
5th Place – Hank Gierke of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
6th Place – Carter Erickson of Averett
8th Place – Spencer Rochelle of Ottawa University
8th Place – Josh Negron of Castleton
1st Eric Beck (Unattached) fall over CAl Dorota (Unattached) (Fall 4:28)
3rd Tyler Raway (Augsburg) fall over Porter Keevers (Indianapolis) (Fall 1:11)
5th Hank Gierke (Wisconsin-Eau Claire) decision over Carter Erickson (Averett) (Dec 17-12)

Mens NCAA – 197
1st Place – Gabe Sollars of Indiana
2nd Place – Bryant Wilkinson of Bellarmine
3rd Place – Tristan Middlebrook of Southeastern University
4th Place – Austin Suess of Southwest Virginia CC
5th Place – Alexander Drmac of McKendree
6th Place – Jake Kaminski of Wisconsin-Whitewater
8th Place – Marcus James of Unattached
8th Place – Marcus Hankins of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
1st Gabe Sollars (Indiana) fall over Bryant Wilkinson (Bellarmine) (Fall 1:50)
3rd Tristan Middlebrook (Southeastern University) decision over Austin Suess (Southwest Virginia CC) (Dec 8-1)
5th Alexander Drmac (McKendree) decision over Jake Kaminski (Wisconsin-Whitewater) (Dec 3-2)

Mens NCAA – 285
1st Place – Dennis Hubbard of Indianapolis
2nd Place – Jagger Schack of Augsburg
3rd Place – Benjamin DeGuzman of Baldwin Wallace
4th Place – Wyatt Bailey of Ashland University
5th Place – Eli Reese of Gannon University
6th Place – Mitch Sanders of Baldwin Wallace
8th Place – Braden Fluke of Averett
8th Place – Luke Cortez of Olivet
1st Dennis Hubbard (Indianapolis) decision over Jagger Schack (Augsburg) (Dec 10-3)
3rd Benjamin DeGuzman (Baldwin Wallace) fall over Wyatt Bailey (Ashland University) (Fall 5:00)
5th Eli Reese (Gannon University) decision over Mitch Sanders (Baldwin Wallace) (Dec 5-0)